Apr. 14th, 2011

candyland: (love will find a way)
I'M SICK, WHOO. Well, sinus problems the likes of which I haven't had since I was in high school/early college, when I got sinus infections pretty much every other WEEK during cold season.

I can't breathe. This sorta sucks.

In happier news, last night I finished my first quilt. I mean top to bottom finished - picked the pattern, picked the fabrics, pieced it, got batting and backing, quilted it, and sewed the binding on. A one-hundred percent finished quilt. And I did it all by myself! *staaaares at it* :D

Speaking of which, we started our next Block-of-the-Month project. Picked up our squares on Saturday. If you scroll down on this page, it's the Tonga Rhapsody one on the right. And trust me, the picture does not do it justice. It's GORGEOUS.

We actually had fun picking 'em up. My mom and my aunt and I are all doing it, so we went together and picked it up. They were doing demos, and had something new from last time: a little charm pack that they called a "fabric insurance policy." So if you make a bad cut, you have extra fabric.

The lady in front of us responded to that idea with, "Give me three."

Anyway, after we left the store, we called my cousin, and she met us at Black Bear Diner, and the four of us ladies had a nice girl's lunch out! It was lovely!

But the lady at the quilt store who rang us up asked me where Dad was. See, Dad doesn't actually quilt, but he has a great appreciation for the art. He'll go with us and wander the store and look at the quilts they have hanging up and talk with the owners. They've grown very fond of him. So we promsied that if he was good, we'd bring the boys next time :D

Okay, I gotta get myself ready to go run errands with the Mother, after which I have SRS BSNS things to attend to. I'll have a serious post to make later, probably under f-lock. Just an update on things~

...wow, I really need to do better about keeping up here ^^;;

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