Apr. 23rd, 2011

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*has ordered Soul Eater, parts 1-4*




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I just...had to share this.

Today we watched through a bunch of old VHS tapes in an effort to see if there was anything on there we wanted to save and have put on DVD. Well, one of the tapes was of holiday events from 1994, according to the time-stamp on the tape. Ranging from our school holiday programs, to Thanksgiving weekend (when we put the tree up), to Dad fixing the lights, to the events of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Let me preface this with another familial tidbit - my sister, affectionately known as Bug, has this teddy bear. Her name is Holly, she wears a green and red dress, and Bug's had her for most of her life. Keep this in mind as our story progresses.

So Christmas morning of 1994. I would be nine, and my sister would be seven. We're opening presents. The whole video is hilarious, really, and did prompt my mother to say, "Wow, watching this I can see why sometimes you got so upset with your sister."

But at one point, Bug picks up a big gift-bag. She reaches in...and pulls out a teddy bear in a green and red dress. It was love at first sight. She immediately started cuddling it, and throughout the rest of the video, she keeps picking the bear up and hugging her, and at one point even starts singing to her "special bear."

Here's the real "oh my gosh" moment: when Bug started singing, my nine-year-old self on screen said, "What're you gonna name her?"

Bug's reply: "Holly."

Some sixteen years later, Holly Bear is still on my sister's bed, and is still her special bear. It just was the wow factor that of all the Christmases we've had as a family, the one Christmas we videotaped with our (then) brand-new camcorder would be the one with that awesome quintessential family moment.

We're showing it to Bug when she comes home for Easter dinner tomorrow. I think she'll enjoy it ♥

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