May. 30th, 2011

candyland: (keep calm)
I have slept a TON this weekend. Seriously. Crashed at maybe eleven on Friday night, woke up at nine AM on Saturday. Took a two-hour nap on Saturday. Out at about midnight on Saturday night, woke up at nine AM on Sunday. Only got about six and a half hours of sleep Sunday night into Monday morning...but then I scored an hour and a half long nap today.

That's a solid...what, twenty-eight hours of sleep in three days? THIS MUST HAPPEN MORE OFTEN.

Newest YouTube discovery: Legend of Zelda Abridged. I'm watching it slowly. Ya know, between naps. Best line so far: "They have magic doors! Just like in the supermarket!"

Classes start tomorrow. Biology and Intermediate Algebra. Wish me luck!

I also have to work tomorrow. The day after a three-day weekend. Oh god this is going to HURT. Come home, have a couple of shots, and start studying. I work tomorrow, then I'm off for two days, then word Friday, off Saturday, work Sunday, and then WEEK OF VACATION GET! [ profile] ehrenyu, we need to touch base about next week :D SO EXCITED DESU!

Lastly, serious business time.

There's going to be flooding in my area. )

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