Jul. 13th, 2011

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OMG REGISTERING FOR A CLASS SHOULD NOT BE THIS DAMN DIFFICULT. This is a long entry, but this story will probably be hilarious when I tell it at work tomorrow. At the time, I really wanted a drink.

So here's what happened - I found out that a community college across the bridge into the next town/state had a Chemistry I class offered at 5:45 PM on Mondays and Wednesdays, which is something I can make fit with my work schedule. A small bit of checking told me that this class would also transfer appropriately for when I ultimately apply back to school. Thus cheered, I went online and filled out the application. Shortly thereafter, I received a pamphlet in the mail about their chemistry stuff. I was pretty excited, which is a phrase I never thought I'd use in relation to chem.

On Monday, I called to inquire about registering for classes. She asks my name and birthday and whatnot, and says, "Oh yes, you've been accepted. I'll mark you down for the orientation on Wednesday at 5:30." I'm all like, "Yay!"

Today after work I hop in my car and head over to the appointed place. When I get there, first off my name is not on the list, but neither was the girl ahead of me, so they just had me make up a nametag and asked me a couple of questions. And here's where it gets interesting...

She asks me if I've taken some test.

I say "What test?" In the online registration, my couple of trips down there to inquire about classes, and my phone call on Monday, in which I explicitly stated that I was a new student, no one said anything to me about a test. So they passed me down to another lady, to whom I said the exact same thing: this is the first thing I've heard of a placement test.

I am then informed that all new students have to take a placement test for reading and writing so they can "decide where to put me." At which point I said, "Wait. So you're telling me that as a non-traditional student with a bachelor's degree who is not registering for a program, I have to take a placement test to take Chemistry I?"

...yes, short-haired woman says. She asks if I have a transcript with me - no, I didn't think I'd need it. Then she asks if I have my ACT information - I took the damn test probably a decade ago, forgive me for not carrying it around in my purse with me. Oh well, she'll take my number and call me tomorrow. Well, that's great, dear, but I work.

So I cry all the way home (this week has just SUCKED), talked to my mom, found my transcript, and went back over because let's face it, this is just STUPID. I want one class, not a program, and I already have a damn bachelor's degree. Chances are that I can read. Mom decided to go with me, partially for support and partially so as not to strangle my sister, which is a story for another entry.

We go in. We're asked if we're here for orientation. We say, "Actually, we have an issue." And we are intercepted by a lady in a striped sweater who seems to know exactly why I'm there and has no problem with getting me registered for this Chemistry class. (Wonder if she saw us coming...) I even offered up my transcript, and was told that she didn't need them. Huh. Fancy that.

And here's where it gets even more interesting: THEY COULDN'T FIND MY DAMN REGISTRATION. I sat down at the computer and did it a few weeks ago. I got something from the school (I think that's what convinced my mother that I was telling the truth - they mailed me area of study-specific information). When I called on Monday, she said she found my name.

...seems someone else has the same name as me? I have no idea.

Luckily, striped-sweater lady is far quicker than the first woman I talked to. She pulls out a laptop and sits me down to have me fill it out right then and there, after talking to someone who says she'll be waiting to accept me immediately. So I sit down and fill out my information lickety-split.

Long story short, after short-haired lady (the one who told me I couldn't register) called and got my ID number, I couldn't log in. We tried and tried, so she called again...and this time, my mother overhears the name "Christie Cavanaugh" come out of this woman's mouth. I did not hear this, so Mom speaks up and asks who that is because that ISN'T MY NAME.

This woman called that office probably four times, and was apparently telling them the wrong goddamn name. And at some point while on the phone, she says something about "No, she doesn't have her test scores," and then, with a distinct edge to her voice, "No, she does NOT have her transcripts." Au contraire, madam - this time I came prepared for your crap. She had barely finished that sentence before I whipped the envelope out of my purse and handed it to her. And then suddenly it's all giggles, and oh yes, she has a bachelor's degree from [my university] and you just need a copy of her transcript from the school, all right.

So finally, after all this, I got registered for my class. I need to send a transcript request to my university and have them send a transcript to the main office for this community college. I'm taking Chemistry I this fall, it fits in with my work schedule, and I am seriously hoping that Chem II will be offered in the same time slot in the spring so I can knock that out as well.

Victory is mine! o9

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