Aug. 3rd, 2011

candyland: (knitting)
*crickets chirp*

Sorry, guys, I've been a bit distracted lately by cute German boys (snogging each other), finishing up classes (will get to that story in a sec), visits from out-of-state friends (SAAAAAGE!) and preparations for a massive renovation project that will overhaul most of the upstairs of our house. Oh yeah, and I did some quilting, too. And developed an obsession with fanfic for a show that I have actually only seen one episode of.

...don't judge me.

So the class thing - I finished Intermediate Algebra and Biology. Took my last exam, and got a 95% on it, wewt. My Bio group and I aced our group project, high-fives all around. Got solid middle-to-high A's in both classes.

Last week, I signed onto the class website to check my grades. Imagine my shock when I couldn't click on either class, and it had the word "WITHDRAWN" after it. As in, withdrawn from the class. After staring at my computer screen for about thirty seconds in shock, I grabbed my phone and made a quick call. They said I was still showing as registered there, which was reassuring, but I left a message for the guy in charge of distance education.

He called me back a few hours later - turned out there was a big computer glitch or something, and so a lot of people had been locked out as I was. He apologized for the scare and reassured me that everything was fine, they were working on it, etc. I thanked him for calling me back, and within a couple hours I signed on and was able to find out my final grades.

So yes, Operation "Go back to school and make something of myself, dammit!" continues at a 4.0 GPA. Chemistry starts on August 22, and College Algebra starts on August 29 (I'm taking them at separate places). As a present for this achievement, Mommy and Daddy got me two fabric jelly-rolls. I already have the quilt cut out and partially pieced :D

[ profile] spirit_sage_333 visited. We spent a day together. He got me started on playing Bioshock. It's my first FPS, unless you count Portal. That game is effed up and I kind of like it :D I MUST BEAT MORE THINGS WITH WRENCHES!

Otherwise...yeah. Have found myself reading a crap-ton of Hawaii 5-0 fic. Bearing in mind I have seen one episode - the pilot. Which I loved. And now I'm loving the fic. At some point I will watch the episodes online or something. Maybe.

Okay, time to go help rip out cabinets. There is going to be a point in the next couple of weeks where we will A) be eating only cold meals, as we will not have a kitchen, and B) have all three of us living out of the downstairs family room while they texture our walls.

BTW, [ profile] ammchan? I mentioned the internet thing to Mom - she said the modem will be the last thing we unplug when we get the walls done in that room, and the first thing we plug back in *laugh* So I'm not the only person in this family going "LAKD;FJ;ASKDJFKAJSD" over lack of interwebs!

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