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I am so mad right now that I could spit nails.

When it's time for my lunch break at work, I noticed I had a missed call on my phone, and a voice mail from my state student loan company to call them. Curious, I did so. After being on hold for several minutes (with some of the most god-awful music ever) I get a guy. I give him my information. He pokes around a bit...

And says that my last payment is eleven days past due.

I say, "Excuse me?" He repeats this. I say, "No it is not. I have had automatic payments set up since my grace period ended. I have not missed a payment in four years." He puts me on hold (more bad, static-filled "music"), and a moment later he comes back...and starts babbling about deferral.

I cut him off and inform him that I have not been in deferral since my grace period after I graduated from college. He then told me...

You ready for this?

They received notice that I was enrolled as a part-time student at the community college this summer (surprise number one, since I thought you had to be a full-time student to put loans in deferral). I was taking two classes, and I was so swamped that I'll admit I wasn't paying as close attention to things as I generally try to. And because I was enrolled as a "part-time student"...

They put my loan into deferral.

I did not okay this. I did not authorize this. I was not asked.

They changed my fucking account without my authorization.

He said they mailed me a letter, which I never saw, and I read EVERYTHING I get from my student loan companies because I don't want to miss anything like this. And then after the fall semester started, at which point I started taking classes between two different schools, they took my loans off deferral...but it wasn't soon enough for the automatic payment to kick back in.

Never saw a word about that either.

At this point I was so mad I started crying (which is how I frequently release my anger), and told him to put something on my account to ensure that this did not happen again. He keeps babbling on, and by this point I needed to go back to work, so I got off the phone and went back to work, where my coworkers noticed that I was ready to kill something. When I told them, one of them asked the million-dollar question: "Can they actually do that without your okay?"

Funny. I didn't think so.

When I got home, I tried to call back with the intention of speaking to the highest person on the food chain that I could, but of course Friday is the day that they close at five, which is when I get off work. So I get to wait until Monday to make this call and find out what the hell happened. Because so far as I know, they can't make a change to my account without my authorization. When I told my dad, he actually asked if it was even legal for them to do so. That, I don't know.

But because of this, my perfect payment record on my loans lasted four years. They had better fix this, because this shouldn't have happened.

...okay. Little bit calmer now.
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