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We just finished cleaning up from our Thanksgiving meal. We had actually planned to sit down and eat around this time, but the turkey cooked a lot faster than we thought it would. So we ate early. stuffed...hope everyone else is having an awesomely awesome Turkey Day :D I was studying my current list for [ profile] 100fandomhell and my theme lists for [ profile] 30_evil_deeds and [ profile] fanfic100, and I decided the time was right to go ahead and put up a fic-request post.

Here are some fandoms that I would welcome plunnies for... )

These are the series I feel I know well enough to write something for at the present time. Name a series, a character, and a prompt (as usual), and if you have requests for more than one series, go for it! :D

In the meantime...I am full of turkey and its sleepy-making chemical (I think it's called melatonin), so I might go curl up with my fic notebook and write for a little bit and take a nap. Go to it!

New on [ profile] candyfics, a triple update as promised:
- After the Fact for [ profile] 30_friends
- Tripped Up for [ profile] 30_ways
- Keyed In for [ profile] 30_evil_deeds
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I'm going to reply to comments soon, guys. I promise. But since I got home I've been battling a heat-induced headache that actually had me flat on my back for about half an hour. Most assuredly not cool--sort of been alternatingly here and wandering away from my computer.

Anyway, it's been a while since I spammed you guys with a random, pointless poll. The deal this time? I somehow got it into my head that I want to try writing a reeeeeeeeeally hot though probably totally unrealistic make-out scene! The thing is that the plunnies will not tell me who it is that's doing the making out. So...I leave it to any of you who care!

[Poll #1043685]

[ profile] candyfics: Scene from a Rooftop, featuring a really silly conversation between Kaitou Kid and Hakuba...who I never seen to write about, really ^^;;

ETA: I saw this on [ profile] djtifalbal's LJ, and I thought it was really sweet, so...if anybody wants...

Pay It Forward: I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment here on my blog. I don’t know what that gift will be yet, but you will receive it within 365 days. The only thing you have to do in return is "pay it forward" by making a similar agreement on your blog.

I like making things :3
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PINECONE!! n____n

Tag five people on your friends list to type Pinecone (or whatever you want) in their journals.

I was tagged by [ profile] djtifabal, and I now tag...[ profile] kaitodoushi, [ profile] jeva_chan, [ profile] articulation, [ profile] wolf_crossbreed, and [ profile] rjblum. Have fun!

And I also have an announcement to make. Namely...FIC-DUMP ON FRIDAY!! That's right, folks. In honor of the move and as a way to keep myself from freaking out too hard-core about all of this, I'm doing a fic-dump. I think it's going to be four stories, one for each of my challenges. Three are already written, and one is about halfway done.

In the meantime, check out [ profile] candyfics for another new ficlet: Vengeance: Movie Marathon.

And now...back to doing productive things! *scampers off*
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I was actually planning on doing a Full Disclosure post tonight and getting all this stuff out of my head--and there's a LOT of stuff in my head right now. But the goings-on at work tonight kicked that plan in the ass.

I worked an open-to-close shift today...and actually, it was okay. I had plenty to do, was keeping occupied, was getting things wasn't too bad until around two-thirty-ish when something happened. Four years worth of holidays and breaks working back there, and this is the first time anything like this has ever happened to me.

I think I was putting something out in the Italian case when this elderly man walked up to the Chinese case. Now, every once in a while I just have a gut feeling that there's going to be trouble with a customer, and I took one look at this guy and got that feeling. But He-Cook had disappeared (predictably enough), so it was up to me! Being the dutiful employee that I am, I toodled back inside and asked the man what I could get for him.

In the ensuing several minutes, my instincts proved to be right on the money--pun not intended. You'll see what I mean...

He proceeded to put both hands on the glass over the hot-case, tilt his head down...and mumble at me. I managed to catch that he wanted meals to go. what? When I leaned halfway over the case and said, "Sir, I can't hear you," his mumble became an irritated mumble. Fine, whatever. Just point.

What he wound up getting was a sort of mish-mash of entrees and appetizers in two different to-go boxes, nothing really like any of our standards meals, but we have strange requests on occasion and sometimes do substitutions of various things--we're good at that. But I finally got it all together and headed to the cash register.

Now this is where it gets interesting.

I look down, and in his hand this man is holding a ten-dollar bill--I recognized it because of the gradient colors of green and brown. I look at his meals and think to myself, "Wow...with the extras, this is going to come to quite a bit more than ten dollars. But this is an old guy...he might not have more money than this. Eh, I'll just ring it up as the standard meals--do the guy a favor."

So that's what I did. It came to $10.25, so he fished into his pocket and dug out a quarter. I said, "Out of ten-twenty-five..." like I usually do and punched it in and put it in the register. I closed the drawer and went to hand him his receipt...

And he says, "Where's my change?"

I said, "Excuse me?"

He said, "I gave you a twenty dollar bill."

I replied, "No you didn't, sir." I turn to the bakery guy who was standing there punching in some charges and asked if he had seen, and he shook his head. Crap, no help there.

"Yes I did."

"No, sir, you gave me a ten."

Then he told me to open the register drawer and look--what he hoped to accomplish by this, I'm really not sure. But I did, and to my eyes it proved me right.

When I was trained a cashier (part of standard Hy-Vee employee training), I was taught to put the bills in with the dead presidents facing upward. So I have to be in an EXTREMELY big hurry to not take the time to flip the money over and put it in "the right way." The only other person who was there with me at the time--the cook--is the exact opposite, and puts the bills in face-down ninety-nine percent of the time.

The top twenty-dollar-bill was face down. The top ten was face up. And I told him this and said again that he gave me a ten dollar bill. Didn't really think it would help, and I was right. He actually reached across the counter to try and grab the ten dollar bill.

Again, I told him that he'd given me a ten. And now he grabs his bag of take-out and starts chewing me out. He tells me that he's never going to do business here again, and he's appalled if this is the way we treat our customers to make a profit, and on and on and on as he walks away.

I'd like to add that at this point, if I wasn't so stunned, I would have been outright offended. I do the best damn job I can at work, AND I had just essentially let him walk away with some stuff for free, and he has the nerve to tell me I'm not treating the customers well?? Can we say BULLSHIT, boys and girls?

So I stand there for a second, absolutely flabbergasted. Pretty sure Bakery Man next to me felt the same way, given that I turned and stared at him, and he stared back like he couldn't believe what he had just witnessed.

And then my brain kicked into high gear--if this guy went to a manager, I could be in really big trouble. Plus, while I was ninety-nine percent sure that I was right, there was still that chance that I'd made a mistake. So I did the only thing I really thought I could do.

We have an in-store phone with two lines (red and green) and an intercom. So I ran back and called for a shift manager to take the red line. Chandra answered, and I explained to her exactly what had happened. She told me that she would come back and count our register down soon to find out--if I was right, our register should break even (more or less), and if the customer was right, we would be ten over.

She also told me that if something like that happened again, I should ask him to wait and get a manager right away to do a countdown to settle the matter immediately. She promised that I wasn't going to be in any trouble, but she would be leaving a note for Jesse (our department manager) to let him know what happened. That way if this guy called and wanted to talk to the Big Boss, they would have my side of the story.

So after a little bit, she comes back and does a quick count of the cash in the register. And guess what?

I. Was. Right.

We were plus a quarter. Not ten bucks. A quarter.

And when they counted us down at the end of the evening, we were dead even. Don't ask me where that quarter went--it was either a miscount, or someone can go get themselves a can of pop on us. But you can imagine how relieved I felt, I'm sure.

Chandra was really awesome about it, too--I think she saw that I was kind of antsy about it. She reassured me that there would be absolutely no trouble for me, especially now that we knew I was in the right.

So yay for happy endings! :D

In other (non-work-related) news, I've caved to the power of the plunnies and gotten going on what spawned from the final Hugs fic and begun what I think might develop into a rather mundane little mini-universe of Heiji and Kazuha sharing an apartment--two bedrooms, of course *halo*

Lots of fun stuff going to happen, I think. Interpret "fun" how you will.

Oh, and a couple of Kaitou Kid fics. One that might wind up relatively humorous, and one that probably won't be quite as humorous... *flops over*
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New fic up on [ profile] candyfics: In the Closet

I blame Jeva. Just so everyone knows. Now I've got to go to work!


Jul. 16th, 2007 11:07 am
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[ profile] candyfics: Silver Lining for [ profile] 30_friends. Enjoy!

I gots to go make phone calls... xP
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[ profile] candyfics: In a Hurry, featuring Kaito and Aoko and ZOMG SMEXING! :O

Now...back to packing ;o; Feel free to text me or poke me on AIM or something...


Jul. 12th, 2007 09:02 pm
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[ profile] candyfics: For fanfic100, I give you Interruptus, featuring Satou/Takagi and a very upset Shiratori ♥

And now I'm going back to my notebook and my Animaniacs. Will reply to commentsies later! :D
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My subject line pwns your collective bases.

So does Animaniacs, actually. I've been watching the first boxed set of that, and wow...that show is still funny. I'm thinking that a lot of the dirtier jokes went right over my head when I was a kid, but last night Little Sister and I watched the second disc and we were laughing our heads off. It's great ~♥


In other news, I pulled a few fics from that one meme and tossed the newly finished Satou/Takagi fic into the mix, and voila! I now have five stories ready for posting to [ profile] fanfic100. Which means that I will have twenty-one fics done for it. Which means that I'm a fifth of the way done. Which makes me happy! And in four more stories, I will be a quarter finished!! :D :D :D

...trouble is that ff-dot-net has decided to rebel against me. posty at the moment ;o; But just so y'all know, Satou is getting some SERIOUS love here. Out of five fics...three feature her. We've got two Satou/Takagi, one Satou/Matsuda, a Kaito/Aoko, and a Heiji/Kazuha.


*DRIVE-BY GLOMPING OF [ profile] fyliwionvilyaer COMMENCE NOW!!*
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The outdoor movie last night was AWESOME!

First off, Over the Hedge is just a cute movie to begin with. Add in the fact that it was cooling off pretty well by the time the movie started (as opposed to our hundred and one degree heat index from earlier), and [ profile] kaitodoushi brought us these incredible bug repellent wipes--if there were mosquitoes out there, they didn't bite me--and we had ourselves a grand ol' evening.

I work today, two to close. Last few times at work have been interesting. And for the love of god, I really wish He-Cook would just LET THINGS GO. Seriously, if it was only marginally funny the first time, repeating it six hundred times in five hours is not going to make it moreso *headwall*

Buuuuuuuut I'm liking how that Satou/Takagi story is coming out so far :3 Poor Shiratori...that's what he gets for underestimating a certain someone. Moo ha ha >:D

Okey dokers, time to go take a shower and sort of put myself together for the day. There will be more drive-by glompings at a later time...when you least expect it!! *sneakysneaky*

Oh, before I go--the soundtrack for Curtains = lots and lots of love ~♥ Any soundtrack that has a line on it about dangling participles appeals to my deeply rooted grammar whore ^_________^
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Phone woke me up at seven-thirty. I'ma gonna kill Dad for putting the home phone as the number to call for selling the shed, because it has been ringing continually for the last several days. I want to stab the phone x_x

Since I was up, figured I might as well make the post and get it done. So there's a new fic (of the Kaito/Aoko variety) over on [ profile] candyfics. Go read. Enjoy. I hope.

*curls up on the floor and goes sleepy*
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Wow...between the last entry and chatting with [ profile] ran_mouri82 tonight, I have seven new plunnies scribbled on Post-It Notes to take downstairs and add to my Page O' Plunnies. And this has put me in an EXTREMELY good mood.

SO! I am officially doing a drabble/fic request!

I will take the first...oh, how about the first six requests. Please to be using the following format:


Author holds supreme veto power over any and all requests because she is just smurfy like that. Prompts may be used as the author sees fit. Offer void where prohibited. No purchase necessary. See packaging for details. Offer good while supplies last.
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First of all, I've been getting bad about linking things over on [ profile] candyfics, but there's been a TON of new stuff going up over there as of late. Go check it out if you haven't yet!

I was looking at my theme list for [ profile] fanfic100 and thinking about how I have fifteen fics done, which means I'm nearing having an actual percentage finished. And I got to thinking: in every challenge I have done thus far that features a romantic pairing, I have done at least one extremely bad and poorly written smut/semi-smut fic.

So the question stands as to how many extremely bad and poorly written smut/semi-smut fics I need to write for [ profile] fanfic100 to achieve a balance. And because I am a nice, kind, and caring soul...I'm going to put it in your lovely hands, everyone!

I have eighty-five themes left for [ profile] fanfic100, and a few of them have already been assigned to plunnies that are not written as yet. If you are at all interested, feel free to comment and let me know:

  • How many of the remaining eighty-five fics should be extremely bad and poorly written smut or semi-smut?
  • What couples should the aforementioned fics feature?
  • Any specific requests (i.e. prompts, kinks, etc.)?

    I don't promise to do any/all of them, but I do like ideas, and I seem to write very well when I'm writing on request from other people...and don't say that Auntie Candy-chan never gave you anything ^.~ Play on!

    EDIT: Actually, if you want to request anything, feel free to do so--couples, characters, prompts...whatever :D
  • Good news!

    Jun. 12th, 2007 04:31 pm
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    ...I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance! *bricked*

    The new ND game is love and I'm really speeding through it--YAYS!

    New fic up on [ profile] candyfics! Which means I'm almost done writing those first kiss requests! [ profile] magic_truth can put the stick down now!

    I have another interview on Thursday! Watch--I'll go back to work tomorrow and find out that I'm scheduled... *cues internal pessimist*

    *goes back to game*
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    I'm trucking along with that first kiss meme. Seriously, I am on a writing KICK right now and it is teh awesome, so keep your eyes on [ profile] candyfics because stuff is going up there like crazy--like, right now actually.

    Sooooo swiped from [ profile] memlu...

    Name a character or pairing I am familiar with, from a fandom I am familiar with, and I will write one line of fic in response.

    If you think that I will show restraint and that none of these will spring into full-length fics, please raise your hand. Why is no one raising their hand? YOU THINK I HAVE NO WILL POWER?? ...well, you're probably right ^^;;

    My fandom list can be found here. Which reminds me...I need to update that list at some point 0.0

    And while I'm at it...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOMMY!!!

    EDIT: Two new fics up!

    * Whoops! for [ profile] jeva_chan
    * Finding Humanity for [ profile] ran_mouri82


    Jun. 5th, 2007 07:36 pm
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    Okay, so I felt motivated and went ahead and posted it.

    That's right, ladies and gents--the last fic for [ profile] 30_nights is posted over on [ profile] candyfics. It is DONE! So go check out the fortieth fic, Masquerade!
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    New fic up over on [ profile] candyfics!!

    And thanks for all the music recs, guys! :D I'ma gonna be swimming in music for a while now *does a jig of happy*
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    So, remember how I was sort of bemoaning the fact that my last fic for [ profile] 30_hugs was mutating liek whoa? Well...I finally beat it into submission.

    Read that as "I finished the damn fic." All fourteen pages and 11,095 words of it!

    So my claim for [ profile] 30_hugs is done. The last fic can be found over here on [ profile] candyfics.

    Oh, and while I'm at it, did everyone get to see the video version of the Fandom Squee Heard 'Round the World? If not, there it is. Subbed and everything. I still think Toichi looks like a pirate. Or Zorro. It's the moustache that does it, really. Or maybe he's a Zorro-pirate.

    Which brings up the question of who would win in combat: a Zorro-pirate or a ninja-pirate?

    Also, [ profile] msbbt and I had a philosophical discussion today. We live in Iowa, and we were trying to figure out if the towns are between the cornfields, or the cornfields are between the towns. For some reason, I found this to be hilarious.

    Enjoy! :D *falls over sideways*
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    Ganked from my entire f-list...

    Name a fandom and/or character I write/wrote for, and I will tell you something about my 'personal canon' for that fandom/character.

    *slaps today with the award for Suckiest Morning Ever* )

    Okay...I hate to ask this, but if you responded on the "first kiss" fic meme, could you please to be giving me a prompt of some kind? Because for whatever reason, I am coming up completely blank *hangs head in shame*
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    *looks at meme replies* ...a couple of you might be slightly Evil, but that's okay. We can all still be friends ;) I think I'm actually almost done with the last fic for [ profile] 30_hugs, and now I'm diving headfirst into those prompts. We'll see how it goes.

    But anyway, the real reason I'm posting this is because I keep FORGETTING to post it, but I regret to inform you all that my much-neglected cell phone died about three weeks ago. It drowned trying to go for a swim in the washing machine. We still have no idea how it got in there, but we are all in mourning.

    So if anyone has tried to call me there or text me or anything and is mad because I'm not calling back or replying to anything...that's why. I shall be cell phone-less until June, I think :(

    In the meantime...I'm currently enjoying my last day of student teaching. The kids are in finals, so there really isn't even a class for us to work with. So I'm relaxing and scribbling in my notebook and stuff. Best part? I'm out at two-thirty, a full hour earlier than usual! WHEE!! :D :D :D And then next week...aside from my meeting on Monday morning, I have absolutely nothing to do!

    Hope y'all are finishing up finals all right and will be getting back online again soon!! *prods People Who Shall Remain Nameless*

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