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Fics? Flying along liek whoa!

Plunnies? Biting like mad.

Cell phone? I think I'm becoming a texting addict.

Job hunt? I have an interview on Monday! *dances*

New haircut? EXTREMELY cute!

Naruto: The Abridged Series? Hilarious!


EDIT: I just found out that my aunt is dying--she'd had colon cancer, and it came back in her liver. Apparently, the end is pretty much imminent. I don't know her that well (since they live in Texas), but the few times I did see her, we always joked that I picked a good day to be born because she and I shared a birthday--October 30th.
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I'm trucking along with that first kiss meme. Seriously, I am on a writing KICK right now and it is teh awesome, so keep your eyes on [ profile] candyfics because stuff is going up there like crazy--like, right now actually.

Sooooo swiped from [ profile] memlu...

Name a character or pairing I am familiar with, from a fandom I am familiar with, and I will write one line of fic in response.

If you think that I will show restraint and that none of these will spring into full-length fics, please raise your hand. Why is no one raising their hand? YOU THINK I HAVE NO WILL POWER?? ...well, you're probably right ^^;;

My fandom list can be found here. Which reminds me...I need to update that list at some point 0.0

And while I'm at it...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOMMY!!!

EDIT: Two new fics up!

* Whoops! for [ profile] jeva_chan
* Finding Humanity for [ profile] ran_mouri82
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[ profile] msbbt!! I have something for you from [ profile] socchan AND a couple of uber-important questions for you!! Please to poke me when you see this, yes :D

Rants on a family issue... )
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First of all, new ficcage up over on [ profile] candyfics. Behold, the thirty-ninth fic for [ profile] 30_nights!! Only one more to go, and I are done! :D

Otherwise, Happy Mommy Day! We celebrated today by going to my sister's choir concert...and then Mom ordered my graduation present. I MUST GET MY ROOM CLEANED SO I CAN PUT MY NEW COMPUTER IN IT WHEN IT ARRIVES!! :D :D :D

...yeah, that's all I've got at the moment. Ciao!
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Today qualifies as the Best Day Candy-chan Has Had in AAAAAAAAAGES!!

8:00 Was woken up by Mommy. Boo.

8:30 Breakfast. Mommy made French toast. YAY!

9:30 Was about to start cleaning room (boo) when Mommy and Daddy asked me to come outside and help them take down the deck. The weather was nice and cool. YAY!

12:00 Pulled down the last piece of the deck so now the guy can come build us a new one and we don't have to pay him six hundred dollars to take down the old one because we did it ourselves. YAY!

12:15 Mommy and I decided that since it was so nice out, we would go to Lowe's and get the flowers and get our major gardening done for the year. YAY!

12:20 Mommy and I stopped for lunch at McDonald's and had a nice conversation. Apparently, when Little Sister and I were wee little lasses, Daddy was not capable of doing our hair. Oh, when we went out he always made sure our faces were clean and our hair was combed, but when it came to doing ponytails or pigtails or any such thing...well, he tried. This discussion came about because there were lots of small children in the restaurant. YAY!

12:45-ish Went to Lowe's. Mommy and I picked out the flowers to go in the garden bed with the hostas (we went with petunias, only because they didn't have any mossroses, which made me sad). We also got enough stuff to fill the four planters we always put out (I got to pick most of them!), and a jumbo-extra-large-ginormous-we-could-barely-lift-it bag of potting soil. YAY!

1:30 Got home in time to help Daddy load the pieces of our deck into the truck. It didn't take very long with all three of us doing it. YAY!

1:45 Hopped in the car and drove down to Daddy's warehouse to dump the wood into the dumpster there. This was the first time I'd gotten to see Dad's new warehouse, so I was pretty excited :D And we emptied the back of the truck in record time. Mom and I picked up icees from Kum-&-Go on the way home. YAY!

2:45 Everyone is home. Time to plant flowers! Dad did some other stuff while Mommy and I played in the dirt. We planted the petunias around the edge of the flowerbed (we put them in an alternating pattern of purple, purple/white), and then four planters full! What all did we have...marigolds with a spike in the middle...a geranium surrounded by impatiens...something else pink surrounded by something pink and green...and my favorite, a pot of fuschias. I saw them and loved them immediately...mostly because they looked like they were sticking their tongues out, and I am just incredibly immature like that. YAY!

5:00 Came back inside and washed my hands. I am probably insane, but I think it's really fun to come back inside and scrub the dirt from under my fingernails because it means I've been planting, and planting means spring! YAY!

5:35 Finishing typing up this LJ entry while smelling the turkey cooking in the oven for dinner. YUM! AND YAY! So we'll probably have dinner very soon, and then tonight Mom and I will have our weekly cry as we watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. And then I will take a much-needed shower and curl up and work on that smut-fic I promised [ profile] strawberrychan that I might have worked on a bit last night relax!

This more or less concludes Candy-chan's day of awesome!
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...not in that way >.>

I got my hair cut today! Got about an inch and a half off the bottom, a couple of long layers...and side-swept bangs :D Realize that I haven't had bangs in YEARS, so I'm having to get used to the fact that there's now hair hanging halfway into my eyes unless I brush it aside ^^;;

But if I can get my hair to look half as good as it looks right now every day? It will rock! So I will learn to actually work my flat-iron FOR GREAT JUSTICE!! *victory pose*

Tomorrow, we're going to pick up my sister and meet my aunt, uncle, and grandfather for lunch. I think it will be fun :3 Hopefully I can nap in the car a bit ^_^

Oh, and I got all caught up on replying to the pairing meme. So if you want to discuss, go to it! I must admit that I really wanted to say that I hated Heiji/Kazuha and just leave it at that to watch [ profile] strawberrychan freak out. But I'm too nice for my own good, I s'pose...

In the meantime...I need to shower. And maybe get some more stuff put away in my room. And then I want to finish that damn fic for [ profile] 30_nights, so help me Bob! I'll try to sneak online later tonight for an email check. Otherwise, I might be out ♥ Toodles!
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...okay, not really.

But tomorrow (aside from being Easter), I shall have a new bedroom! We've got it all arranged--my uncle is going to help us with the moving. We're going to haul the old bed and dresser out of there tomorrow morning and take it over to storage so I can get the room vacuumed and whatnot before the new stuff arrives. All that's left for me to do before tomorrow is take all the clothes out of the dresser and stuff 'em in a suitcase...which will take about ten minutes ^^;;

I sort of wish I had measurements so I can figure out exactly how I want to arrange this. I have a tentative idea, but I don't know exactly how big everything is, so it's hard to say for certain. I'm thinking of putting the bed against the wall by the door--I'm keeping my nightstand. And then...I don't know, arrange the rest of it all around the wall. I want my TV where I can see it from my bed :3 Guess I'll find out tomorrow ^^;;

You would not believe how weird it is to have my room this...clean O.O Anyone who knows me knows I am not a very organized person. I think that point was driven home during Kingdom Hearts day yesterday, when [ profile] msbbt and [ profile] bishonen_girl came over. I joked that they should take a look in my room and be in for a shock. This led to the following exchange--please bear in mind that [ profile] msbbt has known me since KINDERGARTEN and has been to my house many a time...

[ profile] msbbt: *looks in my room* Oh my god, you have a desk!
[ profile] candy__chan: Ha ha, very funny.
[ profile] msbbt:, seriously. I didn't know you had a desk in your room.
[ profile] candy__chan


Oh oh oh--so I asked Mom if I could pick out new sheets for my new bed, and she said she supposed, but she didn't know when we'd go do it. So it was getting later, and I thought I'd go look for myself and see if I saw one I liked. Then Mom said she would go with me. Well, we found me a pretty new sheet and comforter set--for forty bucks :D Apparently, that's unheard of. LET IT BE KNOWN THAT I AM AN AMAZING SHOPPER!!

Tomorrow shall be my pic-dump day, I think, featuring program pics and new bedroom pics :3 In the meantime, I'm gonna go fic-blog for a while before I go take care of my clothes and get those last couple of things tossed into a box. Tomorrow's going to be a happy day! :D :D :D
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First off, a quick meme...

Ten Things I Like! )

Everyone who knows me should see my bedroom right now. It's...clean. Almost. Like, you can see ninety-five percent of my floor. And the tops of things. It's...weird. But I'm prepping to get my new bedroom furniture ^^;;

I went to town on my knitting. It's pretty much amazing so far--the thing's supposed to be eighteen inches long before I start forming the flap, and I'm at ten and a half. The pattern just takes a good fifteen minutes to do four rows. I feel sorry for my Mom, though--she found the pattern and she started first...but it looks like I'll finish first because she's had to start over twice and I've only had to start over once :(

Updated my link list, too :) POTTER PUPPET PALS FOR THE WIN!

Little Sister's home for Easter Break--so far, so good >.>

[ profile] magic_truth? I picked up that one book you mentioned, Nocturnes, and it looks awesome :D *loves creepy stuff* I might wait until it gets warmer to actually read it, though--I like to sit on the back porch and read when it's nice out. Right now it's...cold D:

I doubt I'll be online much/at all today. I'm going to go shower, clean out my car, and pick up a few more things in my room before I go grab [ profile] msbbt and meet [ profile] bishonen_girl and her cousin MK at Long John Silver's for lunch--I think Little Sister was going to join us, too. AND THEN WE ARE GOING TO PLAY KINGDOM HEARTS ALL DAY AND IT WILL BE UBER-AWESOME!! And hopefully [ profile] msbbt will feel a bit better--she's been having a Week of Crappy D:

And remember: With love, you can dance without any pants!
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I shall now do a Happy Dance of YAY for you, in honor of officially being on a FIVE DAY WEEKEND! I have lots of stuff to do, I getting more stuff shoveled out of my room--we're picking up Grandma's bedroom furniture on Saturday (I think that's what Dad said). So ideally I'd like to get my room in a decent enough state that we can do some moving then :D

And I also must ask Mommy if I can pick out some new sheets and stuff for the bed. I don't think that'll be a problem, though--there's actually a whole fiasco going on with my great-aunt and the furniture and whatnot, and she said something about wanting to keep the sheets. Mom kind of said *shrug* so I think there's a pretty good chance that I'll get to pick some pretty new bedding :D

Had a lovely time hanging out with my dad tonight, too. Mom went out with some friends for dinner, so it was just me and Daddy. We went to Pizza Ranch and had a lovely meal :D

...gaaaaaaaah, early mornings D:!! My internal clock has gotten so used to being up at six-ish every morning that now I'm having trouble staying up late. But I wanna stay up and chaaaaat ;o; Oh well--I gots five days to get myself all screwed up again before it's back to school!

I'm just fascinating tonight, aren't I? :D
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Mom kept me holed up in my room all day today. Cleaning... >_>

Here's where I hit a dilemma: I've got a bunch of stuff that needs to go in/on my desk. But in order to get to my desk, I need to be able to get my clothes off it and put them away somewhere. However, I don't have enough drawer space to put the clothes away, and the bar in my closet is starting to bow, so I'm kinda trying to watch the weight there. However, Dad says they're going to give me Grandma's bedroom set, which has a dresser and a high-boy, which means more dresser space!

...but in order to move the furniture, I need to get my room cleaned. Which means I need to get that stuff put away in my desk. BEHOLD, THE VICIOUS CIRCLE OF ME SUCKING AT CLEANING MY ROOM!!! D:

I'm thinking about just dumping the clothes somewhere else until we can move furniture. That would make me uber-happy ^_^

Aaaaaaaand in fic-news...god, I realize I haven't updated my MKR fic in a long time, but the anonymous reviews bugging me about it are starting to get a little annoying--especially because I can't reply to tell them that I'M FRIGGIN' WORKING ON IT!! Seriously, the next chapter is about half-done.

Plus...honestly, I don't enjoy updating that story because there's a couple of people who seem to feel that telling me I have good grammar/spelling and then spend another five paragraphs nit-picking about every little thing I write in the given chapter somehow equals constructive criticism. If it bugs you that much, don't freakin' read it--because getting pecked at for every teeny tiny thing that YOU think is wrong in my story is seriously killing my muse. I want concrit--if I just wanted criticism, I'd talk to my sister...speaking of whom, I'm seriously getting pissed off.

Cut for more ranting... )

EDIT: jump-drive is made of friggin' STEEL. It was in my pocket and went through the washing machine AND the dryer...and still works like a piece o' key lime pie. YAAAAAAAAY!!! :D :D :D
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It was a teacher work-day today. Elementary Teacher and I spent the whole day working on program stuff, and we got a TON done. I think I can sum up my favorite part of the day in two words:


Mine's pink :3 Still need to get a few things...

And tonight was Kingdom Hearts night--I scrapbooked while [ profile] msbbt played and [ profile] bishonen_girl fell asleep. FOR ONCE IT WASN'T ME!!! :D :D :D I think our goal for next week is to BEAT URSULA D: We did play some of the Pooh games. Best thing EVER was when [ profile] msbbt started pulling vegetables out of Rabbit's garden, and we all started shouting "MY CABBAGES!!" a la Avatar ♥

I have Detective Conan/Case Closed volume sixteen. We stopped at B&N on our way to my house so we could get it. And lo, Kat and I did fangirl squee like crazy in the middle of the manga aisle. And then Kat took home the award for the best line of the night:

Kat: *points to Conan face on the spine* Conan has hearts in his eyes. He must've seen Kaitou Kid on the back cover, too!

Also, Little Sister is home for a week for spring break ^__^;;
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...ya know, [ profile] ashleymouse once told me on a day that I didn't update my LJ that if I didn't post here, she didn't know what was going on in my life. This was said while we were sitting together eating dinner, of course. But yeah, I'm starting to kinda fail at posting here. *is probably bricked by everyone going WTF?*

L'anyhoodle, yesterday my mom proved that she is really awesome. See, we'd rented some movies from Blockbuster, but we kinda returned them late. They said that we needed to return them by Sunday at midnight, or else we have to pay for the movies. So Mom took them back on Sunday afternoon. Monday, we all come home and find a message on our answering machine detailing that we owe them the buying price of all these movies.

Needless to say, Mom was on the phone pretty damn fast. I missed the bulk of the conversation, but I came back upstairs to clean Kaito's fishbowl, and was accosted by my mother in the kitchen. She said, "Did you rent a movie called Find Me Guilty?" Now, I had not, and started to say that I had not, but Mom starts nodding her head up and down really big, so I figured I was supposed to say yes, and so I did. And then Mom asked me if I found it in the middle shelves or around the edge of the store...while drawing a square with her finger, and so I said, "Around the edge." Then she asked me where it was, and I pointed to the kitchen table--I'd seen it sitting there earlier. And then she went off and talked to the guy for another minute or so before hanging up and telling me I did a good job.

Apparently, she'd told this guy that we'd returned all our movies, and he found all of them on the shelves...except that one. Well, after raising hell for a while, Mom realized that she'd rented it on Sunday when she took the other movies back. Well, she couldn't very well say that after giving this poor guy such a hard time. So she said that perhaps her daughter had rented a movie and not said anything. And lo, I saved my mother from a severe case of Footinmouthitis.

I am a good daughter :3

Yesterday, went to a jazz competition with the high schoolers. Had a great time, and got to hang out with the students. A couple of them are real sweethearts ^_^

I have been very productive lately on finishing some projects that may or may not be stuff I'm going to send to people. Speaking of which...I haven't seen [ profile] fyliwionvilyaer online lately--I just wanted to make sure the package I sent got there safely >.>;; If it didn't, I might cry. But yeah, stuff is getting done :D

Oh, and I have discovered a new anime. It is called Ghost Stories. Thus far I've only watched the dub (which I understand is quite different from the sub), and I'm actually enjoying it. They seal a ghost by chanting, "Kutabe, kick the bucket! Kutabe, you can suck it!" over and over again. And the closing theme is called Sexy Sexy,, so much love there :D

And finally--and this might be a long shot--but does anyone happen to have an mp3 of the song "Que Sera, Sera" lying around? That might be willing to share it? We're looking for it for the elementary school program ^___^
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Dear Dad ~


You've been home for half an hour, and I really wish you would go back to work. Thus far, you've nagged me for not calling you at work to deliver a phone message (wtf?), you've nagged at me for not doing about a hundred things that I WAS UNAWARE I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO, and then you nagged at me for DOING WHAT YOU TOLD ME TO DO!! WTF???

This is after you completely blew me off when I told you at least half a dozen times over the last two days that I didn't have school today...and came down and started banging on my door at six AM this morning to tell me I was going to be late. I know you're half deaf, but maybe you could at least try listening once in a while?

Please shut up and leave me alone. Or at least give a little credit for me accomplishing something that I was supposed to do, yes? How about that? Because I did a lot of that today.

~ Your oldest
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So we had a impromptu sleepover last night. Eight hours of Kingdom Hearts...glorious. Very glorious :D But...girls? Next time the weather looks iffy like that, we're going to have to reschedule. Getting stuck in that damn driveway was NOT my idea of fun ^.^;; I can't remember what the good dirty jokes were, though... ;o;

For tonight's festivities...I do love my parents to absolute death, and this was just one of those nights.

We went to this chili and hot dog dinner to benefit the Rotary Club in conjunction with the fire department to raise money for car seats and things for kids. I don't like chili, but I love a good hot-dog--so I joked that my parents could have my share of the chili.

Well, we get there and we're chatting with the people as they're serving up our dinner. And the woman helping my dad reaches towards the hot dog buns, then pauses and says, "Is it all right if I touch your bun?"

...for those of you who know my father (and possibly even some of you who don't), you know exactly which way this innocent little comment was taken. It became a Joke of the Evening. At least everyone had a sense of humor about it--the woman commented that she was going to dream about Dad tonight, to which I said I was very sorry and I wouldn't call that a DREAM...

Actually, it turned out to be one of those nights where we really couldn't take Dad anywhere. Dinner was full of dirty jokes and a whole lotta laughter (I won't reprint ANY of them here, but let's just say Mom choked on her drink at one point because of it).

We swung by Blockbuster after dinner to pick up a couple of movies...and Dad asked the guy at the counter if he had Netflix. Cue the headdesking, pleez!

But now...I'm at home, and I'm really, really BORED. can spam me if you want? Or something? Or I might go downstairs and watch a movie and knit until I doze off ('cause I am uber-tired). Or something.

I DON'T KNOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! ;o; ...but at least I have a cute icon for my boredness :3

EDIT: Spam-fests equal win :3 Spam-fests about random fandom smexing equal triple win. I have to go to bed now, but still--this is fun! :D I'll check back in the morning!
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So, our toilet overflowed tonight. Sure you all wanted to know about that.

Guess who got to clean it up. That's right--ME.

The bathroom floor was completely covered with water. Like, from the bathtub at the back all the way to the door.

And lo, what a lovely time to find out that the mop is BROKEN.

So I got to go downstairs and clean all this nasty water off the bathroom floor...with a sponge and a bucket. Yes. My father handed me a fuggin' SPONGE (and a towel) and told me to hurry up because if it got into the wood paneling on the walls, it would grow mold.

...great. Thanks, Pops. Thanks a lot. And then he wouldn't shut up--I KNOW HOW TO CLEAN A FREAKIN' FLOOR, DAD! IT'S NOT EFFIN' ROCKET SCIENCE!!

Pretty sure I managed the clean-up in record time, though. YOU HEAR ME, FLOOR? I PWNED YOU IN THE FACE!! MOO HA HA!!


I have accomplished nothing tonight. I really should go try to make a couple more birdies before I sleep, so then tomorrow I can finish up the bulletin board and stuff. RAR, I say.

...oh, and I was gonna post about my day at school. Bugger--today was my first day teaching all four elementary classes full-out. It went fairly well, all things considered ^_^ Meh, I'll post about it another time.
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Ahhh...just got back from dinner with the family. Don't get me wrong, I love my aunt and cousin dearly--Aunt Marie and I are like two peas in a "we think so much alike" pod. But at the same time, I'll be kinda glad when they leave tomorrow and we have our house back.

I taught today. Wasn't expecting it to get dropped into my lap like it did, but it went surprisingly well.

And I taught the kindergarten class today too--it went SOOOOOOOO well! Our song today was "The Farmer in the Dell." First I read them the book, and then we walked through it and I drew some lovely pictures of the various characters on the board--the farmer, the wife, the nurse, etc. I still think my dog looked more like a mad cow (mad in the sense of crazy), but the kids enjoyed it. Then we sang it with the recording (which was a little different from the book) and talked about how songs like that can change as different people pass them along and sing them.

And then we played a game with it :3 It was great!

Third grade learned "It's My Party" for their program. We were a little worried because at that age...well, a few of them are sort of in the "ZOMG THE OPPOSITE SEX HAS COOTIES!!" stage, but they seemed to love the song! For some reason, they thought it was hilarious when we explained to them that the girl in the song is so upset because her boyfriend was out with another girl. It was just a fun time all around :)

The fourth grade was...really off-the-wall today. REALLY off-the-wall. I've never seen my coop like that before--she was about ready to start spewing molten metal. And then we feel bad because any group punishments ultimately penalize the third of the class that's actually doing what they're supposed to be doing. Not trying to be sexist or anything,'s really the boys who are out of control *sigh*

But let's see...I need to finish those birdies (and by popular demand because I'm proud of them, I'll probably post a pic of them once they're all done), and get a few things together for the bulletin board in the classroom--I enjoy doing bulletin boards, and I think this one will be really cute :3 Plus, I should start squirreling away some plunnies for Lurker Day, so I can do my traditional "I'm a total whore for fic dumps, so here you go" post ^_____^

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Grandma's funeral was today.

First off--a million thanks to [ profile] msbbt for the wonderful piano-playing ♥ I really wish you could've come to lunch with us afterwards. I was surrounded by adults!! >.>;;

I sang, at my parents' request--I did "Breath of Heaven." And ya know what? I was just fine until one of the well-meaning funeral guys came over and said, "We're going to close the casket now, so you should go say a final goodbye to your grandmother."

WHOOSH. There go the waterworks. I always cry at funerals.

AND THEN PEOPLE WOULD NOT STOP TALKING TO ME. I go in the bathroom and get myself under control, come out, and Mom starts telling me that it's about time and I need to take a couple deep breaths...and there I go again. Back into the bathroom, back out...and Little Sister's saying she wants to say a prayer with me when she knows damn well I'm not a religious praying person. GAH!!

Made it through the song in one piece, though.

Little Sister was the lector, which meant she was doing the readings. She did the first two, and then started on the responsorial thing...except she wasn't supposed to start on that yet. So we had a nice light moment when the priest told her to go sit down. A little while later, he said, "NOW you may do the prayer." She stood up and grinned and said, "You sure?" Gave us all a nice laugh.

But whyyyyyyyyyy must they always play "On Eagle's Wings" at funerals? Even Dad barely made it through that in one piece, and he's nowhere near as emotional as I am.

But it really was a beautiful day today, too. We were smiled upon in that respect for the graveside service. Also, I got to ride in a limo, which was kind of awesome in its own respect.

Lunch was at Coyote Canyon--wonderful buffet. It was nice to sit and relax and talk with people. And my UBERLY-ADORABLE ONE-MONTH OLD COUSIN EMMA WAS THERE AND SHE PROVIDED A WHOLE LOT OF ENTERTAINMENT FOR ALL OF US BECAUSE SHE IS SO CUTE!! Then a lot of the family took off...which really didn't bother me too much. It's nice to see everyone, but at the same time, I'm worn out.

Got some stuff done for student teaching, too. One of the songs the third graders are doing is "Rockin' Robin," and so we're (read: I'm) making hats with different kinds of birds on them for the kids to wear during the song. We've got chickens, parakeets, ducks, roosters, crows, and turkeys.

Best thing ever? We asked the third graders what sound a duck makes.

The response? Three "quacks" and one "AFFLACK."

I love little kids.

But anyway, I got the duckies all done. Might try to make a couple more tonight because I'm not going to be prepped to teach much tomorrow. Bah humbug.

Did get another fic done, though. Wrote it a while back, had it all done, decided to make it a post for [ profile] fanfic100 yesterday, but then had zero time to post it between the family and the visitation and everything.

I'm worn out... >.> So here are the lyrics to my song. I'm gonna go pop in a DVD and make more birds. Might get online a little bit later, if I can. But...I'm just so tired, and tomorrow it's back to the grind.

But before I go...thank you all for your condolences, prayers, and kind words. They mean a lot to my family and I ♥

~ Breath of Heaven ~ )
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Here's what's going on over the next few days.

I'm probably going to be more or less absent from the interwebs. The wake is on Monday night, and the funeral is on Tuesday. We have several family members who will be staying with us starting tomorrow night, and our computer room is also our guest room. So my internet hours will depend largely on the sleeping pattern of whoever is staying in this room.

Tuesday at eleven is the funeral--I'll be singing the song I sang at Madrigal, "Breath of Heaven," as the prelude. They asked me to lead the songs, but I said point-blank that I don't trust myself not to cry. ESPECIALLY during "Eagle's Wings." I always cry during that one.

And on a happier note, yesterday I finally got to meet a very special someone--her name is Emma, she's one month old, and she's my newest cousin. And she is soooooooooo cute!! She's got the darkest eyes I've ever seen on a baby, and thick dark hair...which her mother insists will turn blonde eventually, as her older siblings have done. And I got to hold her and everything! She's a strong baby! :D :D :D

...and apologies to [ profile] msbbt and [ profile] bishonen_girl, who I sort of blew off for the few minutes when I was holding the baby ^^;; Sorry, girls--I fail really hard ^^;;

In the meantime, I'm trying to decide if I should take advantage of tonight and hang out online all night...or go sit in the basement and watch Over the Hedge (I saw it in the theatre, but we rented it so I want to watch it again) and knit for a while. Decisions, decisions...

Feb. 15th, 2007 10:18 pm
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PK came for my first observation in the classroom. I taught the forth graders--it wasn't stellar, but it wasn't too bad, either. They learned the song. And my high school group had their concert tonight. It went pretty well--I'm getting very good at turning pages.

Got home about twenty minutes ago to find Mom and Dad sitting in the dining room. They had some stuff spread out on the table that I didn't recognize, so I asked what they were doing. grandmother died this afternoon.

They're pretty sure that the aortic aneurysm burst. She didn't have the surgery back in November, but she'd been doing all right. Then this morning, her back hurt, they took her to the hospital...I think she was gone pretty quickly.

It sounds like the funeral is going to be on Tuesday or Wednesday--gotta remember to tell my coops and my supervisors that I'll be missing a day next week.

I'll reply to all the lovely LJ comments on yesterday's fic-dump tomorrow--thank you all for your great reviews. But right now...I'm going to bed. I'm just really, really tired.

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First off--[ profile] msbbt? I joined [ profile] avatar_icons and found that icon that we were giggling over so much last night *points to icon for this entry* See? HAPPY!! :D 'bout those Colts? I'm one of those people who watches the Superbowl for the commercials ^^;; But there really weren't any good ones this year, which made me very sad. There were two that stick out as especially funny in my mind, but that's it. The two were the Blockbuster one with the mouse, and the Budweiser one with the wedding and the auctioneer. But nothing as good as last year's "magic beer fridge." That one was just love. Still, was a damn good game, though--and I don't really care about football, either.

Last night, I went with Mommy and Daddy to this silent film thing at the Orpheum. And [ profile] msbbt was there with her Mommy (who I do call Mom, because I can remember when she was our Brownie troop leader--we go waaaaay back, her and I ^_^), so we got to sit together. The movie was called Safety Last. Wonderful, wonderful movie...except I'm one of those people who gets embarrassed for the characters on screen, so I was kinda twitching for a good part of the movie ^^;;

But if you've ever seen a documentary or anything about silent movies or old movies, and they show a clip of a guy hanging from a clock-face at the top of a building? That's from this movie. The most amazing part of it is that he was actually climbing a building...with only eight fingers. See, the actor (Harold Lloyd) had once been handed what they thought was a prop bomb. Turned out it was real, and it exploded and blew off two of his fingers--this thumb and forefinger. Well, he got himself patched up after spending a YEAR in the hospital, and went back to making movies.

So yeah...this guy climbed up a freakin' building with five fingers on one hand and THREE fingers on the other. And he was doing some dangerous stuff, too--[ profile] msbbt and I were clinging to each other at one point because we knew it would be okay, but still...yikes o.O The subject line of this entry is a reference to the movie :D

Then we talked our parents into taking us to Perkin's for ice cream. The parents talked about grown-up things, and [ profile] msbbt and I sat and fangirled about Avatar for forty-five minutes. Talk about your great evenings :D

And then I crawled into bed around eleven, after pretty much everyone seemed determined to run me off the internet (I'm looking at you, [ profile] magic_truth. I'm pretty sure I was out like a light and didn't move until eight-thirty this morning, when I woke up hacking. I hate having colds and sore throats...they are blechy D:

Tomorrow, I can sleep a little bit later, too--instead of going to school, I'm going to see the high schoolers in an honor choir. I'm still driving an hour, but instead of being there at eight AM, I'm supposed to meet my coop at a quarter to nine. Translation: I have an extra forty-five minutes! WHOO!! *resets alarm for lovely sleeping*

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