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I LIVE!! :D :D :D

Hanging out with [ profile] socchan and [ profile] ickaimp and [ profile] dogmatix_san pretty much ruled ^____^ I wound up sort of kidnapped into staying the night, which was much awesomeness and fangirling. And we saw Shrek the Third, which was actually pretty sweet. I liked it.

Also, Icka ate my brains. I hope they tasted good.

All in all, a very good time ^__________^

...and if you haven't heard about the wank involving that bogus "pedophile hunting group" or whatever their deal is, check the ol' f-list (or [ profile] bard_linn's post on it here) and behold the utter bullshit. I actually went and looked at the tags on [ profile] dc_yaoi because I was worred about it >_>
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Okay, I know I've got questions left to answer off that fun question meme--I'll be putting them all on that same entry. But anyway, I had a fun thought of funness! I've seen a couple people do this, and so I thought it might be kind of fun to see what kind of responses I get (and possibly put up on my bio-page, which I think might need a bit over an overhaul, yes).

I WANT TESTIMONIALS!! *holds out gimme hands a la Invader Zim*

Give me something I will feel obligated to put on my user-info page so the whole world will know what y'all have to say about me! :D :D :D

...and now I gotta get ready for choir. And try and figure out why my stomach is feeling not-so-nice D:

And [ profile] msbbt? There will be a note from the Birthday Ninja here when I get home and have the link :3 LOOOOOOOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU!!
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...not in that way >.>

I got my hair cut today! Got about an inch and a half off the bottom, a couple of long layers...and side-swept bangs :D Realize that I haven't had bangs in YEARS, so I'm having to get used to the fact that there's now hair hanging halfway into my eyes unless I brush it aside ^^;;

But if I can get my hair to look half as good as it looks right now every day? It will rock! So I will learn to actually work my flat-iron FOR GREAT JUSTICE!! *victory pose*

Tomorrow, we're going to pick up my sister and meet my aunt, uncle, and grandfather for lunch. I think it will be fun :3 Hopefully I can nap in the car a bit ^_^

Oh, and I got all caught up on replying to the pairing meme. So if you want to discuss, go to it! I must admit that I really wanted to say that I hated Heiji/Kazuha and just leave it at that to watch [ profile] strawberrychan freak out. But I'm too nice for my own good, I s'pose...

In the meantime...I need to shower. And maybe get some more stuff put away in my room. And then I want to finish that damn fic for [ profile] 30_nights, so help me Bob! I'll try to sneak online later tonight for an email check. Otherwise, I might be out ♥ Toodles!
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First off, a quick meme...

Ten Things I Like! )

Everyone who knows me should see my bedroom right now. It's...clean. Almost. Like, you can see ninety-five percent of my floor. And the tops of things. It's...weird. But I'm prepping to get my new bedroom furniture ^^;;

I went to town on my knitting. It's pretty much amazing so far--the thing's supposed to be eighteen inches long before I start forming the flap, and I'm at ten and a half. The pattern just takes a good fifteen minutes to do four rows. I feel sorry for my Mom, though--she found the pattern and she started first...but it looks like I'll finish first because she's had to start over twice and I've only had to start over once :(

Updated my link list, too :) POTTER PUPPET PALS FOR THE WIN!

Little Sister's home for Easter Break--so far, so good >.>

[ profile] magic_truth? I picked up that one book you mentioned, Nocturnes, and it looks awesome :D *loves creepy stuff* I might wait until it gets warmer to actually read it, though--I like to sit on the back porch and read when it's nice out. Right now it's...cold D:

I doubt I'll be online much/at all today. I'm going to go shower, clean out my car, and pick up a few more things in my room before I go grab [ profile] msbbt and meet [ profile] bishonen_girl and her cousin MK at Long John Silver's for lunch--I think Little Sister was going to join us, too. AND THEN WE ARE GOING TO PLAY KINGDOM HEARTS ALL DAY AND IT WILL BE UBER-AWESOME!! And hopefully [ profile] msbbt will feel a bit better--she's been having a Week of Crappy D:

And remember: With love, you can dance without any pants!
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Today has been, overall, a lovely enough day :D

I know I told [ profile] jeva_chan and [ profile] strawberrychan that I would probably get back online last night, but fact is that I crashed HARD-CORE around ten-thirty or so and didn't move again until nine o'clock this morning. I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to greet the nice, sunny day...and man oh man this is starting to sound like the beginning of a bad fanfic o.O *smacks self with squeaky mallet* Bad Candy. No pr0n.

Speaking of which, I've been making a TON of posts on the fic-blog, just getting some of my older stuff on there and whatnot--I've been checking the entries as "back-dated" so I'm not flooding anybody's f-lists. But I continually finding myself cringing at some of my older fics (mostly from my *ashamed* DBZ days...), and I sit there and stare and think to myself, "At what point...did I actually think...this was good?" This was also back in the days that I thought writing a one-page chapter constituted unbelievable long-ness -_-;;

But I'm posting them up there anyway, if only as a testament to how far I've come as a writer in my five-almost-six years o' practice, and I'm sure in time I will look at what I'm writing now and think the same thing :D

And I finally started watching Princess Tutu. And I proved myself, once again, a total music nerd when I heard the BG music for the first episode--since it's all about ballet and such, the BG music is from famous ballets. I literally squealed "NUTCRACKER!!!" Duck's theme was the Overture, while Princess Tutu herself appeared to The Waltz of the Flowers.

It's really kind of cheesy, but the animation is beautiful, and I was a dancer for quite a few years (not that you'd know it by looking at me... *hides tummy under big sweater*), so I'm really loving that aspect of it. So far, so good :D

But anyway, I'm scampering off in search of friends and Kingdom Hearts--I thought we were going out to eat tonight, but turns out Mom's working late. So I'm going to go grab the girls (and possibly swing by Subway on the way back, because I haven't had dinner), and camp out in the basement for a few hours :D Later!
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I set up a fic-blog. For those of you who have already found it, SHHHHH!!! Let the others hunt for now--I'm still get stuff on there and getting it all set up and pretty and whatnot, so I'm not going to make it totally public yet. I'll announce it when I think it's actually ready for human viewing. Which might take a while >.>;;

Parent-teacher conferences tonight and Thursday, so I'll be hanging around the school until eight-ish, which will get me home around nine. Not worrying too much about it because we're the music people--I've been told we don't get a ton of parents coming through our door. Which is fine.

It's official: elementary kids LOOOOOOOOVE musical instruments. I honestly wish we'd started this unit a week ago because then I would've had time to go through all the instrument families with the kids. We're going to make it through brass (for which I brought my euphonium) and woodwinds (for which I borrowed and brought in my sister's clarinet). I would love to bring in my guitar for strings, and maybe bring out a couple of drums for percussion, but it looks like we just won't have time. The program is next week, so we'll be in rehearsals for that. week is my last week at this placement o.o Holy buckets, Batman...

But anyway, I must remember to take pictures from the program and stuff and post them. Because I'm sure y'all really want to see me in a poodle skirt, dancing with a group of kids who all have birds on their heads, right? I think the program is going to be a thing of much awesome and win :D

Oh yeah--before I forget, you should all go look at my info page, because I got my other banner for [ profile] 30_kisses. Finally, I have one for Shinichi and Ran!! ...but is it bad that my first thought, upon seeing it, was that I really thought it was Kaito for a second, and not Shinichi? Yeah, I fail :3

Okay, I'm gonna scamper off and go get me a sandwich before we get this crazy conferences show on the road ^_^ Catch y'all later!
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Just out of curiosity...if I were to start a fic blog, would anyone read it? It's something I've been thinking about lately. For fics and previews and sneak peeks and what-not. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

High School Teacher is gone today (with half of third period at a jazz competition), so I'm running small group rehearsals on my own. WHEE!! This also means I get to relax until choir time. So...I'm writing. Read that as "slaving over MKR fic because dammit, I wanna update it!"

The reason this thing is taking me so long is because my computer ate my outline and everything I'd already written on it. And Lord, I wish I was joking--I had it all in a folder, and then one day when I was rearranging some stuff on my hard-drive, I moved that folder...and my computer ATE THE FILES. They vanished! Ya wanna talk about something killing your muse? That'll do it hard-core!

...I still need to update What You Wish For, too, don't I? *headdesk* This will all be a bit easier next week, when I'm not writing lesson plans all the time--next week is the elementary school program, so we're going to be at the auditorium doing mega-rehearsals in the afternoons!

And I swear there was something else I wanted to ask/post on here, but I can't remember what it is...oh well. If it's important, I'm sure it'll come back to me ^____^
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Today rocked pretty hard-core. Hanging out with [ profile] msbbt and meeting [ profile] socchan was awesome :D Also made my first voice post (see previous entry), and lo, it was fun.

Last night was pretty cool, too--Kingdom Hearts, bay-bee. Took us...about half a million tries to beat that last boss on Monstro, but when [ profile] msbbt finally beat him, we all screamed, and there was much dancing. And screaming. Plus, [ profile] bishonen_girl brought her cousin over--that kid's a hoot and a half.

I also changed my LJ name for the first time in the four years I've had it. It had been "Me, Myself, and I" since its conception way back when. The new title was formerly my subtitle, and the subtitle is something Rachie's cousin said yesterday that made us all crack up.

It ranked right up there with her petting my fuzzy socks and saying, "Your feet are warm...LIKE KITTY!" Which will be my new MSN name once I sign on there and change it :D

And finally, since I can now do voice posts and all that fun stuff, I am going to bow before popular demand and as this question...

[Poll #944197]
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I bounce over to [ profile] 30_kisses every once in a while to see what's new on the List o' Claims and whatnot. And guess what? [ profile] ivory_petals has claimed Shinichi and Ran.

...YAY! Now I have TWO sets of Shin/Ran smoochies to read, one for [ profile] 30_kisses and one for [ profile] 30kisses. :3 *pokes [ profile] ran_mouri82* And hopefully soon more Satou/Takagi love from [ profile] magic_truth, yes?

I'm not gonna poke [ profile] fyliwionvilyaer about ficcies, though. Poor girl's got pneumonia, and I hope she feels better soon!

...end rambling :3

I just got out of an inservice, so I'm sort of hanging out while waiting for my coop to get back from another meeting (one that I am not privy to for various reasons). So yeah. Whoo.
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Lurker Day - A Day to Celebrate Lurking


That's right, it's that joyful day again, where we can all go forth with great...well, joy and let people know we're here! ...and then if you want to slink away into the shadows again, that's cool too ^_^

As always, props to [ profile] socchan for coming up with the idea. Have fun, everyone, and I hope you enjoy the two new pieces of ficcage posted below.

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*falls to knees* Oh, great art thou, oh Strange Spooky Deity-Type Being Who Apparently Lives On the Clouds, for thou hast bestowed upon-eth us...


That's right! A second snow day in a row! ...I never even got one of those when I was in high school...but yeah, no school for me tomorrow! Which means that Las Vegas Night will probably be cancelled as well (note to self: call coop tomorrow and find out). And if Las Vegas Night is cancelled...

[ profile] bishonen_girl! [ profile] msbbt! If the roads are drivable, we're totally on for Kingdom Hearts!! And actually...depending on everyone's schedules, we could start a lot earlier than usual, yes? 'Cause I'll be home aaaaaaaall day :D Let me know, girls!

Lurker Day is tomorrow--everyone remember to go forth and de-lurk with great joy! And I have two fics finished and a third one partially done for Lurker Day. So there shall be ficcage and posting and merriment in honor of the blessed event! *does a little jig*

*is in an extremely cheery mood right now*
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So [ profile] girlquinn changed her LJ layout, and we were talking about it, and she suggested that I should get/make a Candyland layout. Given that someone (*cough*[ profile] ran_mouri82*cough*) once told me that I'm the living embodiment of the land of Candy, it seemed like a good idea.

Problem is that I'm completely hopeless with html aside from the basics I use here on LJ.

So I thought, "Hey! Why don't I look through the LJ layouts and see if they have one with candy on it!" So I looked, and they had one called Food Sweets, and I thought, "That is just smurfy!"

So yeah, behold my new layout--for it is ♥

In other news, I am diligently working towards my usual whoring fic-dump for Lurker Day--it's on Friday!! :D :D :D I'm kinda worried because I'll be at school all day on Friday, and I won't get home probably until late because I think that fundraiser is Friday night. Sooooo...yeah. I will have to de-lurk as soon as I get home!

Oh, and the Oscars are tonight--WHOO! I shall sit in my basement and watch and wait to see who wins the Worst Dressed Award this year. Because I am incredibly shallow like that :) Also intend to work on ficcage while I'm sitting there all comfy :D Because I have no life like that.

Yay rah fun!
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It's official: when in a bad mood, go out with your best friend since kindergarten (aka [ profile] msbbt). Have dinner, then go to Barnes and Noble and various other stores where you know you will spend money that you really should not but that's okay because you're stressed and in an uber-bad mood.

I bought manga. And CDs. And there was much rejoicing.

Ran into [ profile] writergurl at the restaurant, too! That was awesome! *snuggles*

Oh, and at [ profile] msbbt's insistence, I will post this exchange for you...

Me: *discussing fandoms and pairings therein* Bleach seems like one of those fandoms where everyone gets paired up with everyone else. Kinda like Harry Potter.
Her: Yeah... (There was more to this part of the exchange, i.e. discussing our Potter-ships, but it's not really important.)
Me: Then you go into a fandom like Conan, where it seems like most people stick more or less to the canon pairings. I mean, it's either canon...or Icka.
Her: *dies* You need to post that on LJ.

...and no offense to [ profile] ickaimp, I hope >.> 'Cause I don't think it was intended to come out like that.

Well, I should go shower and go to bed--may tomorrow not be as hellish as today was.

Oh, and before I forget...

Lurker Day - A Day to Celebrate Lurking

Lurker Day is fast approaching! March 2nd, all--and you won't forget because I'll remind you all at least a hundred times, and then probably do a fic-dump on March 2nd to celebrate. Otherwise, [ profile] socchan made some awesome banners for the day. Happy lurking!


Jan. 6th, 2007 09:34 pm
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[insert obligatory comment about work and the suckiness thereof here, pleez]

Now, onto the fun stuff...

Wow. You guys are teh AWESOME!! :D :D :D Yesterday's post has clocked in at over 1200 comments! So a very special thank you to everyone who participated in making me squee like a fangirl--I did go through and read all the comments. It took me about an hour to do so :D

And now, just for fun, time to re-rank the commenters! Considering yesterday's festivities, this should be really interesting...

And the placings are... )

Compare that to the last time I ran the comment thing, less than a month ago. I think the most impressive was [ profile] strawberrychan, who went from thirty-first second. Or [ profile] hagane_no_heiji, who I haven't known all that long landing at twenty-one. Rock on, everyone! Feel free to spam this post too, because I do enjoy it so.

Tomorrow, I'm getting up early to go with my parents and find the school I'll be student teaching at. We're going to go do breakfast, and then drive a bit. Then I work. Woo-hoo, indeed :D
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So...I was thinking. Specifically, I was thinking about how cool it would look to sign onto LJ and see that I have, say, five hundred comments on an entry. I was also thinking that it might be even cooler to see one thousand comments on an entry. In short...


...please? :D Comments about anything are welcome. Sexy comments about sexy things are even more welcome, because that's just the way my strange little mind works, gosh darnit!

EDIT: Wow. You guys know how to deliver, don't ya? :D :D :D After this is over, I'm definitely running another comment ranking...thingie, just to see what happens :)

Sadly, though, I gotta go to I leave, we're at 513 comments. You all rock. See y'all tomorrow! Thanks again, guys!
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First things first: [ profile] twosen, I finally stole that icon. Isn't it love?

I'm in a surprisingly good mood, considering I worked eight hours today. The last half hour of that was spent watching Chong mop, and I do wish I was joking about that =P But we did start closing before seven...which meant I got out of there at eight-thirty. It was just me and Chong, when usually there are two people working in addition to the cook. So we didn't do too bad, I guess.

Sorry I've been so whiny the last couple of days, guys D: I was way out of line.

Anyway, I'm debating with myself. I'm trying to decide if I should just hang out online, or bring [ profile] ammchan's present up here to work on while I'm online, or go downstairs to watch a movie and work on it there...or work on that next Nights fic. Won't get it done tonight, but I could work on it.

I dunno. Haven't decided yet. Need to do something productive. Also need to shower and put on clothing that does not smell like a strange combination of egg rolls and bleach. Most unpleasant. But I have Taco Bell. Crunchwraps are love, and do make things better :D

Also, was just kinda wondering...[ profile] socchan? Lurker Day is going to be March 2nd again, right? *has been lurking a lot recently, but ish a coward about de-lurking* ... *actually, is just a coward in general*

Otherwise, I hope everyone has an awesome New Year's Eve, and a great New Year's Day. Let's welcome in oh-seven with some cheers and some resolutions that will probably last about a week! WHOO!!
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Work wasn't bad. Just long. And my feet hurt. I don't work for the next three days. THIS IS MY HAPPY FACE!! End of that topic. Now onto the fun stuff...

Tomorrow, I give ficcage. Decided I'm not going to worry about the fic for [ profile] 30_friends, and will maybe make it a New Year's thing. Maybe. PREPARE FOR MY ASSAULT ON YOUR F-LISTS!!

SOCCHAN!! I GOT YOUR CARD!! *glomps you and dances you around the room* Thank you!! *giggle* Just 'cause you said you were waiting for the first notice about it to go up =P And Jeva, I got yours today. I hope you get online sometime soon so I can hug you properly :D LUFFS to Manders, Mike, and kuririn-chan--you guys are awesome ♥ It made me all snuggly to get cards!

...and I feel like I'm forgetting somebody ZOMG I'll feel horrible if I do... ;-;

Also, I have a short letter to write here.

Dear [ profile] abarero,

ZOMG THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE TEH AWESOME!! *glomp glomp glomp snuggle glomp* :D :D :D

~ Me ^_^

Oh, and tonight I get home from work, right? And I go to check my email like I usually do, right? And there's an email in my inbox saying that a certain someone got me userpics on LJ. I now have 105 pics for the next two months.


I'm really luck to have such awesome guys are the best *squishes everyone* Thanks, guys :D I hope you all have an uber-awesome holiday season, and I'll catch y'all tomorrow for sure *hugs one more time*
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Last night was my first night back at work. I technically wasn't supposed to start until next week, but when I called to get my hours, Manager asked if I could come in, so I said yes. Hey, it was a five-hour shift, not too bad. it a good sign that Manager almost stepped on me because he didn't see me standing right behind him, waiting to grab an apron? *laugh* Welcome back, ne? Well, after I got my apron on, he gestured for me to come over there--I correctly assumed he had something for me to do. So I galloped over--literally galloped--and bounced to a stop next to him. He stared at me for a minute with a patented "You're an idiot" look, then laughed and said I was waaaaaaay too happy to be back.

We had a mini-sing-along later with some of the Christmas carols playing over the speaker. Got started on closing late, though, so we didn't get out of there as early as we'd hoped. Then I went and bought Christmas cards for all you lurvly people :D I luff the cards I picked, too--they're pretty awesome ♥

Today? No work. Rachie-chan not-so-subtly suggested getting together to do something today :D

AND TWO DAYS TILL I GET TO SEE THE RYANN!! *happy happy backflip WHEE!*

The rankings are in once again! )
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Tomorrow, I'm going out with Kat and Rachie for lunch. We're long overdue for one of our three-hour lunch discussions, ladies! It's just hard to find times when all three of us are in town--though I suppose that might change next semester when I'm student teaching and living at home... *looks pointedly at Kat and Rachie* We can hang out more! YAYS!

We're also going to do some major Christmas decorating tomorrow. We're big Christmas people at our house, and our halls get decked, big time. My favorite decoration is this teddy bear we have--when you squeeze her paw, she moves and recites "The Night Before Christmas." I love that thing...but my little cousin was afraid of it that one year ;-;

And then I have to do some Methods homework. We will not talk about that, though, because the whole deal with that might send me into a fit of rage-induced psychosis, culminating in me slamming my forehead repeatedly into the keyboard in an attempt to make myself stop seeing red.


Update on the story swiping thing--a very kind soul alerted me to the fact that the German translations were being posted on AnimeXX (the big German fanfic/fanart site--one of my favorite fanartists posts her stuff on there!) by someone with the penname Chen06. [ profile] lightbird777's Mulan fics were there too--same translations. Skip back over to ff-dot-net, and we find that my second Kiss was translated and posted on the account of someone with the penname Chen06 (again) ITALIAN. WTF? This is getting ridiculous.

Oh, and the mod of a comm called [ profile] stop_plagiarism emailed me to ask if I'd given Pi Ling permission to translate, which I had not. Looks like they're taking up our torch. This story just keeps getting more and more interesting...I wonder what's going to happen next. Don't get me wrong, I'm not happy with this at all, but there's this little part of me that's intrigued by the whole proceeding. Guess we'll see what happens, I s'pose ^.~

New icon!!

Oct. 7th, 2006 12:29 am
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I'd like to direct all of your attentions towards my newest icon, gifted to me by my darling sister. *points* Observe the penguin. Observe the smexiness of the penguin.


I certainly do...

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