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[ profile] kaitodoushi came over today--and man, is it hard to remember to type that new LJ user-name when she's been msbbt for the last, what, three years on here! And we watched Princess Tutu. LOTS AND LOTS of Princess Tutu. Like we had three episodes left in the series when she had to go home ;o;

I'm still very squeeful that she likes this series at all because it's shoujo, and she doesn't like shoujo very much. But she is officially a Fakir/Ahiru shipper (as am I). A hardcore shipper. I like watching her reactions because they're always so funny!

Case in point: I popped in the last volume while she was in the bathroom, and the art on the title screen was of Fakir and Ahiru. When I hear her coming back, I called out "Prepare to OTP!" Because in our language, OTP is a verb. I think I got to the letter O when she walked in, saw it...and fell over. I mean literally dropped to the ground. BEST REACTION EVER.

And I think she sees now why I go bonkers over Uzura. ♫Donkey-lonkey lovey-dovey donkey!♪

I wish we'd written down more of our comments and stuff--we have a lot of fun watching anime together because ya never know what's going to be said. Although we did find respond to a lot of dialogue with the phrase, "That sounds like a bad porno!" Also, I think I need to write a crossover fic featuring Ayame, Tamaki, and Femio :D

We had a good time. We just need to figure out when we'll get together and watch those last three episodes! I tried to leave it on as little of a cliffhanger as possible... ;o;

Otherwise...tomorrow, the parents and I are driving down to the area where I'll be working. We're going to take a look around and see if we spy any apartments or anything, or what area I want to be living in, etc. Not looking forward to the six AM start on the four-hour drive, though >_>;;
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So...I finished watching Princess Tutu last night.

By the time I got to the last volume, you couldn't have made me turn that DVD off for much of ANYTHING. I haven't gotten that into a series like that since Fruits Basket--during the last three episodes of Furuba, I think they actually had to DRAG me away from the TV to eat. I'm going to try and keep spoilers to a minimum, because [ profile] msbbt hasn't seen all of it yet, and I'm being good :3 But I think I can sum up much of my feelings in the following...

OH MY GOD!! ♥♥♥♥♥

*ahem* Translation of that is that I was reduced to a squealing, sobbing little fangirl blob on my bed, clinging at my pillow and kicking my legs in the air while I eagerly watched to see what would happen next, and then sighing a satisfied sigh at the very ending.

I don't cry at anime very often. I cry at movies all the time, but rarely anime, for some reason. The only two I can remember crying at off the top of my head are Fruits Basket and Fushigi Yuugi. During the later, for some reason it was Hotohori that did it to me *shrug*

Princess Tutu? I wept. Like a baby. I got really teary a couple of times, but I had tears running downing my face for most of the last volume--ESPECIALLY episodes 24-25. I couldn't stop crying!! Especially during the underwater scene between Ahiru and Fakir, where she's freaking out...ZOMG ANGST. And I don't know how that scene kept from being melodramatic and cheesy--it was beautiful.

[ profile] msbbt? You think you like Fakir now? Juuuuuuust wait. The love will grow! You said you weren't too keen on Mytho, but you couldn't actively dislike him yet because of his situation? Well, to be honest...something does happen with him, and it's really interesting, but...I can't decide if I like him or not O.O It's really weird.

But you know who I really really really reeeeeeeally like? Take a look at that adorable little person on my icon (I just uploaded a bunch of Tutu icons). That little person is Uzura. And Uzura has officially won my heart. I found myself becoming quite fond of Edel, and I totally fell in love with Uzura. I think the loving part happened around the time she was running around, banging on her drum and singing "Lovey-dovey donkey-lonkey!" over and over again. And To have that much development with such a tiny character.

When Uzura and Edel were talking? That was when my waterworks started going full-force. And then that scene between Uzura and Ahiru on the riverbank? T____T I LOVE UZURA, AND I WISH MORE PEOPLE MADE ICONS OF HER!! I found two...I really want one with her marching along with that drum and singing her lovey-dovey donkey-lonkey song. ANY TAKERS?? :D?

The ending...the only way to describe it is "bittersweet." And if it were any other series, the ending might have made me angry, just with the way things worked out. But for this series? It WORKED.

I still hold that Kraehe is the only person in anime who can wear a tutu and toeshoes and still manage to a badass. And [ profile] msbbt? Wait until you see what happens with her. COMPLEX VILLAIN LOVE AHOY!! :D :D :D

Honestly, that's a lot of what really sucked me in--the characters. I love characters who are unique (we have a lot of that), and I love characters who develop and change as the series progresses--we have a LOT of that. Even minor characters get to grow. It's sort of sad how in some ways Princess Tutu herself is the least interesting character (especially when compared with her alter ego), but even she gets to develop as she grows into her role.

On top of everything else, it's just such an overwhelmingly beautiful series. The animation, the music, the themes...granted, I am a classical music nerd and I was a ballet dancer myself for a number of years, so I have a heightened appreciation for such things. But it's all just so lovely.

And I was watching the ADV release, which had lots and lots of special features so I could continue to be a very happy Candy-chan and regale myself with fun stuff. Chris Patton is a potty-mouth, in case y'all didn't know ~♥

I could probably rant a LOT longer, but I gotta go change and get to work pretty much ASAP. Here's hoping that other girl shows up tonight so I don't have to go back in...but yes, Princess Tutu is glorious, and [ profile] msbbt, I DEMAND that you watch the rest of it as soon as possible so that we may discuss and squeal.


*glomps on Uzura one more time and runs off to go earn a paycheck*
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[Preface: I have managed to do the impossible--I got [ profile] msbbt (who is not terribly fond of shoujo) into a shoujo series. Namely, Princess Tutu. She is borrowing the DVDs from me to watch the whole thing, and called me to fangirl. Mostly over Fakir, who is made of smex. The following exchange just took place...]

[ profile] msbbt: Drosselmeyer is hopping around and torturing the characters and having fun with it...he's like a fanfic writer! I was looking at him and I was like, "He reminds me of Lindsey!"
Me (aka Lindsey): *is ded from teh laffing*

It's true, it's true... >:D

Man, it's been ages since the two of us fangirled over something together like this. Now we need to see the ending...and I also need to watch Yugioh: The Abridged Movie. And type that fic for [ profile] 30_evil_deeds--I'm a little nervous about that fic, though. It seemed funnier in my head, but we'll go with it! :D

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