Dec. 2nd, 2007 12:25 pm
candyland: (piggy) the heck is it Sunday already? Wasn't yesterday Friday? Oh well...

I just got out of the shower, and then I'm running to Target. Need to pick up a few things, including some stuff for my Secret Santa at work. And then...I dunno what I'm going to do with the rest of my day. Yesterday I was just lethargic--didn't want to do ANYTHING ~_~;; Today I feel a little more productive, so let's see what I can get done \o/

When I was home over Thanksgiving break, [ profile] kaitodoushi and I wound up having a rather in-depth conversation about the Legend of Zelda games, sparked because she had just finished playing Phantom Hourglass and I was just starting. And it made me feel nostalgic, so I went and dug out some of the older games. I'm currently replaying Oracle of Seasons. I started it yesterday morning...and I was to the third dungeon in almost no time at all. Was the game always this easy? O_O Oh well--it's still fun :D

I'm sort of in the mood to watch some Avatar today. Maybe I should start my rewatch from the beginning ^_^ Or Invader Zim. Or Stormhawks. Or Teen Titans. Actually, maybe I'm just in the mood for cartoons O_O

And now...a poll. There is actually a reason I'm asking this, but I can't tell you what that reason is just yet ^^;;

[Poll #1099068]

Okay, I'm going to go run my errand. Later, all!
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I can't access my f-list from my school computer at the moment--says it's pornographic text. WOULD YOU GUYS STOP POSTING PR0N ALREADY?? *sigh* Sheesh...

From the chat files...

*talking with [ profile] kaitodoushi while watching the Moon Ghost case, which she has not seen*
Her: o_O
Her: ...I must see his voice?
Me: ...well, it's subbed.

I'm sort of proud of me for that come-back. I'm not usually that quick on the uptake! *victory pose*

We had the storm of the century here yet again last night. It's been storming a LOT lately, and last night was really bad. I had a flashlight at my elbow the entire night because I was so worried the power was going to go out. It didn't...but when I went to bed, I wound up getting treated to one hell of a light show outside my window. At one point, I was laying there, staring at the ceiling...and my entire room lit up. I sat up like a shot and watched as this long, thin streak of lightning just ran from the sky straight to the ground. It was visible for almost a full second, and it had this weird aura-like glow around it before it vanished.

I sat there for about five seconds with my mouth hanging open. It was beautiful...but I live alone, and if the power goes out in the middle of the night, it's going to freak me out like you would not believe >_< Dun wanna be in the dark...

Just making with the random post before I go try and find out who I need to talk to about my school computer...because I do not seem to have a My Documents folder anymore, and I have no printer access. Which is bad, because I really do need my middle school choir roster @_@ So I'm going to toodle down to the main office and see what they tell me. And also, I might grab a pop in the teacher's lounge--it's way too early for Mountain Dew, I know, but I'm so thiiiiiirsty...

Expect another post later tonight regarding my actual day ^_^ I have almost finished my first day of school! WHOO! Still got a lot to do, but I gotta say that it feels like it's been a LOT more than just three days...especially given that two of those days were early outs ^^;; Ja ne!

Meme time!

Aug. 17th, 2007 07:21 pm
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First things first...[ profile] ickaimp!! Sorry I wasn't on when you poked me--my computer apparently signed me off and on a few times, so my away message went...away. But thank you for the linkage!! ~♥♥♥

Gods...everyone keeps me so well-supplied with anime and manga and stuff. I feel like I should do something in return. WHAT CAN I DO TO REPAY YOU ALL FOR BEING SO AWESOME AND GENEROUS TO MEEEEEEEEE????

Next we have...orientation!


Apparently they give all the teachers laptops because there's wireless internet and we do our grading and gradebooks and things via the internet. So it's pretty hard-core awesome! I didn't get to check to see what all sites are accessible, since schools usually have certain sites blocked (like Facebook and MySpace). But I filled out lots of paperwork and got to go sit in MY CLASSROOM!! That's so cool to classroom.

And now...ganked from [ profile] aishuu and [ profile] ickaimp...

How many times has someone on your friends list posted about something and you were really confused, but you didn't want to ask because you thought you should know? How many times have you felt 'guilty' asking an LJ friend a question that should be 'obvious'? Well, here's your chance. I'll answer nearly any questions (random or serious), even if you're curious about more than one thing or are new to my friends list.

Go ahead. Ask. I dare you >:D
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[ profile] candyfics: Nocturne for Shinichi/Ran. I really like this idea, and overall I'm very happy with how it came out.

Today, I got myself hooked on two animes: Ghost Hunt (which I really shouldn't be watching because now I'm going to start hearing things and freaking myself out) and Tantei Gakuen Q (which I only torrented the first eight episodes of...and episode eight just so happens to end on the BIGGEST FREAKIN' CLIFFHANGER I HAVE EVER SEEN!!). So I'm very happily watching, and sort of hoping that something pings my muses. But overall? Just enjoying the ride 8D

I'm also very pleased with myself because tonight I proved once and for all that I can cook a chicken breast in a pan on the stove without burning it to a crisp. Seriously--the first time I ever tried, I wound up with a piece of charcoal...okay, maybe it wasn't THAT bad, but it was definitely not supposed to be that color >_>;; But I can do it now! *victory pose*

Oh oh oh--and I got my first bill today! This is the only time you will ever see me be excited about that, trust me. But it's the first one I've ever gotten that's totally mine! It's the gas bill, and it's for a whopping...$1.70. I MUST SEND THEM A CHECK!!

...I should also probably just go pay my rent for next month and get it done with so I don't forget. And I need to get to the bank and order checks. I have one pad right now for my new account there, and I'd feel better to have more for when the bills come. Better to do them now then later, right? And it's not like they go bad.

You think this is nerdy? You should have seen me the first time I got to use my new debit card!

Plus, I am supposed to be getting a signing bonus from work, which I haven't seen yet. Hopefully I can get that taken care of tomorrow as well. It would really put my mind at ease to know that the money is in the bank, since I don't get my first "official" paycheck until September 7th, I think it is. I'm not destitute or anything, would just make me feel better to know it was there.

Tomorrow I have orientation at school. I'm figuring this will mean a whole lot of paperwork and goodness knows what else. I'm...really not that excited. To be honest, I'm bordering on scared about the whole thing. Everybody keeps telling me I'm ready and I can do this, but I've got that liiiiiittle shadow on my shoulder telling me that this is going to be a disaster. I've tried to call the school a couple of times to see what all I need to bring or if there's anything special I should have with me...and I couldn't get ahold of anyone. The phone just rang and rang and rang. You want things that won't put your mind at ease? That could quite possibly top the list *worry worry worry*

If I seem sort of whiny or whatnot over the next couple of days, I apologize in advance. I've been in kind of a funk lately. Being in my own place is really awesome...but at the same time, it's really lonely. My family and most of my friends are four hours away. I don't know anybody here yet. So...if I've seemed like I'm really pouncing on people when they pop's mostly because at the present time, this is my entire social life.

I mentioned cooking earlier--I really do love to cook, and I'm looking for new recipes to try and things to make. But cooking for's sort of depressing ^^;;

Okay, gotta stop moping. Go check out the new fic (I'm still on my writing kick liek whoa), and I really need to go take a shower. I'll be online for a little while longer, and then I've gotta make myself go to sleep at a reasonable hour. I'm due at the school at eight AM.

Come what may...
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Found apartment. Put in app and deposit. Sounds like it's mine.

Will be living an hour or two-ish away from [ profile] socchan's stomping grounds.


Having accomplished all of this, I really have no desire to see what five AM looks like EVER AGAIN. On that note, I think I might go crawl into bed and mewl pathetically and hope that sweet, sweet sleep comes and takes me away soon. Because I'm wiped out.

And I have to work tomorrow. And Monday.

Also, need to find a top to go with my cute new skirt so I can wear it to Spamalot and my friends' wedding. But that can wait until later this week when maybe I can drag [ profile] kaitodoushi along with me or something to that effect.

But now...sleep...

The plan!

Jun. 29th, 2007 01:58 pm
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First of all, I adore this icon of mine ~♥~

I'm going to finish replying to all of the lurvly comments as soon as I can--including writing the rest of those kink-fic meme requests. But today, I gots to go to work from four to close. My cell phone actually rang at ten-thirty this morning, and I saw it was from my work number and DID NOT ANSWER IT. Because I assume they were going to ask me to come in for whatever reason, and goddammit, I've already worked two all-day shifts this week and I'm working another seven hours on Sunday, and I'm TIRED.

Tomorrow, we are leaving at five AM (*SOB*) to drive over to the other side of the state again and actually look at the apartments this time. Three viewings--I think the first one is at ten in the morning. Hopefully, I will find one. Then it's a matter of getting everything else taken care of--making the deposit, signing the lease, making sure I have everything I need, setting up my bank accounts in the bank I found over there (once I know my new address)...basically, getting my life set up on the other side of the state.

None too thrilled about the early hour of departure...especially because I'm working until close tonight (which will hopefully get me home around nine-thirty at the latest), so my goal is to take a shower, check my email, make sure all my stuff is together for tomorrow, and then SLEEP. Then tomorrow morning, roll out of bed at twenty to five to get dressed, make some sort of effort on my hair, and crawl into the car. Then I shall sleep all the way there...except for when we stop at that one Casey's that had the sinfully delicious white chocolate-caramel cappuccino that my parents and I downed with much relish. We're going to stop there again, me thinkest :D

No clue when we'll get home. But feel free to spam my cell phone with sexy messages, if you like. Or leave me sexy comments here so I have something happy to look at when I come home in an exhausted haze and stagger through the door with my one thought being to check my email one last time before I fall over and die on the floor... *koff*

It's so weird to think that in a month or so I'm going to have to literally move my entire life to the other side of the state. It's just...strange. I don't think it's really totally hit me yet that I'm moving and that I have a job and stuff...yikes ^^;;
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...first off, I'm shaking my head at the fact that almost every single person who responded seemed to have ENTIRELY missed the point of the last entry. It wasn't the VAMPIRE who was the subject of my concern, guys... >_>;;

Well, [ profile] kaitodoushi, sorry I missed your performance tonight. I was not aware that there was an entrance charge, seeing as how there wasn't one the last time I went to a show there. So...I tried. I hope it went well.

And by the way, I don't know who the guy was that was selling tickets, but when someone is obviously distressed and digging through her purse for cash so she can see her best friend in a show, that is not an appropriate time to be making cracks about, "Aww, and she's even wearing an official RENT shirt." That's a time to either be sympathetic or keep one's fucking mouth shut.

And to top it all off, LJ apparently doesn't think that sending me my alert emails so I know when I have comments is important. Thanks bunches, LJ.

*storms off in a very bad mood*

ETA: Okay, so [ profile] socchan has managed to make some of the generic hatred go away with this response to her kink-fic meme. Which I'm trying to resist the urge to gank because I phail at writing smut.


Jun. 27th, 2007 09:32 am
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[ profile] jeva_chan!! IM IN UR BASE, STEELING UR ICONZ!! :D :D :D And I'm also actually flying through that first part of that THING, so hopefully I will send it to you soon :D

Another very long day at work today...blech ~.~ See, there was a girl hired to work back there who did not feel that calling in or showing up were part of her duties as an employee. So as of a week ago, she no longer works back there. Executive decision by Chong. So I picked up the extra shifts; I work from eleven AM to close, which is at nine. So I should get out of there maybe around nine-thirty or so? Loooooong day...

(And I just used a semi-colon in an LJ post. ZOMG I AM TEH NEEEEEERD!!!)

In other news, I really need to stop going to Best Buy. It makes me want to shop, and shopping at this present time is probably not a good thing to do >_>;; However, I did make a list if things that I will slowly allow myself to buy as I have the money to do so :D

Looks like we'll be making another roadtrip on Saturday, this time to actually LOOK at some apartments. I think we've got two viewings lined up, and Dad said he would call about a third one today for me, so here's hoping we find something! *victory pose*

I feel like there was something else I was going to post in here, but I can't remember what it was. So I'ma gonna go take a quick shower and get myself to work. Whoo. Later, all!
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My parents went to K-Mart today, and I was just sort of lounging about when the phone rang. It was Mommy, asking me to come hither immediately because they had found a dining room set on sale for eighty-four bucks...marked down from two hundred. I sprinted out there and sat in the chair and oh LORD was it comfortable...

So yes. I have a new dining room set for my apartment, when I actually find it :D Oh, and an ironing board. I have an ironing board now, too ^________^

Yesterday when we went to the other side of the state to take a look, we found some info and got a few phone numbers for some apartment complexes. AND I'm pretty sure I've found me a bank :D Can't beat free checking accounts and online banking to pay my bills and student loans so I don't have to worry about it AND a free debit card... *bliss*

Spending probably close to ten hours in a car? Decidedly...not cool >_>;; Especially after being on the road at six AM. I was up at FIVE O'CLOCK IN THE FUGGIN' MORNING!! THAT IS NOT NORMAL OR NATURAL OR ANY OTHER OF THOSE FUN WORDS THAT START WITH N!!

Still, I was kind of surprised this morning when I opened my eyes, and saw that it was almost eleven AM. I haven't slept that late in AGES. For some reason as of late, my body has been poking and prodding me into wakie-ness by eight-thirty or nine in the morning. So this was a blessed relief of a rest :D

So I popped in the first volume of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya today with the intent of watching it and seeing how the show was because I've heard a lot of people say that it's freakin' awesome...maybe I'm watching this in the wrong order or something, but I'm halfway through episode 00 and I'm completely LOST. But I'll give it a little bit more of a try before I give up. Scout's honor!

Also hoping to watch the first volume of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles today. I loved the manga, and I have enjoyed some good CLAMP series in the past, so I'm looking forward to giving this a go :)

Must...finish...fanfics...including The Joint Venture, so I can fire that first part over to [ profile] jeva_chan and lo, it shall all be good :D

*is still very happy about dining room furniture*
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[ profile] kaitodoushi came over today--and man, is it hard to remember to type that new LJ user-name when she's been msbbt for the last, what, three years on here! And we watched Princess Tutu. LOTS AND LOTS of Princess Tutu. Like we had three episodes left in the series when she had to go home ;o;

I'm still very squeeful that she likes this series at all because it's shoujo, and she doesn't like shoujo very much. But she is officially a Fakir/Ahiru shipper (as am I). A hardcore shipper. I like watching her reactions because they're always so funny!

Case in point: I popped in the last volume while she was in the bathroom, and the art on the title screen was of Fakir and Ahiru. When I hear her coming back, I called out "Prepare to OTP!" Because in our language, OTP is a verb. I think I got to the letter O when she walked in, saw it...and fell over. I mean literally dropped to the ground. BEST REACTION EVER.

And I think she sees now why I go bonkers over Uzura. ♫Donkey-lonkey lovey-dovey donkey!♪

I wish we'd written down more of our comments and stuff--we have a lot of fun watching anime together because ya never know what's going to be said. Although we did find respond to a lot of dialogue with the phrase, "That sounds like a bad porno!" Also, I think I need to write a crossover fic featuring Ayame, Tamaki, and Femio :D

We had a good time. We just need to figure out when we'll get together and watch those last three episodes! I tried to leave it on as little of a cliffhanger as possible... ;o;

Otherwise...tomorrow, the parents and I are driving down to the area where I'll be working. We're going to take a look around and see if we spy any apartments or anything, or what area I want to be living in, etc. Not looking forward to the six AM start on the four-hour drive, though >_>;;
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So...nine AM this morning, I'm cheerfully waltzing around in Dreamland. [ profile] ashleymouse? You were in my dream, and we were getting text messages from Bon Jovi asking if we knew of any girls for him to hook up with.

I don't know either.

Well, I was rather rudely awakened during our discussion of pig's blood (WTF, brain?) by the phone ringing. So I vaulted across the family room to answer it--I don't have a phone in my room anymore, 'cause Dad had to disconnect it to hook up our broadband modem.



...I have a teaching job 0.0 *faints*
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I just got home from my first day back at work. It was actually a pretty nice six-hour shift, surprisingly. Especially the last hour--which is usually the worst. I had just come back from my break and I had nothing to do, and I had worked pretty hard for the first four and a half hours, so Chong just let me kinda stand over by her and Huy while they were chopping stuff and we just chatted :D

While I was on break, I checked and found I had a voice mail from another girl who works there asking me to cover her shift for tonight, from five to close. I'm pretending I didn't see it. Because I am a horrible person like that. And because I have an interview tomorrow and I want to make sure I am rested before I go driving all over the state. And being on my feet for twelve hours isn't the way to do that. This concludes my public service announcement.

AND ZOMG TORIE'S PREGNANT!!! :D :D :D It sounds like it's going to be a girl, and she'll be due in October...and I'm totally not secretly hoping that the little one decides to appear on October thirtieth, nuh-uh, no way. So congrats, Torbo! LOVE YOU!!!

Vixie's wedding invite came in the mail. Note to self: RSVP @_@

Did anyone else notice ff-dot-net's new alert--you get alerted when someone adds you to their Fave Lists? I'm trying to decide if I like it or not...although my ego is sort of enjoying it ^____^

New Ghost Hunters episode on tonight--massive amounts of happiness there :D Last week's was pretty uber-creepy, so I'm hoping tonight's will be much the same. I intend to sit downstairs and scribble more ficcies in my notebook and be on AIM on my cell phone whilst I watch.

...I'm in a very good mood right now, can you tell? :D Might've been the seven episodes of Princess Tutu that I watched last night. I think I'm officially in love with that show--just need to finish watching it ♥♥♥♥♥

Good news!

Jun. 12th, 2007 04:31 pm
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...I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance! *bricked*

The new ND game is love and I'm really speeding through it--YAYS!

New fic up on [ profile] candyfics! Which means I'm almost done writing those first kiss requests! [ profile] magic_truth can put the stick down now!

I have another interview on Thursday! Watch--I'll go back to work tomorrow and find out that I'm scheduled... *cues internal pessimist*

*goes back to game*
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Fics? Flying along liek whoa!

Plunnies? Biting like mad.

Cell phone? I think I'm becoming a texting addict.

Job hunt? I have an interview on Monday! *dances*

New haircut? EXTREMELY cute!

Naruto: The Abridged Series? Hilarious!


EDIT: I just found out that my aunt is dying--she'd had colon cancer, and it came back in her liver. Apparently, the end is pretty much imminent. I don't know her that well (since they live in Texas), but the few times I did see her, we always joked that I picked a good day to be born because she and I shared a birthday--October 30th.
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I feel like I'm running around like a chicken whose head has recently been separated from the rest of me x_x I'm worn out, I feel like I'm not getting much done, and to top it all off, I somehow managed to pull a muscle in my neck this morning. Don't ask me how--I was fine until I reached up to rub the back of my neck and then WAAAAAAAAHHURTIEHURTIEHURTIE!!! So now I can barely move my head, and I definitely can't turn to look from side to side.

If you've never heard the song "Canada is Really Big," you need to. Also, does anyone perhaps have an mp3 of "Old McDonald Had a Dysfunctional Farm"? Because that song is also win.

And now I'm going to go lie on a heating pad for a while *huuuuuurt*

[/a really whiny entry]
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[ profile] msbbt!! I have something for you from [ profile] socchan AND a couple of uber-important questions for you!! Please to poke me when you see this, yes :D

Rants on a family issue... )
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I LIVE!! :D :D :D

Hanging out with [ profile] socchan and [ profile] ickaimp and [ profile] dogmatix_san pretty much ruled ^____^ I wound up sort of kidnapped into staying the night, which was much awesomeness and fangirling. And we saw Shrek the Third, which was actually pretty sweet. I liked it.

Also, Icka ate my brains. I hope they tasted good.

All in all, a very good time ^__________^

...and if you haven't heard about the wank involving that bogus "pedophile hunting group" or whatever their deal is, check the ol' f-list (or [ profile] bard_linn's post on it here) and behold the utter bullshit. I actually went and looked at the tags on [ profile] dc_yaoi because I was worred about it >_>
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Me: *discussing playing hide-and-seek in a shopping mall (don't ask)*, if this were somehow me, I'd manage to hide in Cymbals 'R' Us, or the Large Noisy Object Store.

I gots an eye appointment very shortly to get my new contacts checked out, but I just had to post this because it made me laugh liek whoa ^_____^ THIS IS WHY I SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED ON CHAT AFTER A CERTAIN TIME, THAT TIME PROBABLY BEING AROUND MIDNIGHT OR SO. WEIRD THINGS BEGIN TO COME OUT OF MY FINGERS.

And I don't mean sweet-and-sour sauce. At work, whenever I would pour the S&S sauce into its little containers, I would spend the rest of the night with fingers that felt very very sticky (*insert your choice of joke here*), so our very dumb running gag was that I love Chinese food so much that I have sweet and sour sauce instead of blood!

...which led to the interesting mental image of me standing there, sticking my finger into the little cup and spraying sweet and sour sauce out of the tip of my finger to fill it up. Thanks for that picture, Jason ^^;;


They's building our new deck. Right outside my bedroom window. The saw made me go wakey *mopes* Hope they finish soon, 'cause I wanted to sleep pillow and I had a good cuddling thing going on...
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Ganked from my entire f-list...

Name a fandom and/or character I write/wrote for, and I will tell you something about my 'personal canon' for that fandom/character.

*slaps today with the award for Suckiest Morning Ever* )

Okay...I hate to ask this, but if you responded on the "first kiss" fic meme, could you please to be giving me a prompt of some kind? Because for whatever reason, I am coming up completely blank *hangs head in shame*
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*looks at meme replies* ...a couple of you might be slightly Evil, but that's okay. We can all still be friends ;) I think I'm actually almost done with the last fic for [ profile] 30_hugs, and now I'm diving headfirst into those prompts. We'll see how it goes.

But anyway, the real reason I'm posting this is because I keep FORGETTING to post it, but I regret to inform you all that my much-neglected cell phone died about three weeks ago. It drowned trying to go for a swim in the washing machine. We still have no idea how it got in there, but we are all in mourning.

So if anyone has tried to call me there or text me or anything and is mad because I'm not calling back or replying to anything...that's why. I shall be cell phone-less until June, I think :(

In the meantime...I'm currently enjoying my last day of student teaching. The kids are in finals, so there really isn't even a class for us to work with. So I'm relaxing and scribbling in my notebook and stuff. Best part? I'm out at two-thirty, a full hour earlier than usual! WHEE!! :D :D :D And then next week...aside from my meeting on Monday morning, I have absolutely nothing to do!

Hope y'all are finishing up finals all right and will be getting back online again soon!! *prods People Who Shall Remain Nameless*

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