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My sister (known as Bug on this journal) has had the same best friend for the majority of her life. Truly BFFs. This girl is another member of the family, and a second little sister to me. She's a real sweetheart. We're all very fond of her.

She got married yesterday ♥ A beautiful wedding, gorgeous dress, and Bug as the Maid of Honor. When they got to our pew for the reception line after the service, I was like, "GET OVER HERE, LITTLE SISTER, AND HUG ME!" Her new mister looked really confused, until I said, "Hi, we're [Bug]'s family. I'm [Bride]'s adoptive older sister." Then she told my dad that he was her psuedo-dad. Daddy was tickled!

A lot of familiar faces at the wedding, which was nice~ Danced with my Dad and almost danced with my sister, but she ditched me on the dance floor (brat), and hung out with my fourth grade teacher, of all people! (She remembered me. I don't know if this was a good thing or a bad thing.) Also, the father-daughter dance was NOT "Butterfly Kisses" THANK YOU CLAUDE. I told Dad that if I ever get married and have a father-daughter dance, I might have us boogie to Gary Allen's Tough Little Boys.

The parents danced to "What a Wonderful World," another perfect song choice.

One thing I noticed - I've never seen a bride having as much fun on her wedding day as my sister's BFF seemed to be having. She genuinely seemed to be having a blast! ...and if the way my sister looked this morning when she rolled out of bed (after calling Dad to come get her at two o'clock this morning) was any indication, she did indeed have a blast ;)

...okay time to study more Chem >.< I DUN WANNA.
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