Dec. 2nd, 2007 12:25 pm
candyland: (piggy) the heck is it Sunday already? Wasn't yesterday Friday? Oh well...

I just got out of the shower, and then I'm running to Target. Need to pick up a few things, including some stuff for my Secret Santa at work. And then...I dunno what I'm going to do with the rest of my day. Yesterday I was just lethargic--didn't want to do ANYTHING ~_~;; Today I feel a little more productive, so let's see what I can get done \o/

When I was home over Thanksgiving break, [ profile] kaitodoushi and I wound up having a rather in-depth conversation about the Legend of Zelda games, sparked because she had just finished playing Phantom Hourglass and I was just starting. And it made me feel nostalgic, so I went and dug out some of the older games. I'm currently replaying Oracle of Seasons. I started it yesterday morning...and I was to the third dungeon in almost no time at all. Was the game always this easy? O_O Oh well--it's still fun :D

I'm sort of in the mood to watch some Avatar today. Maybe I should start my rewatch from the beginning ^_^ Or Invader Zim. Or Stormhawks. Or Teen Titans. Actually, maybe I'm just in the mood for cartoons O_O

And now...a poll. There is actually a reason I'm asking this, but I can't tell you what that reason is just yet ^^;;

[Poll #1099068]

Okay, I'm going to go run my errand. Later, all!

Meme time!

Aug. 17th, 2007 07:21 pm
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First things first...[ profile] ickaimp!! Sorry I wasn't on when you poked me--my computer apparently signed me off and on a few times, so my away message went...away. But thank you for the linkage!! ~♥♥♥

Gods...everyone keeps me so well-supplied with anime and manga and stuff. I feel like I should do something in return. WHAT CAN I DO TO REPAY YOU ALL FOR BEING SO AWESOME AND GENEROUS TO MEEEEEEEEE????

Next we have...orientation!


Apparently they give all the teachers laptops because there's wireless internet and we do our grading and gradebooks and things via the internet. So it's pretty hard-core awesome! I didn't get to check to see what all sites are accessible, since schools usually have certain sites blocked (like Facebook and MySpace). But I filled out lots of paperwork and got to go sit in MY CLASSROOM!! That's so cool to classroom.

And now...ganked from [ profile] aishuu and [ profile] ickaimp...

How many times has someone on your friends list posted about something and you were really confused, but you didn't want to ask because you thought you should know? How many times have you felt 'guilty' asking an LJ friend a question that should be 'obvious'? Well, here's your chance. I'll answer nearly any questions (random or serious), even if you're curious about more than one thing or are new to my friends list.

Go ahead. Ask. I dare you >:D
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My subject line pwns your collective bases.

So does Animaniacs, actually. I've been watching the first boxed set of that, and wow...that show is still funny. I'm thinking that a lot of the dirtier jokes went right over my head when I was a kid, but last night Little Sister and I watched the second disc and we were laughing our heads off. It's great ~♥


In other news, I pulled a few fics from that one meme and tossed the newly finished Satou/Takagi fic into the mix, and voila! I now have five stories ready for posting to [ profile] fanfic100. Which means that I will have twenty-one fics done for it. Which means that I'm a fifth of the way done. Which makes me happy! And in four more stories, I will be a quarter finished!! :D :D :D

...trouble is that ff-dot-net has decided to rebel against me. posty at the moment ;o; But just so y'all know, Satou is getting some SERIOUS love here. Out of five fics...three feature her. We've got two Satou/Takagi, one Satou/Matsuda, a Kaito/Aoko, and a Heiji/Kazuha.


*DRIVE-BY GLOMPING OF [ profile] fyliwionvilyaer COMMENCE NOW!!*
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The outdoor movie last night was AWESOME!

First off, Over the Hedge is just a cute movie to begin with. Add in the fact that it was cooling off pretty well by the time the movie started (as opposed to our hundred and one degree heat index from earlier), and [ profile] kaitodoushi brought us these incredible bug repellent wipes--if there were mosquitoes out there, they didn't bite me--and we had ourselves a grand ol' evening.

I work today, two to close. Last few times at work have been interesting. And for the love of god, I really wish He-Cook would just LET THINGS GO. Seriously, if it was only marginally funny the first time, repeating it six hundred times in five hours is not going to make it moreso *headwall*

Buuuuuuuut I'm liking how that Satou/Takagi story is coming out so far :3 Poor Shiratori...that's what he gets for underestimating a certain someone. Moo ha ha >:D

Okey dokers, time to go take a shower and sort of put myself together for the day. There will be more drive-by glompings at a later time...when you least expect it!! *sneakysneaky*

Oh, before I go--the soundtrack for Curtains = lots and lots of love ~♥ Any soundtrack that has a line on it about dangling participles appeals to my deeply rooted grammar whore ^_________^
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So it seems like a good chunk of my f-list (me included) has been sad lately for one reason or another. Not all of you, but some of you. Or some have been worried, or some have been upset, or some have been happy. Or some have been just crazy, and I support crazy.

But anyway, I have decided that I am going to start glomping random people on my f-list. Whether you are happy or sad or crazy or just normal, YOU WILL NOT BE SAFE FROM TEH GLOMPAGE! And so with that having been first

*GLOMPS [ profile] mint_eclair WITH LOTS OF LOVE AND FLUFFIES!!*

Moo ha ha :D Who wants to be next? ^__^

Tomorrow, there's an outdoor movie down at the bandshell in the park--they're showing Over the Hedge, which is a fairly cute movie :3 So [ profile] msbbt and [ profile] bishonen_girl and I are going to go see it. I'm bringing my fleecy blanket to sit on, and we're going to hang out and have fun and not get eaten alive by mosquitoes I hope and it's going to be a great time, I think :3

...why do they have a dirty mood, but not a clean one? I just took a shower, and I feel clean...that makes me go sad in the faise D:
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ICKA!!!! Question--I don't know all the fics people have written for your universes, so I want to ask...has Aoko ever seen The Pr0n? *halo*

Now, onto your regularly scheduled Story of the Day.

We have two cooks--He-Cook and She-Cook. Both are nice (usually), but He-Cook has this thing where he latches onto an idea or joke and can't let it die, usually managing to beat it well into the ground until any trace of funny has been completely eradicated. Such was the case when he somehow got on the idea that Kyle (my co-worker for the evening) was gay and checking out the ass of every single guy that walked by.

(I would also like to add that when He-Cook tried baiting me by pointing out a girl and asking what I thought of her ass, I replied by saying that it was pretty hard NOT to look at said girl's ass because she had writing on her pants there.)

So anyway, this went on until finally poor Kyle started getting a little fed up while he was making a calzone and He-Cook was engaging in jokes that even a fifth grader wouldn't find funny.

He-Cook: *makes some joke about sausage*
Kyle: Okay, seriously, enough already! And it's not even a sausage calzone!
He-Cook: Then what kind is it?
Kyle: Meat lovers.

So. Much. WIN!

We had several fun conversations at work, up to and including the point where I convinced He-Cook that he's going to become a serial killer. [ profile] magic_truth? Remember that question you asked me about the woman who killed her sister? I asked him that, and he got it right. And then he didn't believe that people wouldn't get it, so he made me ask six other people...none of whom got it. I WIN!

And now...I'm going to check out this RP thing that [ profile] kaitodoushi might be getting me into (read that as IT MIGHT DEVOUR MY LIFE). But we will see :3
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[ profile] kaitodoushi came over today--and man, is it hard to remember to type that new LJ user-name when she's been msbbt for the last, what, three years on here! And we watched Princess Tutu. LOTS AND LOTS of Princess Tutu. Like we had three episodes left in the series when she had to go home ;o;

I'm still very squeeful that she likes this series at all because it's shoujo, and she doesn't like shoujo very much. But she is officially a Fakir/Ahiru shipper (as am I). A hardcore shipper. I like watching her reactions because they're always so funny!

Case in point: I popped in the last volume while she was in the bathroom, and the art on the title screen was of Fakir and Ahiru. When I hear her coming back, I called out "Prepare to OTP!" Because in our language, OTP is a verb. I think I got to the letter O when she walked in, saw it...and fell over. I mean literally dropped to the ground. BEST REACTION EVER.

And I think she sees now why I go bonkers over Uzura. ♫Donkey-lonkey lovey-dovey donkey!♪

I wish we'd written down more of our comments and stuff--we have a lot of fun watching anime together because ya never know what's going to be said. Although we did find respond to a lot of dialogue with the phrase, "That sounds like a bad porno!" Also, I think I need to write a crossover fic featuring Ayame, Tamaki, and Femio :D

We had a good time. We just need to figure out when we'll get together and watch those last three episodes! I tried to leave it on as little of a cliffhanger as possible... ;o;

Otherwise...tomorrow, the parents and I are driving down to the area where I'll be working. We're going to take a look around and see if we spy any apartments or anything, or what area I want to be living in, etc. Not looking forward to the six AM start on the four-hour drive, though >_>;;
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[Preface: I have managed to do the impossible--I got [ profile] msbbt (who is not terribly fond of shoujo) into a shoujo series. Namely, Princess Tutu. She is borrowing the DVDs from me to watch the whole thing, and called me to fangirl. Mostly over Fakir, who is made of smex. The following exchange just took place...]

[ profile] msbbt: Drosselmeyer is hopping around and torturing the characters and having fun with it...he's like a fanfic writer! I was looking at him and I was like, "He reminds me of Lindsey!"
Me (aka Lindsey): *is ded from teh laffing*

It's true, it's true... >:D

Man, it's been ages since the two of us fangirled over something together like this. Now we need to see the ending...and I also need to watch Yugioh: The Abridged Movie. And type that fic for [ profile] 30_evil_deeds--I'm a little nervous about that fic, though. It seemed funnier in my head, but we'll go with it! :D
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I just got home from my first day back at work. It was actually a pretty nice six-hour shift, surprisingly. Especially the last hour--which is usually the worst. I had just come back from my break and I had nothing to do, and I had worked pretty hard for the first four and a half hours, so Chong just let me kinda stand over by her and Huy while they were chopping stuff and we just chatted :D

While I was on break, I checked and found I had a voice mail from another girl who works there asking me to cover her shift for tonight, from five to close. I'm pretending I didn't see it. Because I am a horrible person like that. And because I have an interview tomorrow and I want to make sure I am rested before I go driving all over the state. And being on my feet for twelve hours isn't the way to do that. This concludes my public service announcement.

AND ZOMG TORIE'S PREGNANT!!! :D :D :D It sounds like it's going to be a girl, and she'll be due in October...and I'm totally not secretly hoping that the little one decides to appear on October thirtieth, nuh-uh, no way. So congrats, Torbo! LOVE YOU!!!

Vixie's wedding invite came in the mail. Note to self: RSVP @_@

Did anyone else notice ff-dot-net's new alert--you get alerted when someone adds you to their Fave Lists? I'm trying to decide if I like it or not...although my ego is sort of enjoying it ^____^

New Ghost Hunters episode on tonight--massive amounts of happiness there :D Last week's was pretty uber-creepy, so I'm hoping tonight's will be much the same. I intend to sit downstairs and scribble more ficcies in my notebook and be on AIM on my cell phone whilst I watch.

...I'm in a very good mood right now, can you tell? :D Might've been the seven episodes of Princess Tutu that I watched last night. I think I'm officially in love with that show--just need to finish watching it ♥♥♥♥♥
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[ profile] msbbt!! I have something for you from [ profile] socchan AND a couple of uber-important questions for you!! Please to poke me when you see this, yes :D

Rants on a family issue... )
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I LIVE!! :D :D :D

Hanging out with [ profile] socchan and [ profile] ickaimp and [ profile] dogmatix_san pretty much ruled ^____^ I wound up sort of kidnapped into staying the night, which was much awesomeness and fangirling. And we saw Shrek the Third, which was actually pretty sweet. I liked it.

Also, Icka ate my brains. I hope they tasted good.

All in all, a very good time ^__________^

...and if you haven't heard about the wank involving that bogus "pedophile hunting group" or whatever their deal is, check the ol' f-list (or [ profile] bard_linn's post on it here) and behold the utter bullshit. I actually went and looked at the tags on [ profile] dc_yaoi because I was worred about it >_>
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So, remember how I was sort of bemoaning the fact that my last fic for [ profile] 30_hugs was mutating liek whoa? Well...I finally beat it into submission.

Read that as "I finished the damn fic." All fourteen pages and 11,095 words of it!

So my claim for [ profile] 30_hugs is done. The last fic can be found over here on [ profile] candyfics.

Oh, and while I'm at it, did everyone get to see the video version of the Fandom Squee Heard 'Round the World? If not, there it is. Subbed and everything. I still think Toichi looks like a pirate. Or Zorro. It's the moustache that does it, really. Or maybe he's a Zorro-pirate.

Which brings up the question of who would win in combat: a Zorro-pirate or a ninja-pirate?

Also, [ profile] msbbt and I had a philosophical discussion today. We live in Iowa, and we were trying to figure out if the towns are between the cornfields, or the cornfields are between the towns. For some reason, I found this to be hilarious.

Enjoy! :D *falls over sideways*

BVU News

May. 20th, 2007 08:42 pm
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First things first--to [ profile] jewelsybear1017. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, and IM IN UR LJ, STEALING UR SUBJECT LINE!! *is a certified dork*

Secondly, I will be on campus tomorrow (for anyone from BV who actually pops over here once in a while). I've got my final student teaching meeting from nine to...well, they originally said eleven, but now it's looking like it'll be more like eleven-thirty or noon. Then I'm hauling some of Little Sister's stuff out of the dorm and down to my car to take home for her...and then hanging with some people before I sprint home to officially start my week of total freedom =D

Good luck to everyone who is still stuck in finals!!


May. 11th, 2007 06:20 pm
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Elaine got an LJ!! :D :D :D Elaine is one of the coolest people on Earth--so go say hello to [ profile] rjblum!! ^________^ *dances*
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The interview went all right, I think! :D The superintendent told me I did very well, given that this was my first interview ^___^ Now all we can do is wait and see what happens.

AND remember when I got an email from a superintendent wanting more information? She emailed me a couple of days ago (of course, right after I last checked that email account >.>) to ask if we could schedule an interview for next week!! So I just emailed her back--here's hoping! :D :D :D

In recent fic news, I'm really flying along as of late. The thirty-ninth fic for [ profile] 30_nights is very close to completion, and the last one is already partially written--I started that one a while ago, then decided that I would make it the last one because I liked the theme and the idea so much. I also think I've finally got my last one for [ profile] 30_hugs figured out, and I am currently 1250 words into it ^___^ So hopefully we will soon wrap up two challenges.

Which will leave me with four. Including [ profile] fanfic100. Yey? :D

Eighteen days until graduation...I can't believe it...which reminds me! [ profile] jewelsybear1017!! Did you still want/need to hang with us for a few days around graduation? I couldn't remember what dates you had mentioned because I suck like that ^^;; Let me know, and I'll clear it with the parents :)

And finally, as promised to [ profile] axtar...

  • Kingdom Hearts OST Disc I (Part 1)
  • Kingdom Hearts OST Disc I (Part 2)
  • Kingdom Hearts OST Disc II

    Enjoy them well! :D
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    Okay, I know I've got questions left to answer off that fun question meme--I'll be putting them all on that same entry. But anyway, I had a fun thought of funness! I've seen a couple people do this, and so I thought it might be kind of fun to see what kind of responses I get (and possibly put up on my bio-page, which I think might need a bit over an overhaul, yes).

    I WANT TESTIMONIALS!! *holds out gimme hands a la Invader Zim*

    Give me something I will feel obligated to put on my user-info page so the whole world will know what y'all have to say about me! :D :D :D

    ...and now I gotta get ready for choir. And try and figure out why my stomach is feeling not-so-nice D:

    And [ profile] msbbt? There will be a note from the Birthday Ninja here when I get home and have the link :3 LOOOOOOOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU!!
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    ...not in that way >.>

    I got my hair cut today! Got about an inch and a half off the bottom, a couple of long layers...and side-swept bangs :D Realize that I haven't had bangs in YEARS, so I'm having to get used to the fact that there's now hair hanging halfway into my eyes unless I brush it aside ^^;;

    But if I can get my hair to look half as good as it looks right now every day? It will rock! So I will learn to actually work my flat-iron FOR GREAT JUSTICE!! *victory pose*

    Tomorrow, we're going to pick up my sister and meet my aunt, uncle, and grandfather for lunch. I think it will be fun :3 Hopefully I can nap in the car a bit ^_^

    Oh, and I got all caught up on replying to the pairing meme. So if you want to discuss, go to it! I must admit that I really wanted to say that I hated Heiji/Kazuha and just leave it at that to watch [ profile] strawberrychan freak out. But I'm too nice for my own good, I s'pose...

    In the meantime...I need to shower. And maybe get some more stuff put away in my room. And then I want to finish that damn fic for [ profile] 30_nights, so help me Bob! I'll try to sneak online later tonight for an email check. Otherwise, I might be out ♥ Toodles!
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    ...okay, not really.

    But tomorrow (aside from being Easter), I shall have a new bedroom! We've got it all arranged--my uncle is going to help us with the moving. We're going to haul the old bed and dresser out of there tomorrow morning and take it over to storage so I can get the room vacuumed and whatnot before the new stuff arrives. All that's left for me to do before tomorrow is take all the clothes out of the dresser and stuff 'em in a suitcase...which will take about ten minutes ^^;;

    I sort of wish I had measurements so I can figure out exactly how I want to arrange this. I have a tentative idea, but I don't know exactly how big everything is, so it's hard to say for certain. I'm thinking of putting the bed against the wall by the door--I'm keeping my nightstand. And then...I don't know, arrange the rest of it all around the wall. I want my TV where I can see it from my bed :3 Guess I'll find out tomorrow ^^;;

    You would not believe how weird it is to have my room this...clean O.O Anyone who knows me knows I am not a very organized person. I think that point was driven home during Kingdom Hearts day yesterday, when [ profile] msbbt and [ profile] bishonen_girl came over. I joked that they should take a look in my room and be in for a shock. This led to the following exchange--please bear in mind that [ profile] msbbt has known me since KINDERGARTEN and has been to my house many a time...

    [ profile] msbbt: *looks in my room* Oh my god, you have a desk!
    [ profile] candy__chan: Ha ha, very funny.
    [ profile] msbbt:, seriously. I didn't know you had a desk in your room.
    [ profile] candy__chan


    Oh oh oh--so I asked Mom if I could pick out new sheets for my new bed, and she said she supposed, but she didn't know when we'd go do it. So it was getting later, and I thought I'd go look for myself and see if I saw one I liked. Then Mom said she would go with me. Well, we found me a pretty new sheet and comforter set--for forty bucks :D Apparently, that's unheard of. LET IT BE KNOWN THAT I AM AN AMAZING SHOPPER!!

    Tomorrow shall be my pic-dump day, I think, featuring program pics and new bedroom pics :3 In the meantime, I'm gonna go fic-blog for a while before I go take care of my clothes and get those last couple of things tossed into a box. Tomorrow's going to be a happy day! :D :D :D
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    First off, a quick meme...

    Ten Things I Like! )

    Everyone who knows me should see my bedroom right now. It's...clean. Almost. Like, you can see ninety-five percent of my floor. And the tops of things. It's...weird. But I'm prepping to get my new bedroom furniture ^^;;

    I went to town on my knitting. It's pretty much amazing so far--the thing's supposed to be eighteen inches long before I start forming the flap, and I'm at ten and a half. The pattern just takes a good fifteen minutes to do four rows. I feel sorry for my Mom, though--she found the pattern and she started first...but it looks like I'll finish first because she's had to start over twice and I've only had to start over once :(

    Updated my link list, too :) POTTER PUPPET PALS FOR THE WIN!

    Little Sister's home for Easter Break--so far, so good >.>

    [ profile] magic_truth? I picked up that one book you mentioned, Nocturnes, and it looks awesome :D *loves creepy stuff* I might wait until it gets warmer to actually read it, though--I like to sit on the back porch and read when it's nice out. Right now it's...cold D:

    I doubt I'll be online much/at all today. I'm going to go shower, clean out my car, and pick up a few more things in my room before I go grab [ profile] msbbt and meet [ profile] bishonen_girl and her cousin MK at Long John Silver's for lunch--I think Little Sister was going to join us, too. AND THEN WE ARE GOING TO PLAY KINGDOM HEARTS ALL DAY AND IT WILL BE UBER-AWESOME!! And hopefully [ profile] msbbt will feel a bit better--she's been having a Week of Crappy D:

    And remember: With love, you can dance without any pants!
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    I meant to post this yesterday, but I kinda got side-tracked, what with going to meet my other coop and then Kingdom Hearts night--SQUEE!!

    Kingdom Hearts: WE FINALLY FREAKIN' BEAT URSULA!!! I swear to God, we must have tried at least thirty times, possibly more, over the last two weeks! But when those little levely-up boxes appeared on the screen, we all started SCREAMING. Literally. [ profile] msbbt and I were screaming and jumping up and down and running around my downstairs family room. Meanwhile, [ profile] bishonen_girl (who had been fighting Ursula for all this time) stood up, took two steps forward, and just flopped down, face-down, on the floor. We later realized she was crying because she was so happy :D

    Then we went and finished up Winnie the Pooh. TOTAL. FANGIRLGASM! It made for a few very happy girls :D [ profile] msbbt was actually getting teary about that, too--I wasn't teary, but I did have lots and lots of these warm, fuzzy, happy feelings :D After they left, I promptly went and washed the good cheer off my hands. Then we went and duked it out with Captain Hook--that only took a few tries, I think, and we beat him and finished up Neverland. Which means that we're ready to go tackle the ending battles!

    ...and then [ profile] msbbt was trying to find out if there were any Dalmation puppies that we hadn't gotten yet, so she looked ahead in the guidebook...and got a massive, massive spoiler for the end of the game. I already knew it because I read the manga, and [ profile] bishonen_girl has already beat the game. But yeah...way to go, hon ^^;; *luffs*

    All in all, not bad for a night's play :D Hopefully, we'll finish it up really really soon (and I've been told we'll need tissues for the ending), and then we can get back on Kingdom Hearts II!

    And now...the program stuff :)

    ♫ Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah... ♫ )

    I'll post the pictures later, after I get them uploaded. I need to email them to my coop, too :3 But that was the program. What a wonderful evening it was... :)

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