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I was actually planning on doing a Full Disclosure post tonight and getting all this stuff out of my head--and there's a LOT of stuff in my head right now. But the goings-on at work tonight kicked that plan in the ass.

I worked an open-to-close shift today...and actually, it was okay. I had plenty to do, was keeping occupied, was getting things wasn't too bad until around two-thirty-ish when something happened. Four years worth of holidays and breaks working back there, and this is the first time anything like this has ever happened to me.

I think I was putting something out in the Italian case when this elderly man walked up to the Chinese case. Now, every once in a while I just have a gut feeling that there's going to be trouble with a customer, and I took one look at this guy and got that feeling. But He-Cook had disappeared (predictably enough), so it was up to me! Being the dutiful employee that I am, I toodled back inside and asked the man what I could get for him.

In the ensuing several minutes, my instincts proved to be right on the money--pun not intended. You'll see what I mean...

He proceeded to put both hands on the glass over the hot-case, tilt his head down...and mumble at me. I managed to catch that he wanted meals to go. what? When I leaned halfway over the case and said, "Sir, I can't hear you," his mumble became an irritated mumble. Fine, whatever. Just point.

What he wound up getting was a sort of mish-mash of entrees and appetizers in two different to-go boxes, nothing really like any of our standards meals, but we have strange requests on occasion and sometimes do substitutions of various things--we're good at that. But I finally got it all together and headed to the cash register.

Now this is where it gets interesting.

I look down, and in his hand this man is holding a ten-dollar bill--I recognized it because of the gradient colors of green and brown. I look at his meals and think to myself, "Wow...with the extras, this is going to come to quite a bit more than ten dollars. But this is an old guy...he might not have more money than this. Eh, I'll just ring it up as the standard meals--do the guy a favor."

So that's what I did. It came to $10.25, so he fished into his pocket and dug out a quarter. I said, "Out of ten-twenty-five..." like I usually do and punched it in and put it in the register. I closed the drawer and went to hand him his receipt...

And he says, "Where's my change?"

I said, "Excuse me?"

He said, "I gave you a twenty dollar bill."

I replied, "No you didn't, sir." I turn to the bakery guy who was standing there punching in some charges and asked if he had seen, and he shook his head. Crap, no help there.

"Yes I did."

"No, sir, you gave me a ten."

Then he told me to open the register drawer and look--what he hoped to accomplish by this, I'm really not sure. But I did, and to my eyes it proved me right.

When I was trained a cashier (part of standard Hy-Vee employee training), I was taught to put the bills in with the dead presidents facing upward. So I have to be in an EXTREMELY big hurry to not take the time to flip the money over and put it in "the right way." The only other person who was there with me at the time--the cook--is the exact opposite, and puts the bills in face-down ninety-nine percent of the time.

The top twenty-dollar-bill was face down. The top ten was face up. And I told him this and said again that he gave me a ten dollar bill. Didn't really think it would help, and I was right. He actually reached across the counter to try and grab the ten dollar bill.

Again, I told him that he'd given me a ten. And now he grabs his bag of take-out and starts chewing me out. He tells me that he's never going to do business here again, and he's appalled if this is the way we treat our customers to make a profit, and on and on and on as he walks away.

I'd like to add that at this point, if I wasn't so stunned, I would have been outright offended. I do the best damn job I can at work, AND I had just essentially let him walk away with some stuff for free, and he has the nerve to tell me I'm not treating the customers well?? Can we say BULLSHIT, boys and girls?

So I stand there for a second, absolutely flabbergasted. Pretty sure Bakery Man next to me felt the same way, given that I turned and stared at him, and he stared back like he couldn't believe what he had just witnessed.

And then my brain kicked into high gear--if this guy went to a manager, I could be in really big trouble. Plus, while I was ninety-nine percent sure that I was right, there was still that chance that I'd made a mistake. So I did the only thing I really thought I could do.

We have an in-store phone with two lines (red and green) and an intercom. So I ran back and called for a shift manager to take the red line. Chandra answered, and I explained to her exactly what had happened. She told me that she would come back and count our register down soon to find out--if I was right, our register should break even (more or less), and if the customer was right, we would be ten over.

She also told me that if something like that happened again, I should ask him to wait and get a manager right away to do a countdown to settle the matter immediately. She promised that I wasn't going to be in any trouble, but she would be leaving a note for Jesse (our department manager) to let him know what happened. That way if this guy called and wanted to talk to the Big Boss, they would have my side of the story.

So after a little bit, she comes back and does a quick count of the cash in the register. And guess what?

I. Was. Right.

We were plus a quarter. Not ten bucks. A quarter.

And when they counted us down at the end of the evening, we were dead even. Don't ask me where that quarter went--it was either a miscount, or someone can go get themselves a can of pop on us. But you can imagine how relieved I felt, I'm sure.

Chandra was really awesome about it, too--I think she saw that I was kind of antsy about it. She reassured me that there would be absolutely no trouble for me, especially now that we knew I was in the right.

So yay for happy endings! :D

In other (non-work-related) news, I've caved to the power of the plunnies and gotten going on what spawned from the final Hugs fic and begun what I think might develop into a rather mundane little mini-universe of Heiji and Kazuha sharing an apartment--two bedrooms, of course *halo*

Lots of fun stuff going to happen, I think. Interpret "fun" how you will.

Oh, and a couple of Kaitou Kid fics. One that might wind up relatively humorous, and one that probably won't be quite as humorous... *flops over*
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The outdoor movie last night was AWESOME!

First off, Over the Hedge is just a cute movie to begin with. Add in the fact that it was cooling off pretty well by the time the movie started (as opposed to our hundred and one degree heat index from earlier), and [ profile] kaitodoushi brought us these incredible bug repellent wipes--if there were mosquitoes out there, they didn't bite me--and we had ourselves a grand ol' evening.

I work today, two to close. Last few times at work have been interesting. And for the love of god, I really wish He-Cook would just LET THINGS GO. Seriously, if it was only marginally funny the first time, repeating it six hundred times in five hours is not going to make it moreso *headwall*

Buuuuuuuut I'm liking how that Satou/Takagi story is coming out so far :3 Poor Shiratori...that's what he gets for underestimating a certain someone. Moo ha ha >:D

Okey dokers, time to go take a shower and sort of put myself together for the day. There will be more drive-by glompings at a later time...when you least expect it!! *sneakysneaky*

Oh, before I go--the soundtrack for Curtains = lots and lots of love ~♥ Any soundtrack that has a line on it about dangling participles appeals to my deeply rooted grammar whore ^_________^
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ICKA!!!! Question--I don't know all the fics people have written for your universes, so I want to ask...has Aoko ever seen The Pr0n? *halo*

Now, onto your regularly scheduled Story of the Day.

We have two cooks--He-Cook and She-Cook. Both are nice (usually), but He-Cook has this thing where he latches onto an idea or joke and can't let it die, usually managing to beat it well into the ground until any trace of funny has been completely eradicated. Such was the case when he somehow got on the idea that Kyle (my co-worker for the evening) was gay and checking out the ass of every single guy that walked by.

(I would also like to add that when He-Cook tried baiting me by pointing out a girl and asking what I thought of her ass, I replied by saying that it was pretty hard NOT to look at said girl's ass because she had writing on her pants there.)

So anyway, this went on until finally poor Kyle started getting a little fed up while he was making a calzone and He-Cook was engaging in jokes that even a fifth grader wouldn't find funny.

He-Cook: *makes some joke about sausage*
Kyle: Okay, seriously, enough already! And it's not even a sausage calzone!
He-Cook: Then what kind is it?
Kyle: Meat lovers.

So. Much. WIN!

We had several fun conversations at work, up to and including the point where I convinced He-Cook that he's going to become a serial killer. [ profile] magic_truth? Remember that question you asked me about the woman who killed her sister? I asked him that, and he got it right. And then he didn't believe that people wouldn't get it, so he made me ask six other people...none of whom got it. I WIN!

And now...I'm going to check out this RP thing that [ profile] kaitodoushi might be getting me into (read that as IT MIGHT DEVOUR MY LIFE). But we will see :3

The plan!

Jun. 29th, 2007 01:58 pm
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First of all, I adore this icon of mine ~♥~

I'm going to finish replying to all of the lurvly comments as soon as I can--including writing the rest of those kink-fic meme requests. But today, I gots to go to work from four to close. My cell phone actually rang at ten-thirty this morning, and I saw it was from my work number and DID NOT ANSWER IT. Because I assume they were going to ask me to come in for whatever reason, and goddammit, I've already worked two all-day shifts this week and I'm working another seven hours on Sunday, and I'm TIRED.

Tomorrow, we are leaving at five AM (*SOB*) to drive over to the other side of the state again and actually look at the apartments this time. Three viewings--I think the first one is at ten in the morning. Hopefully, I will find one. Then it's a matter of getting everything else taken care of--making the deposit, signing the lease, making sure I have everything I need, setting up my bank accounts in the bank I found over there (once I know my new address)...basically, getting my life set up on the other side of the state.

None too thrilled about the early hour of departure...especially because I'm working until close tonight (which will hopefully get me home around nine-thirty at the latest), so my goal is to take a shower, check my email, make sure all my stuff is together for tomorrow, and then SLEEP. Then tomorrow morning, roll out of bed at twenty to five to get dressed, make some sort of effort on my hair, and crawl into the car. Then I shall sleep all the way there...except for when we stop at that one Casey's that had the sinfully delicious white chocolate-caramel cappuccino that my parents and I downed with much relish. We're going to stop there again, me thinkest :D

No clue when we'll get home. But feel free to spam my cell phone with sexy messages, if you like. Or leave me sexy comments here so I have something happy to look at when I come home in an exhausted haze and stagger through the door with my one thought being to check my email one last time before I fall over and die on the floor... *koff*

It's so weird to think that in a month or so I'm going to have to literally move my entire life to the other side of the state. It's just...strange. I don't think it's really totally hit me yet that I'm moving and that I have a job and stuff...yikes ^^;;
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Dear fellow employees in general,

If I do not ask for your help with something, it means that I probably don't need it. While I understand that you have good intentions, the road to hell is paved with such. Unsolicited assistance is actually not appreciated and quite annoying--particularly when the task is something as simple as pouring sweet and sour sauce into little cups, putting lids on them, and then putting them in a bucket. This is not rocket science It does not require two people. I can do it on my own.

And sometimes, I'm actually taking my time on purpose. On days like today, when I'm working the entire bloody day, I like to have things to do to keep me from dying of boredom. So I take my time a bit so the job will last longer so I'll have less time to fill when it's done. You descending on me with a bucket and babbling about how you're helping me is, in fact, NOT HELPING. Go away and let me do the job you have given me.

Especially if you are That One Guy. Seriously, find your own goddamn work and let me do my own. It doesn't matter what I'm doing--you always seem to try and take over. Stop it.

And if you are That One Girl? Hate to break it to you, but showing up for work does not constitute earning your paycheck. Nor does standing around and criticizing everything I do, especially when I am not scheduled and have come in out of charity to help with Buffet Night. If you are notorious for not doing anything at work (and for flirting with the manager every chance you get), you should not be throwing stones at me.

And while we're on the subject, I'm very sorry you have PMS. However, I get that on occasion as well, and it has yet to cause me to make enormous messes all over our work space. It's not a reason, it's an excuse. Knock it off.

And to That Older Guy: Barging into a conversation Cook and I were having about my apartment hunt was rude enough. But to do so by making a comment that I need a boyfriend living with me to "cool me down" and "warm me up" when we were talking about utility bills was not only rude, but entirely uncalled for and unappreciated. I do not "need" a boyfriend to do anything, thank you very much, and I despise that particular way of thinking, that women "need" men in their lives to do anything.

While I have you here, That Older Guy, I am also getting very sick and tired of you constantly pecking at the way I do things simply because I don't do them exactly the way you do, and disguising those criticisms as pointers by beginning them with the phrase, "Let me give you a little tip." I do not want "tips." There is nothing wrong with the way I do things--please remember that you were the one who trained me in the Italian department in the first place, so why not trust in that? The job is done, and it is done relatively well. Leave me be.

No love,
~ Me


Jun. 27th, 2007 09:32 am
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[ profile] jeva_chan!! IM IN UR BASE, STEELING UR ICONZ!! :D :D :D And I'm also actually flying through that first part of that THING, so hopefully I will send it to you soon :D

Another very long day at work today...blech ~.~ See, there was a girl hired to work back there who did not feel that calling in or showing up were part of her duties as an employee. So as of a week ago, she no longer works back there. Executive decision by Chong. So I picked up the extra shifts; I work from eleven AM to close, which is at nine. So I should get out of there maybe around nine-thirty or so? Loooooong day...

(And I just used a semi-colon in an LJ post. ZOMG I AM TEH NEEEEEERD!!!)

In other news, I really need to stop going to Best Buy. It makes me want to shop, and shopping at this present time is probably not a good thing to do >_>;; However, I did make a list if things that I will slowly allow myself to buy as I have the money to do so :D

Looks like we'll be making another roadtrip on Saturday, this time to actually LOOK at some apartments. I think we've got two viewings lined up, and Dad said he would call about a third one today for me, so here's hoping we find something! *victory pose*

I feel like there was something else I was going to post in here, but I can't remember what it was. So I'ma gonna go take a quick shower and get myself to work. Whoo. Later, all!
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Well, I hope everyone is pleased with various things and whatnot *smiles while others attempt to puzzle out cryptic message*

New layout--very pretty :3 For some reason, I tend to gravitate towards blues and greens and yellows in my decor *shrug* I was actually looking for the one [ profile] magic_truth just switched hers over to because I thought it was lovely, but I couldn't find it *sadface*

I worked today. Even though it was supposed to be my day off. See, the Management in their infinite wisdom decided to schedule Buffet Night for my department and the Kitchen. And then I'm sure they sat around, stroking their metaphorical beards and thinking to themselves, "You know, I don't think it's at all important that we actually tell Chinese/Italian or the Kitchen that they're doing the Grand Buffet on Thursday. It'll be a surprise! Like Christmas and their birthdays all rolled into one!"

...yeah. We honestly wouldn't have known about it if one of the ladies who worked in the kitchen hadn't seen the ad in the paper and raised the department alert. So I got to come in and help with the rampaging masses.

Except, ya know, they were more rampaging for (and in some cases, complaining about) the $3.99 large pepperoni pizzas. We couldn't keep those things on the rack! But then we had people who swore up and down that it wasn't the same size as shown in the ad...yeah. Lots of fun.

Another (almost amusing) side-effect of this being sprung on us liek whoa was that we didn't have a chance to find out if the discounts were being added in automatically, or if we were supposed to change the labels. So we changed the labels...only to have the really complainy lady come back and, after complaining, was nice enough to point out that it was taking the dollar off up at the front. So instead of ringing it up at the priced $3.99, they were going for $2.99. We went through probably twenty pizzas like that before the error was noticed.

What makes this amusing, you might ask? Apparently, NO ONE knew about the Midnight Madness, and so EVERYONE was scrambling to get things ready. So the bakery next door did the same thing we did and printed off labels with the sale prices on them, not knowing that the discounts had been programmed into the cash registers. I would like to shake the hand of whoever was honest enough to point out that their bakery goods rang up at twenty cents. Poor bakery people.

On the very bright side, I didn't have to stay and help with closing. I got to leave at eight, an hour before close. That was pretty glorious, let me tell ya.

...does anyone have any Princess Tutu fic recs? I'm hankerin' for a good read ^.~

I feel like there was something else I was going to bitch post about, but I can't remember what it is. Huh. Oh well. Still need to figure out when I can kidnap [ profile] kaitodoushi and watch the last two volumes of Tutu with her so I can see her reactions to all the glory. Why yes, I am obsessed! How did you know?
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I just got home from my first day back at work. It was actually a pretty nice six-hour shift, surprisingly. Especially the last hour--which is usually the worst. I had just come back from my break and I had nothing to do, and I had worked pretty hard for the first four and a half hours, so Chong just let me kinda stand over by her and Huy while they were chopping stuff and we just chatted :D

While I was on break, I checked and found I had a voice mail from another girl who works there asking me to cover her shift for tonight, from five to close. I'm pretending I didn't see it. Because I am a horrible person like that. And because I have an interview tomorrow and I want to make sure I am rested before I go driving all over the state. And being on my feet for twelve hours isn't the way to do that. This concludes my public service announcement.

AND ZOMG TORIE'S PREGNANT!!! :D :D :D It sounds like it's going to be a girl, and she'll be due in October...and I'm totally not secretly hoping that the little one decides to appear on October thirtieth, nuh-uh, no way. So congrats, Torbo! LOVE YOU!!!

Vixie's wedding invite came in the mail. Note to self: RSVP @_@

Did anyone else notice ff-dot-net's new alert--you get alerted when someone adds you to their Fave Lists? I'm trying to decide if I like it or not...although my ego is sort of enjoying it ^____^

New Ghost Hunters episode on tonight--massive amounts of happiness there :D Last week's was pretty uber-creepy, so I'm hoping tonight's will be much the same. I intend to sit downstairs and scribble more ficcies in my notebook and be on AIM on my cell phone whilst I watch.

...I'm in a very good mood right now, can you tell? :D Might've been the seven episodes of Princess Tutu that I watched last night. I think I'm officially in love with that show--just need to finish watching it ♥♥♥♥♥
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Me: *discussing playing hide-and-seek in a shopping mall (don't ask)*, if this were somehow me, I'd manage to hide in Cymbals 'R' Us, or the Large Noisy Object Store.

I gots an eye appointment very shortly to get my new contacts checked out, but I just had to post this because it made me laugh liek whoa ^_____^ THIS IS WHY I SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED ON CHAT AFTER A CERTAIN TIME, THAT TIME PROBABLY BEING AROUND MIDNIGHT OR SO. WEIRD THINGS BEGIN TO COME OUT OF MY FINGERS.

And I don't mean sweet-and-sour sauce. At work, whenever I would pour the S&S sauce into its little containers, I would spend the rest of the night with fingers that felt very very sticky (*insert your choice of joke here*), so our very dumb running gag was that I love Chinese food so much that I have sweet and sour sauce instead of blood!

...which led to the interesting mental image of me standing there, sticking my finger into the little cup and spraying sweet and sour sauce out of the tip of my finger to fill it up. Thanks for that picture, Jason ^^;;


They's building our new deck. Right outside my bedroom window. The saw made me go wakey *mopes* Hope they finish soon, 'cause I wanted to sleep pillow and I had a good cuddling thing going on...
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Today, I gave Chong the scarf I knit for her. I got two hugs, two kisses on the cheek, two lectures on how i shouldn't be spending my money, was asked three times if i really made it myself because it was so nice...and she immediately rushed over to show the manager and then showed it to everyone in the Chinese/Italian Express/kitchen.

I think she liked it :D

I am now working a few different patterns from this book my mom has. Boy, you wanna learn how to do all the different stitches? Make one of these washcloths. I am now a master of knitting two together, the slip-slip-knit...and having to backtrack and redo rows. I'm reeeeeeeally good at that game >.>;;

I just talked to my coops for student teaching (coops = cooperating teachers--the teachers I'll be working with for this exciting foray into the real world o.o). They both seem really nice over the phone. Just hope I make a good first impression when I go to see them...but I'm meeting with Elementary Teacher at noon for lunch--she said she'll introduce me to people and show me around. Then after that I'm going to hop over to the high school and meet Secondary Teacher. Wish me luck, everyone...because next week, I START. I'm excited and nervous--which I'm sure is very normal.

Note to self: find out who the stylist Little Sister recommended is, and make an appointment. I need to get my hair done--something that looks nice and professional, but that even a hair-moron like me can manage to do...and may they teach me how to make it stay in place all day, 'cause I'm pretty sure a ponytail ain't gonna cut it for studen teaching. Also make appointment to get eyebrows done--grin and bear it, Candy-chan, even though you are a wimp and have a major aversion to all things pain.

...I think that is all for now. I might sneak downstairs like a sneaky thing to work on my knitting more--I'm addicted to my needles, I swear :D Take that in whatever context you like, even though only one is correct ♥
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I can't remember the last time I willingly saw four AM o.O;; Good lord, that's early...but the TV thing was kinda fun, actually. I mostly stood there and talked while the guy did all the actually making-stuff. They were good guys, too--had a nice time talking to them. Then I cleaned it up and picked up a couple of donuts and went home. It was around a quarter after the morning!! That time should not exist, I swear...

I'm so weird--I was kinda wired when I got home, so I thought I'd sit and watch some TV and knit...but after about two minutes my eyes were getting all blurry, so I thought I'd crawl into bed and sleep for a while. Yeah, dozed for about an hour and a half before I got up and came upstairs to check my email...and then I was tired again, so I crawled back into bed and crashed for another half an hour-ish and got back up around noon. And now I'm making myself get up and stay awake, because if I sleep anymore than tonight will be nice and insomnia-filled. Yays.

So now I'm having lunch and knitting and relaxing. S'pose I'll have to get dressed at some overrated, honestly... >.>;; I'll be online in a while :3

EDIT: I forgot I got tagged for this meme about a hundred years ago. Should probably post it and fill it out and stab tag people for it. So let's see...

Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 10 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks.

Just to prove that I'm very weird... )

And now I shall randomly stab tag...[ profile] ashleymouse, [ profile] jeva_chan, [ profile] socchan, [ profile] writergurl, [ profile] magic_truth, [ profile] msbbt, [ profile] strawberrychan, [ profile] jewelsybear1017, [ profile] lightbird777, [ profile] articulation, and [ profile] abarero. If anyone else wants to, be my guest ^_^
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So...apparently a lot of ff-dot-net wasn't sure what to make of a Conan/Shinichi fic. Ah, the reviews of the confused and bewildered...bliss :D

Tomorrow is the big TV thingie day, wheeeeee!! We'll pretend I have a clue what I'm getting myself into, yes? Yes, that sounds good. Pretending is good. I like pretending :3 Actually, I assume the guy will tell me what I need to do once I get a quarter to five AM... >.>;; Basically, I'm just checking the ol' email and LJ and then tossing my work clothes in the dryer and then crawling into bed. This might be the earliest I have gone to bed in ages...possibly since the day of the IMEA conference in Ames, when I was up at six AM and driving on three hours of sleep.

On the bright side, I will have the rest of the day off :D

Also, I would like everyone to look at my icon. Go on, look at it. ARE YOU LOOKING AT IT?? That icon was custom-made FOR MOI by the lovely [ profile] msbbt. I finally got to see that episode of Avatar--where Toph is introduced--and for whatever reason, that exchange just made me laugh and click back to watch it again.


...yeah, that's about it. See y'all tomorrow. I gotta sleep.
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Whew...okay, busy couple of days in my little world! Thanks to everyone for their congrats on the piano test. I'm still in a good mood from yesterday! :D

Yesterday's festivities... )

Today I did have to work a six-hour-shift. I set my alarm for nine AM. Hit the snooze repeatedly until it was around ten. Got up, and spent my day relaxing before I had to go in. At work, I found myself training a new kid--I hope we keep him. Good worker (if still a little green), good attitude, pleasant to make conversation with :D The downside to training is that closing takes forever. We close at eight--I got home at a quarter after nine x_x Didn't help any that we got slammed with a rush at seven-fifteen, so I didn't get to take my twenty-minute break at seven-thirty...and so I got back at ten to close. Whoo XP

Also--this morning, I got a phone call from the floral shop in the grocery store where I work, saying that there was an arrangement there that someone had said I'd come pick up. I picked it up--it was from PK, with a card that said, "Congratulations--I knew you could do it." It was for piano--it's a lovely arrangement, all pink and orange and yellow in this adorable pink vase ♥ For all that she can drive me nuts sometimes, she really can be awesome :D

Then [ profile] writergurl came over to pick up a disc with some pictures, and we wound up chatting for a while =P And now I'm hanging out online, drabbling like a good little fanfic-addict ^_^

For the drabble request, I have three more done:

For [ profile] hagane_no_heiji: Two of a Kind. (Be warned, for it is the crackiest piece of cracktastic crack I have ever written.)

For [ profile] strawberrychan: Playing in the Rain (THERE! YOU GET YOUR HEIJI/KAZUHA SMUT! NOW STOP POKING ME WITH THAT STICK!!)

For [ profile] ran_mouri82: Telltale Stain You have Eri/Kogoro. Rejoice and be glad :D

For the record, "Playing in the Rain" and "Telltale Stain" will probably wind up in [ profile] 30_hugs and [ profile] fanfic100, respectively. I don't have a clue what to do with Two of a Kind ^^;; Next up: fics for [ profile] alena_s_anigor, [ profile] fyliwionvilyaer, and [ profile] ytak. Because I have the ideas. Yay for more smut! *waves flag*

Oh yeah, and [ profile] writergurl posted some piccies of me on her DA account. YAY!! :D

Also, my icon pwns your collective bases. That is all.
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Heard at work tonight. And lord, I wish I was kidding...

Manager:'re going into education, right?
Me: Yes... *figures he will ask a question about something school-related*
Manager: Want to teach someone how to make pizzas, calzones, lasagna, alfredo, etc...
Me: *figuring that we're getting a new employee and I'm being asked to train them on making all the Italian stuff, opens mouth to say yes*
Manager: ...on TV?

It took me a good ten seconds to realize that he was serious. Apparently, one of the local TV channels comes around and does stuff like this once in a while, and they asked me to do it for our Italian. So yeah, I'm gonna be on TV! *puts on sunglasses and autographs everyone's boobs notebooks* I just have to be there at five AM for it >.>;; Then I will go home and go back to sleep, oh yes I will ^___^

Also, we have snow. Lots of it. And it froze my battery...the bastard... *shakes fist at the sky* CURSE J00!!!

I am also knitting like mad. Soon, I will have finished a scarf, and then I shall make more things! *looks at certain people for whom I shall make washcloths and scarves, yesh*

To those who left me drabble requests, I am working on them slowly but surely. Got about three of them halfway done, and will hopefully get them posted in short order. Sorry it's taking so long--I apparently do not grasp the concept of 'drabble' as being a SHORT FIC.

...I might go watch a movie and knit for a while.

EDIT: Behold, part of a chat between [ profile] fyliwionvilyaer and myself that was just too amusing to not post...may she not spork me for this ^^;;

Warning: Disturbing drabble discussion within! )
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Heard last night at work:

*Cook asks me to call Produce and ask if they had any celery for us*
Me: *calling on the little in-store phone thingie* Do you have any celery for Chinese?
Produce Person: ...let me check. *pulls phone away from mouth to talk to someone* Do we have any Asian celery?
Me: *blink* Asian celery?
PP: Nope, sorry.
Me: don't have any celery.
PP: We have regular celery.
Me: That's what I was asking for--for the Chinese department.
PP: Oh...then yes. We do have some.
Me: I'll be over in a minute!

...even if he misheard me, where in the world did he get Asian from? Shouldn't he have asked for Chinese celery? Oh well, gave us all a really good laugh...wonder what Asian celery looks like, anyway...

And now, a couple of meme-y things that I've been meaning to post for a while...

My New Year's Resolutions... )

Actually, my one big resolution was to be better about commenting on people's LJs >.>;;

Do I really fail at life?? )

Oh yeah, and everyone should go read [ profile] fyliwionvilyaer's new Kiss for Kaito and Aoko, and [ profile] ranmouri_82's new Kiss for Shinichi and Ran, oh yes you all should :D I COMMAND YOU!!

And now, just for fun...

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Jan. 6th, 2007 09:34 pm
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[insert obligatory comment about work and the suckiness thereof here, pleez]

Now, onto the fun stuff...

Wow. You guys are teh AWESOME!! :D :D :D Yesterday's post has clocked in at over 1200 comments! So a very special thank you to everyone who participated in making me squee like a fangirl--I did go through and read all the comments. It took me about an hour to do so :D

And now, just for fun, time to re-rank the commenters! Considering yesterday's festivities, this should be really interesting...

And the placings are... )

Compare that to the last time I ran the comment thing, less than a month ago. I think the most impressive was [ profile] strawberrychan, who went from thirty-first second. Or [ profile] hagane_no_heiji, who I haven't known all that long landing at twenty-one. Rock on, everyone! Feel free to spam this post too, because I do enjoy it so.

Tomorrow, I'm getting up early to go with my parents and find the school I'll be student teaching at. We're going to go do breakfast, and then drive a bit. Then I work. Woo-hoo, indeed :D
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Today at work, I managed to make a complete moron of myself in front of a customer. Two customers, actually. Best thing ever, let me tell ya...

[The scene: a man and a woman are ordering. He orders a two-entree meal.]
He-Customer: *points to two types of chicken* General, sesame.
Me: *not bothering to think before I speak* General Sesame...any relation to Sgt. Pepper?
*collective dotdotdot*
Me: *palm meets forehead* That was awful.

It's official--on occasion, I really do redefine what it means to be an idiot. Oh well. They did laugh, though, so I guess it was okay. That's what I get for listening to Beatles' music before I go to work ^^;;

But I must ask...what if we all really do live in a yellow submarine? It must be so crowded!

Oh oh oh--hey, [ profile] msbbt? What're you doing tomorrow? Like, in case I decided to randomly kidnap you for random naughtiness lunch? *halos and sparkles with innocence*
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Whew...I am le tired x_x It's been a good day today, though. Slept in, relaxed for most of the day, cleaned out my purse and realized I had a grand total of ten bucks in change lying around--let me tell you, that is a really good feeling. It's second only to actually FINDING a ten-dollar bill in the bottom of your purse (which also happened to me a few days ago) :D :D :D

I'm online right now, but I might scamper off for a little bit to go work on [ profile] ammchan's present. I've...sort of been slacking on that--just been too worn out with work and stuff. It's one of those things that once I get going on it, it flies...I just have to get going on it. And then I can get working on other things.

...oh, and I am an idiot, because I opened the trunk of my car today and realized that I forgot to mail a couple of I do apologize to [ profile] fyliwionvilyaer and [ profile] jeva_chan, because I haven't mailed your presents *hangs head* Will do that ASAP >.> *fails at life and then some*

Working on stuff for [ profile] fic_off. 'Nuff said.

BTW, my icon pwns all of your bases. Just so you know. *secretly luffs on [ profile] lobsterinpants for showing it to me*

Oh, and one more thing really quick...

Ooooh, lookit the birthday sparklies!! )
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First things first: [ profile] twosen, I finally stole that icon. Isn't it love?

I'm in a surprisingly good mood, considering I worked eight hours today. The last half hour of that was spent watching Chong mop, and I do wish I was joking about that =P But we did start closing before seven...which meant I got out of there at eight-thirty. It was just me and Chong, when usually there are two people working in addition to the cook. So we didn't do too bad, I guess.

Sorry I've been so whiny the last couple of days, guys D: I was way out of line.

Anyway, I'm debating with myself. I'm trying to decide if I should just hang out online, or bring [ profile] ammchan's present up here to work on while I'm online, or go downstairs to watch a movie and work on it there...or work on that next Nights fic. Won't get it done tonight, but I could work on it.

I dunno. Haven't decided yet. Need to do something productive. Also need to shower and put on clothing that does not smell like a strange combination of egg rolls and bleach. Most unpleasant. But I have Taco Bell. Crunchwraps are love, and do make things better :D

Also, was just kinda wondering...[ profile] socchan? Lurker Day is going to be March 2nd again, right? *has been lurking a lot recently, but ish a coward about de-lurking* ... *actually, is just a coward in general*

Otherwise, I hope everyone has an awesome New Year's Eve, and a great New Year's Day. Let's welcome in oh-seven with some cheers and some resolutions that will probably last about a week! WHOO!!
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First of all, behold the awesomeness that is my icon. BEHOLD IT, I SAY!!

I SAW THE RYANN TODAY!! :D :D :D He and [ profile] writergurl and I did lunch at the mall! And...I almost walked right by him because I didn't see him sitting there ^^;; Bad Candy. No biscuit. But we had a good, laugh-filled conversation over tacos :)

That was enough joy right there to make me smile all through the dismal hours that made up my shift at work tonight. I was thinking a few very unpleasant things about whoever it was that decided to put the dinner for four on special...for ten bucks. THAT IS MADE OF HATE!

And now, a poll...especially in honor of [ profile] strawberrychan.

[Poll #896922]

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