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[ profile] msbbt!! I have something for you from [ profile] socchan AND a couple of uber-important questions for you!! Please to poke me when you see this, yes :D

Rants on a family issue... )
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Ganked from my entire f-list...

Name a fandom and/or character I write/wrote for, and I will tell you something about my 'personal canon' for that fandom/character.

*slaps today with the award for Suckiest Morning Ever* )

Okay...I hate to ask this, but if you responded on the "first kiss" fic meme, could you please to be giving me a prompt of some kind? Because for whatever reason, I am coming up completely blank *hangs head in shame*
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Mom kept me holed up in my room all day today. Cleaning... >_>

Here's where I hit a dilemma: I've got a bunch of stuff that needs to go in/on my desk. But in order to get to my desk, I need to be able to get my clothes off it and put them away somewhere. However, I don't have enough drawer space to put the clothes away, and the bar in my closet is starting to bow, so I'm kinda trying to watch the weight there. However, Dad says they're going to give me Grandma's bedroom set, which has a dresser and a high-boy, which means more dresser space!

...but in order to move the furniture, I need to get my room cleaned. Which means I need to get that stuff put away in my desk. BEHOLD, THE VICIOUS CIRCLE OF ME SUCKING AT CLEANING MY ROOM!!! D:

I'm thinking about just dumping the clothes somewhere else until we can move furniture. That would make me uber-happy ^_^

Aaaaaaaand in fic-news...god, I realize I haven't updated my MKR fic in a long time, but the anonymous reviews bugging me about it are starting to get a little annoying--especially because I can't reply to tell them that I'M FRIGGIN' WORKING ON IT!! Seriously, the next chapter is about half-done.

Plus...honestly, I don't enjoy updating that story because there's a couple of people who seem to feel that telling me I have good grammar/spelling and then spend another five paragraphs nit-picking about every little thing I write in the given chapter somehow equals constructive criticism. If it bugs you that much, don't freakin' read it--because getting pecked at for every teeny tiny thing that YOU think is wrong in my story is seriously killing my muse. I want concrit--if I just wanted criticism, I'd talk to my sister...speaking of whom, I'm seriously getting pissed off.

Cut for more ranting... )

EDIT: jump-drive is made of friggin' STEEL. It was in my pocket and went through the washing machine AND the dryer...and still works like a piece o' key lime pie. YAAAAAAAAY!!! :D :D :D
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Well, just got done with my appointment to get help on my resume.


But at least I have the barest shambles of a resume pieced together.

...okay, no more self-depreciating rants. Done far too much of that lately. Must stop heaping problems on everyone else. Must also start typing in complete sentences. Maybe. Boring as it is.
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Dear Dad ~


You've been home for half an hour, and I really wish you would go back to work. Thus far, you've nagged me for not calling you at work to deliver a phone message (wtf?), you've nagged at me for not doing about a hundred things that I WAS UNAWARE I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO, and then you nagged at me for DOING WHAT YOU TOLD ME TO DO!! WTF???

This is after you completely blew me off when I told you at least half a dozen times over the last two days that I didn't have school today...and came down and started banging on my door at six AM this morning to tell me I was going to be late. I know you're half deaf, but maybe you could at least try listening once in a while?

Please shut up and leave me alone. Or at least give a little credit for me accomplishing something that I was supposed to do, yes? How about that? Because I did a lot of that today.

~ Your oldest
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So, our toilet overflowed tonight. Sure you all wanted to know about that.

Guess who got to clean it up. That's right--ME.

The bathroom floor was completely covered with water. Like, from the bathtub at the back all the way to the door.

And lo, what a lovely time to find out that the mop is BROKEN.

So I got to go downstairs and clean all this nasty water off the bathroom floor...with a sponge and a bucket. Yes. My father handed me a fuggin' SPONGE (and a towel) and told me to hurry up because if it got into the wood paneling on the walls, it would grow mold.

...great. Thanks, Pops. Thanks a lot. And then he wouldn't shut up--I KNOW HOW TO CLEAN A FREAKIN' FLOOR, DAD! IT'S NOT EFFIN' ROCKET SCIENCE!!

Pretty sure I managed the clean-up in record time, though. YOU HEAR ME, FLOOR? I PWNED YOU IN THE FACE!! MOO HA HA!!


I have accomplished nothing tonight. I really should go try to make a couple more birdies before I sleep, so then tomorrow I can finish up the bulletin board and stuff. RAR, I say.

...oh, and I was gonna post about my day at school. Bugger--today was my first day teaching all four elementary classes full-out. It went fairly well, all things considered ^_^ Meh, I'll post about it another time.
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Work. Usually, I don't mind it too much. But tonight was HELL.

I really wish the managers would actually schedule enough people to cover the front of the store--especially during high-traffic times of the year, like the holiday season. But no, they'd rather pull us out of our nice little department when it's less than an hour to closing time and we're getting slapped with the kind of rush we usually only get on our $3.99 all-you-can-eat nights. Seriously--the line reached back to the bakery D:

AND THEY KEEP CALLING US FOR COURTESY!! I really don't mind the courtesy thing itself--it's nice to talk to the customers and such. But not when we're that busy. Not a dozen times in one four-hour shift (and I wish I was joking). And NOT after eight, when our department is CLOSED.

Seriously--WTF, shift managers? Bad enough that you're keeping me out of my department at ten minutes to close, which in turn gets me in trouble with my department bosses >.> But then I've got my hands full of labels, cold-cases, and the cleaning spray that makes me see all sorts of funny things (so easy to get high off that evil stuff...), and you're calling me to come up to the front and sack groceries for as long as you see fit. RAR D:<

Best part? Theoretically, if we start our closing procedures about half an hour before closing (sweeping, mopping, cleaning windows, putting away the pizza supplies, and basically scrubbing down everything we can), then the actually closing stuff (doing cold-cases, cleaning the case, doing dishes, putting everything away, etc.) takes around twenty minutes of fast, solid work--and we've got it down to an art. So at the latest, we should be out of there at eight-thirty-ish.

I GOT HOME AT A QUARTER AFTER NINE TONIGHT. I just kept telling myself that I was getting paid for it, so if they want to keep calling us away from our closing stuff to sack groceries, it's going on their tab, yesh. Best part was the lady who showed up at twenty after eight wanting sesame chicken. RAR.


In happier news, if all goes according to plan (and at this point, it looks like it will), I'll be hitting the post office to send out my first batch of Christmas cards well as a few very special packages ;D The thing is that I've never actually sent a package before, so it's going to be a learning experience >.> *will be calling the post office to ask how this all works--hopes they will not laugh*

AND UNLESS THE WEATHER IS DUMB I WILL GET TO SEE RYANN TOMORROW YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH HAPPY THIS IS YAAAAAAAAAY!!! *ahem* [ profile] writergurl and Little Sister are accompanying me to pick him up from the airport :D I are excited!

Oh yeah, before I forget! *pokes [ profile] magic_truth* I demand a list of your favorite Shin/Ran fics! I DEMAND IT! SO I CAN MAKE YOU SOMETHING SMURFY!! Can't remember if you're done with finals today or tomorrow, but I hope they're not killing you. I CHEER FOR YOU \o/

...I think it's bedtime now, oh yes it is...
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Strange happenings on campus as of late.

A couple of the classes (one of the Philosophy classes and one of the theatre class, I think) got together to do some demonstrations around campus to raise awareness about various issues. This is great--I fully support people who want to do something to try and change the world. However...

Well, the first demonstration was at the campus-wide Christmas dinner. This is a really big deal, where everyone dresses up and we sing carols and they serve us REALLY GOOD FOOD and the room is decorated very prettily. Well, they set up shop in the hall outside the door--dressed as poor or homeless people, with black tape over their mouths and cardboard signs that had statistics or said things like, "Can I have your ticket?" A few of the signs were sort of accusatory, but I didn't bother me too much in terms of the fact that they were demonstrating there.

But then when the dinner started, most of them got up and changed their clothes and went in to eat. To my mind, that sort of invalidates their point. Furthermore, we later found out that they were broadcasting about poverty, not homelessness. There is a difference. But whatever.

Then on Tuesday, I was eating with Kali, Matt, and Ben in the Cent Room and working on a paper when I notice a few people moving barricades in front of the stairs that separate the upper part of the Cent Room from the lower part (there's a wall between the two areas, with a short staircase at either end connecting them). People were standing there with slips of paper in their hands. Naturally, we were curious, so we asked what they were doing. And they flat-out refused to tell us.

...and then they started blocking people. They wouldn't let certain people come up to the upper level of the Cent Room, while they let others pass. They even blocked a couple of professors--and the professors who eat always eat in the upper Cent Room, probably because the tables are bigger. The professors got pissed off and went to complain--the students doing the demonstration claimed they had permission to do this.

THEY DIDN'T. From what we understand, they'd asked for permission from the University, and been told no. So they did it anyway. That potentially equals big trouble, especially if they're harassing professors. The best part was when Kali went to take her tray down and come back, and they tried to stop her from coming back up to where we were sitting. She basically told them she'd been down her for an hour and wanted her stuff, so get out of her way or else. They moved. When I went to refill my pop, the girl didn't say a word to me. Heh.

It gets better--the others left, and I had a little time 'to relax still, so I was finishing up a paper. Suddenly, someone jumps through one of the big "windows" cut into the wall that separates the upper and lower Cent Rooms, and lands on my table, about two inches from putting his foot through my laptop. I had time to say, "Hey!" before he was off across the room, screaming something about "Viva la Mexico!"

Needless to say, I was kind of pissed off.

Then last night, we had another one during dinner. Music started playing, and they all stood up and took off their sweaters or jackets to reveal that they had a sign taped to their stomach; each said something like, "Atheism," "Brown," and other things. Then they all ran around the room and hugged each other and held up a banner that said something about a revolution. When I realized what it was, I was so fed up with it that I pulled my GBA out of my bag and started up my game, completely ignoring them.

One of the girls at my table was involved--she was so proud of it all. We were trying to explain to her that these were completely ineffectual. At one point, she said, "But you're angry! That what we want!" And I replied, "Sweetie, I'm pissed off, but not for the reason you want me to be." We spent ten minutes trying to explain to her that a demonstration or a protest is only worth anything if it gets a point across. If we have no idea what you're trying to make us aware of, then all you've done is make a nuisance of yourself.

And she just kept saying, "But you're angry!" And finally I said something along the lines of, "I'm angry because someone nearly put their foot through my fucking laptop jumping onto my table when I didn't even have a clue what he was doing in the first place. You haven't made anyone aware of anything--all you've done is annoy people. And there's a big difference between stirring people's anger about an unfair issue, and annoying them because they don't know what you're doing. These demonstrations have not accomplished a thing."

And when people who are even in the protest can't tell you what it's about? You. Have. A. PROBLEM!

But now we're all a little bit concerned as well, and I passed word to PK about this. If they showed up at the Christmas Dinner, I don't see a reason why they wouldn't try to pull something at the Madrigal dinner. Granted, I'm hoping that common sense would prevail in that respect, but...if they show up and try anything, heads will roll. The Madrigal dinner is our final exam for Vistas Chamber Choir--it's a graded class activity. Furthermore, the people coming to this are not just from the school, but from the community, and they're paying for it--sixteen bucks a plate. If those guys try's going to be on their heads. Big time.


In other news, I had a piano lesson today. I'm actually starting to think there's hope for me to pass piano proficiency, and I told my professor as such. Beth's response? "Well, to be frank, I'm holding my breath." WHAT THE FEK DOES THAT MEAN??
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Tomorrow, I'm going out with Kat and Rachie for lunch. We're long overdue for one of our three-hour lunch discussions, ladies! It's just hard to find times when all three of us are in town--though I suppose that might change next semester when I'm student teaching and living at home... *looks pointedly at Kat and Rachie* We can hang out more! YAYS!

We're also going to do some major Christmas decorating tomorrow. We're big Christmas people at our house, and our halls get decked, big time. My favorite decoration is this teddy bear we have--when you squeeze her paw, she moves and recites "The Night Before Christmas." I love that thing...but my little cousin was afraid of it that one year ;-;

And then I have to do some Methods homework. We will not talk about that, though, because the whole deal with that might send me into a fit of rage-induced psychosis, culminating in me slamming my forehead repeatedly into the keyboard in an attempt to make myself stop seeing red.


Update on the story swiping thing--a very kind soul alerted me to the fact that the German translations were being posted on AnimeXX (the big German fanfic/fanart site--one of my favorite fanartists posts her stuff on there!) by someone with the penname Chen06. [ profile] lightbird777's Mulan fics were there too--same translations. Skip back over to ff-dot-net, and we find that my second Kiss was translated and posted on the account of someone with the penname Chen06 (again) ITALIAN. WTF? This is getting ridiculous.

Oh, and the mod of a comm called [ profile] stop_plagiarism emailed me to ask if I'd given Pi Ling permission to translate, which I had not. Looks like they're taking up our torch. This story just keeps getting more and more interesting...I wonder what's going to happen next. Don't get me wrong, I'm not happy with this at all, but there's this little part of me that's intrigued by the whole proceeding. Guess we'll see what happens, I s'pose ^.~
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Every year, Jerry the Band Director dismisses us from our last rehearsal before Thanksgiving break with the instructions, "Go home, rest, and come back having gained at least five pounds." I'm pretty I did =D Mommy outdid herself this year--it was DELICIOUS! So much much wonderful, wonderful food!

We ate at about two o'clock this afternoon. It's now twenty to nine. I'm thinking I might go make myself a turkey sandwich. WHY AM I HUNGRY AGAIN?? *stabs stomach and dies*

Oh oh oh, and I finally got to see the Conan live-action drama. I've had it for a few days, but I haven't had time to actually watch it. Pretty sure I was fangirling like crazy over the Shin/Ran moments. Utter, utter sweetness ♥ A few things were kind of dumb, but overall? Pretty pleased =D

And it's official--I've been plagiarized from. An author named Li Ping on ff-dot-net has been taking fics (mostly from [ profile] 30_kisses, but also from a couple of other comms, it looks like), translating them into German, and posting them without A) the permission of the original authors, and B) credit given to the original authors. At present, this person has taken two of my Kisses stories--"Wild Goose Chase" and "The View." "Wild Goose Chase" really makes me mad because I wrote that for [ profile] magic_truth.

The dumb thing is that it wouldn't have bothered me so much if they'd even just slapped my name on there as the original author. I've had people ask if they can translate a few of my stories, and I always say yes with two conditions: A) credit me as the original author, and B) send me a link to where you post them so I can see what they look like in a different language. I just think it's kinda cool. This...gah. RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION!

*bows* That is all...for now. *goes to make a sandwich*
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Been putting this off for a bit, so here we go...cut for your pleasure. (Interpret THAT how you will, ha!)

The recital article... )

The IMEA conference )

The choir concert... )

So there's the nice, long-winded explanation of most of my weekend. Just a couple other things...

Since PK printed it in the concert program, I'm thinking that means I got the student teaching placements I wanted =)

Grandma didn't have the surgery. They got up there, talked to the doctor, and decided that they would try to control it with medication, diet, and exercise. Which is a good thing--I hope >.> But yeah, all that worrying and crying over nothing... *feels slightly silly for being so emotional*

I'm writing again. And the plunnies are biting like crazy. And while I'm at it, [ profile] magic_truth seems to have fallen off the face of the planet again. How many times did I tell her not to go walking near that damned black hole? ^^;; Actually, I know she's uber-busy with school =)

Aaaaaaaaand found out that as of January first, my father will be unemployed.

That's all, folks. *goes back to homework*
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I feel like I've been doing a lot of whining lately, but [ profile] jeva_chan insists that I'm not whining, and...I just need to get this out. Hopefully, I won't start crying again, because I already did that. Twice.

I am a complete mental wreck... )


Nov. 6th, 2006 09:58 am
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This just in: Art History tests make me cry ;-;

...on a bright note, I think I got most of the dates more or less right >.> I think. And I have no homework tonight. Just staring at my voice stuff in a vain attempt to get that last dumb Italian piece memorized before my senior voice recital on Friday. TWO STUPID PIECES DO NOT WANT TO BE MEMORIZED AND I WANT TO HARM THEM!!

I also have the Vocal Methods Take-Home Test of EVIL due today. I think I wound up with four answers blank out of sixty because I swear to God she was looking for the most obscure answers in existence...this is especially pathetic on a freakin' OPEN BOOK TEST. A few of those answers were mentioned in one little sentence and...and...RAAAAAAR!!!

Still need to find the Buddhist temple in town. I went out driving and I still can't find it, and the paper about it is due next week. Pretty sure I'm effin' HOSED unless I find that place and get really, really lucky.

RAR. RAR, I say. I wanna go back to bed, plzkthx.


I got plunnied last night. [ profile] ran_mouri82, I'm glaring at you.</i RAR AGAIN. Just...RAR. ON EVERYTHING. RAR RAR RAR RAAAAAAAR!
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So...yeah. My body betrayed me last night by deciding that it did not want to sleep.


I tossed and turned all night, and didn't sleep a wink. GRAAAAAAAAAR... *flips body the finger* I STAB YOU IN THE FACE, INSOMNIA!!! *does so--with a spork* God...I'm so tired...and I have to make it through the end of band rehearsal at 5:30, and then I intend to eat dinner, curl up, watch Ghost Hunters at eight, and then not move again until tomorrow morning...with the exception of rounds. I can't seem to get away from duty ;-;

Plus, PK just emailed out to the Madrigal group and said that the seniors are going to decide on the King and Queen today. Glad to have some warning @_@ Yeah, I'm pretty sure I can guess who the King will be...but I'm not sure about Queen. I'm not gonna lie--I want it. I want it bad. Plus, I'm a senior, and I'm student teaching next semester. I don't have the option of doing jazz show. This Madrigal is it for me, and I'd kinda like to go out with a bang. So...yeah. I think a lot of it will also depend on the other seniors and how badly they want it. Ugh...well, the minute I know, you all will hear about it.

But PK did say I could sing "Breath of Heaven" for my solo, so it's just a matter of finding out if it's a senior solo or a Queen's solo. Wish me luck, everybody. I might need it...
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Okay, time for a mini-rant. This isn't anything life or death...but it is kinda bugging me.

I'm taking Prehistoric to Medieval Art History. Why? Because I needed a class to fill space, and I was assured this was not a difficult class. *glares at the test* ANYWAY, ignoring that...our professor uses Powerpoints to go through class info. I've grown to hate Powerpoints because of it *cringes* But that's not the point of this rant.

So we're discussing ancient Egypt--for those of you who don't know, I'm a major history buff, and ancient Egypt is sort of my area of specialty. I've been fascinated by it ever since I was a kid and first saw a picture of the Great Pyramids. So I know a lot about the subject...which meant I was a bit bored during that particular PP, but I was listening in the hopes that I could learn something new.

Well, the prof brings up a slide about the goddess Isis. He tells a little bit about her, and then points to the picture on the slide and says, "That's a sculpture of Isis. She has the horns of an ox with the disc of the moon resting between them because she's a moon goddess." I looked up from the webcomic I was reading in class (because I am a diligent and devoted student--yeah, yeah, I know)...

And nearly choked. And then bit my tongue to keep from pointing out a critical flaw in his presentation by saying, "...that's not Isis. That's Hathor, goddess of love and dancing. Isis doesn't have horns, she has this little staircase thing on top of her head." Hey, this is something I'm quite passionate about! But I kept my mouth shut--hey, if it's on the test, I'll say whatever he wants. Just give me my damn points! Fortunately, it wasn't, or I might not have been able to refrain from pointing out this error as a footnote on my answer sheet.

Today, we were into ancient Greece (my second historical love, mostly spurned by an adoration of the mythology). And he started talking about some of the gods. Well, he referred to the Underworld as "Hades," and then said that Pluto was the god of Hades. *eyebrow twitches* Last time I checked, Hades was the god of Tartarus. Pluto is the ROMAN name. Mixing mythology...grrrr...

To the man's credit, however, he did have the Greek name of "Heracles" on the PP to describe the strong guy who completed the infamous labors. However, he read it out-loud as "Hercules." I wanted to headdesk. Just a little bit. And yes, I'm a total nerd for this kind of stuff. I'm even doing my paper for the class over King Tut! Should be interesting =P

Anyway, the Homecoming concert on Sunday went very well. Choir sounded pretty good (wish we'd had a little more time on the Eric Whitacre piece, but it came out all right ^^), and the band rocked it out. Between "Pilatus: The Mountain of Dragons" and "The Witch and the Saint," I'm officially a Steven Reineke fangirl. And then Mommy and Daddy took me, [ profile] ashleymouse, Little Sister, and Little Sister's new boyfriend (who none of us knew actually existed before dinner...) out to dinner. It was glorious ^_^

Hmmm...should probably think about going to sleep ^^;; *waves fist at sky* SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK! *falls over and snores*

PS. I'll get caught up on replying to LJ comments soon...I promise... ~.~;;
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*pant pant* Okay, back up.

Last night, we had a stirring round of Music Scene-It...which we all royally sucked at, but had fun anyway. And is it kinda sad that I'm the only one who remembered the name of the original Hanson ablum? Anyone else remember Middle of Nowhere? ...okay then 8D

Anyway, tonight we played Apples to Apples. For those who have never played, it is a most AWESOME game. It works best with a group of about six to nine people, though, so you have to plan for it. It's also one of those games where you can start playing...and the next time you look at the clock, three or four hours have whizzed by. Lots of laughs are to be had.

Actually, I'll recount my favorite A2A story--the first time I played, I was the judge and the green card I had said sensual. So everyone dug through their red cards and played words that they thought would line up with the word sensual. I remember someone played leather, someone else played Paris (I think...), and then I flipped to the last card...and it read "giant squid."

I looked around the circle in shock. "Giant squid? How the hell is giant squid sensual?"

Ryann's response was enlightening: "Tentacle porn!"

...I gave him the point.

Anyway, so we had a pretty rocking game (and when "giant squid" appeared again, the point was immediately awarded, even though "giant squid" and "goody-goody" don't really line up). Around midnight, we broke it up after we'd been playing for a few hours...and had spent a little time watching the drunk people wander in and out of the suite across the hall.

No sooner had I gotten back to my room and gotten comfortable did my sister message me and ask if I wanted to go on a snack run with her. Fortunately, Burger King is open until two AM on weekends. So we went to swing through the drive-through. The guy took our order, etc.

And as he handed me our food, he said that he and his friends were having a party later--could he get my phone number, and maybe I could come? I smiled, said no thank you, and wished him a pleasant night (I was nice about it). And he smiled back, kinda nodded, and wished me the same.

And as I rolled up the window and started driving back towards the street, it hit me: I just got hit on.


Seriously, I am not exactly God's gift to any respect, really. My luck in the romance department has been nonexistant (leaving me with a very pessimistic view of the whole affair), and I have this awful mental condition that causes all my mental functions to cease when I am randomly flirted with, leaving me unable to sense the advance for what it is. So I look like an idiot.*headdesks*

I'm gonna be an old maid someday...only without the cats...cats kinda tend to hate me...


Jul. 29th, 2006 06:28 pm
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Cut for ranting )


Apr. 20th, 2006 02:10 am
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To quote Kat, I whored myself out to El-Jay and did the Sponsored Account...thing. They put ads on my LJ, and I get more display pics. But now my comment page does something nifty, and I gots more piccies! *is happy*

In other news, I wish to beat certain members of the choir. With a baseball bat, or something similar. I said--IN CLASS--to shout out if there were any questions. So the minute I step off the podium, I'm told that the altos aren't clear on something. Ooookey dokey. Can't do anything about it now, thanks--should've chucked something at my head when I was up front. And then tonight I get a message from a friend of mine, saying that I should ask the choir if there are any problems.

Um...hello? Were you in the same rehearsal as me? I DID!! AFTER EVERY FUCKING SECTION!! This is after I said to shout out if there are questions, concerns, issues, death threats, etc. Her suggestion was then to ask after I'm done with what I've planned. Sorry, sweetie, but I get twelve minutes at a time, and when I plan, I try to fill every second of those twelve minutes, because it's not a lot of time.

It's like, "You know what? I'm not psychic, I can't read minds. If there's a question, someone needs to say something. Ambushing me AFTER rehearsal isn't going to accomplish a damn thing. Why yes, I AM being extremely bitchy about this!" I'm really wondering how much my grade would get docked if I made a more genteel version of this announcement in class...GAH!!


In other news, I think the drabble meme is closed. The thing said five. I have taken on eleven. For everyone's viewing pleasure, my own reference, and so I can make sure I've got the right challenge for everyone, here is the Handy Dandy List o' Requests!

Handy Dandy List o' Requests! )
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So, was sick yesterday. Yup, that makes twice in one year. Dammit, I'm not supposed to get sick more than once every three to five years!! At least, that's what it's always been in the past--and by "sick," I mean "far enough out of it that I'm willing to miss class." But nope, was out for a day last year, and I've been out twice this year.

And here's the ironic thing, as I think about it: every single time I've been sick since starting college, I've always started to feel kinda gross on Sunday, and then I'm up all Sunday night, and then Monday I either can't move, or am sleeping with my head against the wall in the bathroom stall in case of imminent explosion. And yes, I did that on Sunday night/very early Monday morning. Really, it was the only comfortable position I could find that wasn't setting my stomach off again: cross-legged on the floor with my arms on the toilet seat and my head on my arms. Yes, it sounds nasty, and truthfully it was, but dammit, it made my stomach stop doing loop-dee-loops. I wasn't going to look at it too closely.

So today, back in class. I kept thinking today was Monday *laugh* Got my Music History test back *doesn't laugh* I hates that class so very much...otherwise, things were relatively cool ('cept my stomach was doing backflips and I had a migraine for a good chunk of the day) until choir.

To save time, I'm going to simply copy and paste what I wrote in the Facebook group my school has, the one that's dedicated to just such occasions. This exact summary can also be found on my friend-slash-fellow conspirator Amanda's Xanga. Additional comments are in italics...


Exciting times in choir. The worst part? I have Conducting with her tomorrow *headdesks* Ugh...when I'm a teacher, remind me to not take out my bad moods on my students. Either way, though, a good number of my fellow choir-goers have said that they're proud of me, or that PK really overreacted, or that I'm their hero, or that they think the whole thing is hilarious.

Have I mentioned that I love my fellow choir kids? 'Cause I do. I truly do. I'll let y'all know how it comes out. Until then, enjoy the new ficcage, and ciao!

~ Me ^_^

PS. I'm proud/nervous to announce that I made my first post on [ profile] dc_yaoi today. Ph34r me ^_^
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Dear all South Dakota lawmakers,

Go to hell. Please stick your goddamn legislation where it belongs: either in a bonfire, or up your ass. Who the hell are you to say that most women who have gone through this "wish someone had stopped them." Fuck you.

~ Me

Dear all Iowa lawmakers,

Please don't follow South Dakota's example. I'm rather fond of my homestate. Don't make me hate you. Keep your laws away from me. It's not for you to judge what's right for the masses. I'm all for equal rights, and I say YES to paternal rights. So at the risk of sounding horrendously sexist, rich conservative men making laws about abortion is like taking your car to a mechanic who has never owned an automobile. Before you start crowing that I'm sexist, my father and a good number of my male friends agree with me. So to all those lovely people governing my beloved Corn State: Don't be stupid.

~ Me

We've all officially been packed into a handbasket, whether we want to get packed in or not. Yes, I'm pissed off about this. Anyone want to move to the moon with me?

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