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I am officially a college graduate.

Pictures and a synopsis will some point ^____^

PS. [ profile] gomath02? I looked and looked for you after the ceremony for a picture, but I couldn't find you and my parents were getting impatient ;o; SORRY!!! D: D: D:
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Ganked from my entire f-list...

Name a fandom and/or character I write/wrote for, and I will tell you something about my 'personal canon' for that fandom/character.

*slaps today with the award for Suckiest Morning Ever* )

Okay...I hate to ask this, but if you responded on the "first kiss" fic meme, could you please to be giving me a prompt of some kind? Because for whatever reason, I am coming up completely blank *hangs head in shame*

BVU News

May. 20th, 2007 08:42 pm
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First things first--to [ profile] jewelsybear1017. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, and IM IN UR LJ, STEALING UR SUBJECT LINE!! *is a certified dork*

Secondly, I will be on campus tomorrow (for anyone from BV who actually pops over here once in a while). I've got my final student teaching meeting from nine to...well, they originally said eleven, but now it's looking like it'll be more like eleven-thirty or noon. Then I'm hauling some of Little Sister's stuff out of the dorm and down to my car to take home for her...and then hanging with some people before I sprint home to officially start my week of total freedom =D

Good luck to everyone who is still stuck in finals!!
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*looks at meme replies* ...a couple of you might be slightly Evil, but that's okay. We can all still be friends ;) I think I'm actually almost done with the last fic for [ profile] 30_hugs, and now I'm diving headfirst into those prompts. We'll see how it goes.

But anyway, the real reason I'm posting this is because I keep FORGETTING to post it, but I regret to inform you all that my much-neglected cell phone died about three weeks ago. It drowned trying to go for a swim in the washing machine. We still have no idea how it got in there, but we are all in mourning.

So if anyone has tried to call me there or text me or anything and is mad because I'm not calling back or replying to anything...that's why. I shall be cell phone-less until June, I think :(

In the meantime...I'm currently enjoying my last day of student teaching. The kids are in finals, so there really isn't even a class for us to work with. So I'm relaxing and scribbling in my notebook and stuff. Best part? I'm out at two-thirty, a full hour earlier than usual! WHEE!! :D :D :D And then next week...aside from my meeting on Monday morning, I have absolutely nothing to do!

Hope y'all are finishing up finals all right and will be getting back online again soon!! *prods People Who Shall Remain Nameless*
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So I was trying to write this nice uber-long fic as my tenth one for [ profile] fanfic100,'s sort of fighting me. Which is sad because the dialogue is more or less all written out because it's one of those that sort of got written in a chat window in a testament to my total lack of creativity. just doesn't want to be written. Sorry, [ profile] magic_truth, but it's getting set off for another couple of themes ^^;;

Whereas I have two other plunnies merrily bouncing around in my head. One of which is the one I owe for the fic-swap on [ profile] manycases1truth that went up about a hundred years ago. I have the idea...I've just been so stuck on trying to write that Y/Y fic AND the last fic for [ profile] 30_hugs (which is currently clocked in at 7607 words, as of the typing last night, and is still nowhere near being done).

Tomorrow's the last day o' student teaching, WHEE!! :D :D :D Since I don't have to worry about finals and papers and exams and all that jazz, I wish the best of luck to all of you who are currently stuck in the mire of final exams. May you all do well!!

...I think I'ma gonna go back to scrawling fics in the back of my notebook. Except writing them in the back of my notebook has almost reached the FRONT of my notebook. I wish I knew what it is about being in the classroom that makes me write like that...remember last January, when I posted nineteen fics between my two couples for [ profile] 30_kisses in that one month? Yeah--that was during Supervised Participation. *shrug* Go figure ^.~


[ profile] candyfics *shameless plug and RUN AWAY*
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So I was flipping through my student teaching handbook today in my coop's office while he was off doing something else, and I saw my grade sheet in there. With my grade on it.


I was doing a nice little happy dance...until I realized that today is May 16th.

The grade sheet was supposed to be in by May 15th, i.e. yesterday.

If they don't have that grade in, I don't graduate.


...I'm emailing PK. Because I've been reminding him about it for the last two weeks.


Days left of student teaching: 2
Days left until graduation: 11
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I'll be replying to comments and such later--right now I'm taking a break from helping to count money for a fundraiser. But it hit me that I haven't started a formal countdown yet! So here you are--the FINAL COUNTDOWN!!

Days left of student teaching: 5
Days left 'till graduation: 13

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The interview went all right, I think! :D The superintendent told me I did very well, given that this was my first interview ^___^ Now all we can do is wait and see what happens.

AND remember when I got an email from a superintendent wanting more information? She emailed me a couple of days ago (of course, right after I last checked that email account >.>) to ask if we could schedule an interview for next week!! So I just emailed her back--here's hoping! :D :D :D

In recent fic news, I'm really flying along as of late. The thirty-ninth fic for [ profile] 30_nights is very close to completion, and the last one is already partially written--I started that one a while ago, then decided that I would make it the last one because I liked the theme and the idea so much. I also think I've finally got my last one for [ profile] 30_hugs figured out, and I am currently 1250 words into it ^___^ So hopefully we will soon wrap up two challenges.

Which will leave me with four. Including [ profile] fanfic100. Yey? :D

Eighteen days until graduation...I can't believe it...which reminds me! [ profile] jewelsybear1017!! Did you still want/need to hang with us for a few days around graduation? I couldn't remember what dates you had mentioned because I suck like that ^^;; Let me know, and I'll clear it with the parents :)

And finally, as promised to [ profile] axtar...

  • Kingdom Hearts OST Disc I (Part 1)
  • Kingdom Hearts OST Disc I (Part 2)
  • Kingdom Hearts OST Disc II

    Enjoy them well! :D
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    I have an interview. Next week on Wednesday at ten AM. In Woodbine.

    On a side note, this becomes hilarious because I happily scheduled the interview, hung up...and realized that my supervisor was supposed to come and observe me next week on Wednesday afternoon. Whoops ^^;; But I'll see her tomorrow at contest, and we'll work it out, I'm sure.

    *runs around the room in little circles going WHEE!*
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    The concert rocked pretty hard. We all bawled when TG sang Linda Eder's "Gold" to the seniors.

    I'm still sick.

    It's raining cats and dogs, which I usually love, except for the whole "driving in it" thing. Nearly went off the road. That kinda sucked.

    Tomorrow is State Large Group. I'm at school from seven AM until probably around four-thirty or so in the afternoon. I don't like knowing what seven AM looks like, thank you very much. Oh well, it won't be too bad, I dun think.

    PK is coming to observe me next week on Wednesday. I'll have the seventh graders. I'm torn between playing the Fly-Swatter Game or having them make up song parodies and performing them. I'm leaning towards song parodies, though--divide 'em up into groups, each group writes a song about summer vacation to the tune of a Christmas carol, and then they perform them for the class. Have different captions, too, and the winner of each caption gets a prize. Not a hundred percent sure yet.

    I dunno... *coughs up a lung* I wanna go back to bed... ;o;
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    I'll give everyone questions for the meme in the previous entry later.

    But coop's gone again. So it's me and CS on our own again. Oh, and he'll be gone tomorrow as well. And possibly Wednesday. AND he was gone last week on Friday. But he was courteous enough to leave us a list of Rules and Things to Do.

    ...did I mention that since neither of us is a licensed/certified teacher, we're not legally supposed to be substitute teachers? Yeah. But here we are.

    I'm not worried about rehearsal--that'll be fine. But...meh, I might post a rant later. I'm just sneaking this minute to post while CS is teaching a lesson. I'm taking guys, she's taking girls, but the guys in here all had their lessons during the last class period >.>;;

    Meh. I think "meh" is my word of the day.
    candyland: (money) cooperating teacher isn't here today. He's off judging in Norfolk. Nice of him to tell CS and I >.>;; So yeah. We're flying solo today. I'm directing choir (she's playing), and then I've got junior high study hall...and then WEEKEND, W00T!!

    Yesterday, PK was coming to observe me teaching the whole choir period. So I got my lesson plan all pretty and shiny and then sat back to get increasingly nervous as we drew closer and closer to classtime and she wasn't there yet. The bell rang--she hadn't gotten there. Long story short, she had misjudged the time it took to drive here from campus and walked in ten minutes late. Oh well *shrug* And then my pretty shiny lesson plan didn't fill up the whole class period. Whoops. So I had to improvise a bit. All in all, could've gone a bit better, but could have been about a gazillion times worse.

    Part of my problem is that when I'm in front of a hearing goes out the window. I can't hear problems as well as I can when I step back and just listen. I've been told that training the ear to hear and differentiate problems can be the toughest thing to do, but...GAAAAAAAAAH it's making it hard to run effective rehearsals here.

    I also officially met the junior high choir yesterday. I introduced myself and had them sing through the piece I'm going to work with them on. We sang through it, and then I started to have a little fun...

    This monster kicked your puppy! )

    I'm thinking about doing something different with my hair. Like...taking a couple inches off (not too much, though!) and maybe doing side-swept bangs...and maybe highlights? I don't know. It's so blah right now D: Half the problem is that I can attempt to style it, and sometimes even manage to twist it into some sort of an aesthetically pleasing configuration. BUT I CAN'T GET IT TO STAY IN PLACE ALL DAY!! ;o; So...I might try and go in tomorrow morning. Need to talk to my mom about it first.

    And everyone needs to go worship [ profile] strawberrychan because she is a being of so much awesome and win because she made me the most awesome banner/layout for my fic-journal (which is really really really close to actually opening). SO EVERYONE GO MOLEST WORSHIP HER AND HEAP HER WITH DRUGS LOVE AND PR0N!! My repayment for this lovely piece o' work will be a fic, of course. A Heiji/Kazuha smut-fic.

    I've been on a writing kick the last couple of days, though. I finished the next chapter of my MKR story (and it hasn't been a year--le gasp!), and I'm partway through four other things. Fic-dump ahoy, me hearties! :D I might actually go whip out my notebook and scribble for a bit now before lunch, since I really don't have much else to do >.> *is bored*

    In the meantime, I really can't wait until three-thirty. I'm more worn out at this placement than I ever was at my elementary one x_x Oh well...que sera, sera!
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    Okay, choir is over. Here's the basics of what happened:

    It's an early out today, so we had a shortened class period today. I wasn't so much worried about filling up the class period as I was handling the piano.

    There's another student teacher here from a different school. She's technically doing her elementary placement right now, but she hangs out with the high school a lot during her down time. She's also a piano major. I feel slightly inadequate >.>

    Well, she was supposed to be in the elementary room during the choir period...but she shocked the hell out of me by agreeing to stay in here and handle the piano stuff while I directed O.O She said that the elementary class going on was second grade, and she's already taught second grade twice.

    In went pretty well. We ran one of the girl's pieces (once with parts, once with accompaniment), and then one of the guy's pieces (in the same manner), and then my favorite piece that they're doing, "We Sing of Golden Mornings." I LOVE THAT PIECE!! And they do sing it quite well :D There's another piece they're doing that I hadn't heard all the way through, so we started that one...and then the bell rang about two-thirds of the way through it.

    Things I did well: I did a pretty decent job on conducting, even though I was sight-reading half of it ^^;; My fellow student teacher complimented me on my cut-offs (which is actually the thing I have to think about the hardest).

    Things to work on: Make sure I fix at least one thing in each song each time we do it. Otherwise, we're just running the same thing over and over again. I did that in the girl's piece (the pitch was sagging) and in "We Sing of Golden Mornings" when the tenors part got completely lost ^___^

    Whew...and now, to worry about what I'm going to do tomorrow! My coop's going to play for me, which rocks. So I just need to focus on writing a lesson plan and teaching it. I need to catch him or email him and ask if there's anything specific he wants me to do.

    So...I LIVE!! :D :D :D And if today was any indication, I think tomorrow's going to be just fine :3

    Oh yeah--and I need to start working over my piece for the junior high. I get to direct them at the concert. The piece is "Make Them Hear You," an arrangement from the musical Ragtime. I'm really excited about it. The junior high honor choir last night was lovely, BTW. I just had a few minor issues with the tempos the guest conductors took things at. If I ever have a junior high choir, I am DEFINITELY teaching them "Riversong." We'll just take it about ten metronome clicks slower.

    Should probably wrap this up. I've got lunch duty in about three minutes, and then I think I'm monitoring the junior high study hall. So yeah. I'm okay now. LOOOOOOOOVES!! :D
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    So I'm in charge of the choir today.

    By myself.

    All alone.

    Flying solo.

    ...[insert swear word of your choice here.]

    Choir starts in fifteen minutes, and I'm about sick to my stomach. It's not that I can't direct--I can do that. It's more the fact that it's my first time in front of the full choir here, and I'll be completely alone because my coop is on the committee for interviewing a new principal, so he's out of the room for most of the day. That, and the fact that I can't play the parts on the piano worth a crap. If I even had someone to play parts, I'd be about fifty times less freaked out than I am now. The only true saving grace is that it's a shortened class period--we have an early out and an inservice today. So instead of muddling through fifty minutes, I only have to muddle through twenty-nine minutes.

    Plus, PK is coming to observe me tomorrow in front of the high school choir. Which will be my second time in front of the full choir. And I really don't know what he wants me to do with them. And he's not here right now for me to discuss it with him.

    I'm about ready to cry. So check back later to see if I manage, or if I crash and burn.

    I think I want to teach elementary school...
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    I went to a show choir competition today. The group I'm student teaching with got first place in the prelims in their division, and second place in finals :D I just got home...and decided to make this quick post after my mad dash to the bathroom ~.~ THAT RIDE HOME WAS THE LONGEST HOUR I HAVE EVER SPENT.

    Here is what I learned/noticed today:

  • Rebels? Y'all kick ass! *thumbs up, yo*

  • If I get going on my knitting, I can quite literally knit all day.

  • On a totally unrelated note, I finished the knitting part of that purse I'm making.

  • Parents are fun and crazy people.

  • I need to either make a T-shirt or staple a sign to my chest that reads STUDENT TEACHER.

  • Riding in a truck with a trailer attached + Iowa highways = bouncy. Bouncy + C-cups = OUCH >.>

  • ...I'm still invisible in a lot of ways, but I think it's starting to change.

    And now I'm going to go eat my Crunchwrap (bless Taco Bell's drive-through!) and go to bed and not move again for at least eight hours. See y'all in the morning.

    *falls over and goes snoooooore*
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    It's April. We are in the midst of spring. Therefore, weather, I must admit a certain concern over the fact that we do not have sunlight.

    ...okay, seriously, why the FEK is it raining? *agrees with Sokka icon*

    Sad part is that I usually love the rain, I really do. It's just that...well, we had enough stuff falling out of the sky this winter (though there were no toilet seats, for which I am grateful). We want SUNSHINE! And the worst part of all is that if the temperature drops much more, we're going to have ice, and possibly snow.

    Unless that gets me a late start or a day off from school, NO THANK YOU.

    In other news, I know I haven't updated here for a couple of days (though I've been flying along on getting the fic-blog set up--not too much longer before it is open for business!) The reason for my absence? Well...I was sort of emo-ing over some stuff. But I'm okay now. Mostly ^^;;

    The last couple of days at my student teaching placement have been getting better, though I'm still not quite feeling the vibe like I felt it at my elementary placement. But it's improving, slowly but surely. I'm surprised to find how much I'm enjoying working with the middle schoolers on their honor choir music--those boys are so sweet! Easily distracted, but very sweet :)

    And finally, as promised...PICTURES!! I realized that I have this gallery space on LJ, so I might as well use it! So there are two galleries set up at present. The Program Pics for the fifties and sixties program from my elementary placement (a full description of the program can be found here). And Room Renovations has pics of my new room!

    Oh, and one more thing. [ profile] writergurl told me about this. Go to Google Maps and choose Get Directions. Type in New York, New York to Paris, France. Read Step #23. Laugh your head off ^___^

    I think that's about it for now. I think I'm going to go knit for a while and just relaaaaax.
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    Started my second placement for student teaching yesterday.

    ...thus far, I am really NOT enjoying myself. But I've only been there two days, should give it a little more time. And besides, that elementary school program is really a hard act to follow. Which reminds me, I need to get those pictures posted...but yeah. So far, not very happy :(

    Gaaah, all I really want to do right now is fall asleep x_x But gotta get a couple other things done first. Then I intend to knit another four or eight rows (this thing goes in a pattern of four, and it's a pain to try and find your place if you lose it) and then crash. And I will crash HARD.

    And why is it so cold? WTF, weather? *siiiiigh* At least it's not snowing.
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    I meant to post this yesterday, but I kinda got side-tracked, what with going to meet my other coop and then Kingdom Hearts night--SQUEE!!

    Kingdom Hearts: WE FINALLY FREAKIN' BEAT URSULA!!! I swear to God, we must have tried at least thirty times, possibly more, over the last two weeks! But when those little levely-up boxes appeared on the screen, we all started SCREAMING. Literally. [ profile] msbbt and I were screaming and jumping up and down and running around my downstairs family room. Meanwhile, [ profile] bishonen_girl (who had been fighting Ursula for all this time) stood up, took two steps forward, and just flopped down, face-down, on the floor. We later realized she was crying because she was so happy :D

    Then we went and finished up Winnie the Pooh. TOTAL. FANGIRLGASM! It made for a few very happy girls :D [ profile] msbbt was actually getting teary about that, too--I wasn't teary, but I did have lots and lots of these warm, fuzzy, happy feelings :D After they left, I promptly went and washed the good cheer off my hands. Then we went and duked it out with Captain Hook--that only took a few tries, I think, and we beat him and finished up Neverland. Which means that we're ready to go tackle the ending battles!

    ...and then [ profile] msbbt was trying to find out if there were any Dalmation puppies that we hadn't gotten yet, so she looked ahead in the guidebook...and got a massive, massive spoiler for the end of the game. I already knew it because I read the manga, and [ profile] bishonen_girl has already beat the game. But yeah...way to go, hon ^^;; *luffs*

    All in all, not bad for a night's play :D Hopefully, we'll finish it up really really soon (and I've been told we'll need tissues for the ending), and then we can get back on Kingdom Hearts II!

    And now...the program stuff :)

    ♫ Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah... ♫ )

    I'll post the pictures later, after I get them uploaded. I need to email them to my coop, too :3 But that was the program. What a wonderful evening it was... :)
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    Well, the program is over--thus ends the first half of my student teaching experience. I'll make a full post about it tomorrow, as well as finish replying to other comments. Right now, I'm just really worn out and sort of want to go cuddle with my teddy bear and go sleepy x_x

    But I will say this--IT WAS FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!

    In the meantime, you may all do as my icon says and praise me at will:

    Think Positive Meme!

    Pweez? *holds ego out with a sign that says "Pet Me"*
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    [ profile] jeva_chan!!!!! Do not let me forget that I owe you a sneak-peek of the next fic for [ profile] 30_nights. It's angsty and dark and not-happy and all those things that make our tar-blackened little hearts sing emo Linkin Park songs for joy. And Evil.

    It's my last day in Student Teaching Placement #1. Tomorrow is the elementary school program...I WILL TOTALLY REMEMBER TO BRING MY CAMERA AND TAKE ZE PICTURES, YES!! :D :D :D *fails at life* Today's rehearsal might be a wee bit on the chaotic side, because it's the first/only rehearsal with costumes. And ZOMG wait until you guys see the Purple People Eater mask ♥

    Starting next week, my commute will be about twenty minutes, instead of an hour. Now Candy-chan will put on her Happy Face :DDDDD And watch, I'll have to be there at 7:30 AM or something T_T Guess I'll find out when I go meet him on Friday.

    I'm sort of sad to be leaving the elementary school...overall it's been a really good experience (eight weeks, and only one total mental meltdown!). The program has been a delight to work on...and while I was driving home yesterday, I had an idea for another program you could do with kids: the months of the year! This led me to remember a favorite book of mine from childhood.

    Please tell me someone else remembers reading Chicken Soup with Rice. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeez?

    Actually, I did a lot of reconnecting myself with my childhood yesterday. I was trying to remember the poems from Chicken Soup with Rice on my drive home, and then last night I sat down and did some hard-core knitting and watched my newly-acquired DVDs of one of my favorite animated shows, in all its cheesy glory.

    ... *sings really loudly* TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES! HEROES IN A HALF-SHELL--TURTLE POWER!!! *windows break, fire hydrants turn into geysers, and adorable little puppies explode*

    This is so weird...I updated my MKR epic after a year's hiatus due to my computer eating my outline, which I have not yet totally reconstructed due to waning inspiration...but now that I've updated it again, the ideas are just flowing like crazy O.O Maybe I'll be able to get that outline pieced back together soon after all :D And finish the fic...without waiting another year to update... *hangs head in shame*

    Well, we've got some kids coming in to finesse their program parts a little bit in a very shot time. So I will stop my pointless assault on your f-list now :3

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