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Oct. 26th, 2006 07:57 pm
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Okay, I promised these a while back...and am only now getting around to actually uploading them *hangs head* I know, I know...but anyway, pics and accompanying commentary are under the cuts to spare your f-lists. Luvs!

Fun with Balloons! )

God bless Homecoming! And later that week, we had...

Pie Your RA! )

AND I GET TO GO HOME TOMORROW ZOMG SO EXCITED!!! *ahem* I haven't been home for a full weekend since mid-August. So yeah, I'm pretty stoked =D So I'm gonna go do my homework really fast and then pack my stuff so I can get the hell out of here right after class tomorrow *happy happy backflip*

Birthday countdown: 3 days 4 hours 'till twenty-one years.
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Hip hip, HOORAY!
Hip hip, HOORAY!
Hip hip, HOORAY!

In a few hours, I'll be speeding off on my way to see RENT for the second time on stage. WHOO!! I'm even wearing my new red flowy cleavage shirt for the occasion! I imagine we'll get back pretty late tonight, but I had to come back to campus tonight. I'm on break duty, and Jo was lovely enough to hold the phone for me so I could go *praises Jo*

For your viewing pleasure, a rare moment of actual interest in Prehistoric to Medieval Art History. A nice Etruscan statue with an unfortunate resemblance...and he shall henceforth be known as George W. Bush's smarter half.

In other news, the RD gave us all beta-fishies as pets at the beginning of the year, and she has several fishies of her own. But she's gone for the break, so she asked if I'd take care of them for her since I'm going to be here on duty all weekend. I said sure, so that's three fish hanging out in the Meadow. Then [livejournal.com profile] jewelsybear1017 asked if I'd take care of Finn for her.

To summarize, I'm taking care of my own beta-fishie (*pets Kaito*) along with Mandy's, Jewels', Miriam's, Kristin's, and Lorena's. That equals nine, with such illustrious names as Refrigerator, Magnet, Blender, Ernie, Lola, Snape, and Finneas Betamax Fishington the First. That last one was Jewelsy's, by the way =P Most of them are living down in the Meadow (which is sort of our RA office), so I can feed them when I do my rounds--break duty involves doing rounds through the building twice a day.

I mentioned it to [livejournal.com profile] thekellylynn, and she said it was a fishie slumber party!

... *clings* Kelly, I miss having you around the corner from meeeee...

...and Lorena just told me to tell her if her fish Snape misbehaves or bites his friends *dies*
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Just got back from the President's dinner--every year, the President of our university has a dinner with the RAs during training. Everyone dresses up and it's in the really fancy dining room on campus and the food is always to die for. You get the idea.

So this year, I wound up sitting with the new VP. He's so awesome--and he's BRITISH!! We're still trying to piece together exactly how a British former pro-soccer player wound up in Middle-of-Nowhere, Iowa. But whatever the reason, he was great conversation--especially detailing the story of how he got five degrees (including a doctorate) and didn't pay for any of them because he was working at the schools. He's British, he's charming, he's an athlete...Lorena said that if he's a Harry Potter fan, then she has found her dream man =D

The dinner itself was delicious, too: a spinach salad with hardboiled egg slices and bacon under a raspberry vinagrette for the first course. Second course had potatoes, green beans (I don't know what seasoning was on them, but oh LORDY it was good) and chicken with pineapple and breading on top. DELCIOUS! Now, the thing we all look forward to the most about the President's dinner is the dessert. It's always incredible, and this year they were taunting us about it. But when they brought it out, the entire room erupted into ooh's and aah's of appreciation. Picture this, if you will.

A chunk of raspberry cheesecake.

A chunk of turtle caramel cheesecake.

A chunk of fudge brownie.

A dollop of whipped cream.

All in a long-stemmed dessert glass.

I think several people orgasmed. Oh LORDY, was it good! I haven't heard a reaction like that since they served that chocolate mousse cheesecake at the dinner my first year as an RA. My entire staff moaned in unison. God almighty, that was a fantastic dessert...

Tomorrow is our day off from training...and I'm on duty. NOT BY MY OWN CHOICE, I might add. Soooooo I have permission to go home tonight. Stay at home tonight, and be back by seven tomorrow night. Jo's staying on campus, so she said she would hold the phone =D But yeah--I just have to grab my hamper, my bag, my pillow, and my purse, and I'm heading home! When I talked to Mom yesterday, I told her I couldn't come home until tomorrow morning...SURPRISE!!

So I'll catch y'all when I get home. Ciao for now!


May. 17th, 2006 09:43 pm
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Well, I'm done with my tests. Whee!! Life is...all right, I s'pose.

That Conducting final was a JOKE! Honestly, that was ridiculous. If I hadn't had to wait to do my individual conducting, singing, and playing, I would have been outta there in probably fifteen minutes or less. It was insanely easy, my second favorite kind of final--my favorite is the non-existent final, of course ^___^

Tomorrow, I have my Creative Writing final...which is "walk in, get my short story, get my portfolio, get my compilation, say goodbye, walk out." That's my favorite kind of final, right there *grin* Then I get to hang out in the main lounge for check-outs, skip out for traffic duty at one, go to a quick choir rehearsal at two, and then back to the dorm. We're there until six, and then...MY LAST DUTY NIGHT OF THE SEMESTER!!!

Got my grade back on my big portfolio piece for Classroom Management. I GOT AN A!! Whew...and I saw on Connected Learning that I got a 91% on the final, which is awesome--that was the one I nearly missed because my alarm clock died. There was only one question that I was completely blank on, so I must have BS-ed something right!

Otherwise...yeah. The next chapter of The New World, aka "the CCS fic I update about once every six months because I refuse to just let it die, dammit" is nearing completion. I got going on it, and the first five pages really wrote themselves. Now I just have to finish and post it. Not as long as the last chapter (sorry, no twenty-pagers this time around), but it's a chapter!

Time to curl up in bed. YAY! Catch y'all later ^_^
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Got my bulletin board done half an hour before quiet hours started. Power to me! Now if only my Music History and Lit was done, then I could go to sleep and not move again until tomorrow morning. Plus, I'm going to have to throw myself on the mercy of my piano teacher. The first week is never kind ;_;

[livejournal.com profile] 30_kisses did their sweep today. Looks like a whole bunch of people lost their couple(s). Kinda sad, really--but two months really is plenty of time to crank out a drabble, I think. *Candy-chan tucks her two couples back under her bed* Stay there, you're still mine for another twelve and seventeen stories, respectively ^_^

Speaking of, my muses are going crazy and keep crossing wires. *pulls out megaphone* Attention all muses for Shinichi and Ran's Thirty Kisses!! All angsty ideas, please step to the right. All sappy and fluffy ideas, please step to the left. All muses concerning nudity and/or sex please move to the back, I've already written that one! Thank you for your cooperation =P

Yeah, this is random "me unable to focus on Music History for more than five minutes at a time" babbling ^^;; I should get back to work. But I leave you with two things. One, keep your eyes peeled, all you fanfic friends. Got something else in the works. Secondly, a line from band today that [livejournal.com profile] jewelsybear1017 insisted I scribble down and post on LJ.

"That's right! It's supposed to sound icky! They're clowns!"
Jerry the Band Director during rehearsal of a piece called Clowns. It was really dissonant.
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So I'm hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] thekellylynn and "working" on various things that are due tomorrow. Things like my bulletin board...which is totally getting done, I swear...what, you doubt me?

We had a really great laugh about this one LJ fic comm, called [livejournal.com profile] 30_rooms simply because we think it is a HILARIOUS challenge. Basically, there are thirty themes...one for each room in a love hotel. I read the list out loud to her, just for shi'ites and giggles. Here are our favorites:

30 Rooms That Makes Us Laugh... )

They're all funny, but those were our favorites. And I have never seen Kelly look so horrified as she did when I commented on the Hello Kitty room *sniggers evilly*

Anyway, [livejournal.com profile] fyliwionvilyaer has a birthday coming up. And I miiiiiiiiight have something up my sleeve for her in terms of present-age...like a fic or something...not saying I do for sure, but ya never know. I mean, something might pop up and surprise everyone...

...cue halo!! *grins beneath sparkly halo*
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It rained all day yesterday--it was lovely. Not too cold, no thunder or lightning. Just a nice light rainfall. [livejournal.com profile] ladyerisnos and I even went out for a long walk in it. It was great! Most excellent, indeed.

Then I was on duty with [livejournal.com profile] thekellylynn. Duty last night was...interesting. But that's a story for another day, I think. I'll just say that we watched a few movies--I think Kelly was right, though. We went through pretty much our entire movie collections (with the exclusion of anime) through the course of interim. But between the two of us, we were on duty pretty much every day in interim. For the record, sometimes I really hate humanity ^^;;

Then today I wake up and find we've got more sky dandruff falling today. Snow, snow, and more snow. It's not really cold (I'm wearing flip-flops, actually...), and I don't think it's sticking [yet], but the stuff is falling like crazy. The thing is that nobody wants it anymore!!! Christmas is over, and we all got to go play in it already. That's enough, we're done. No. More. Snow.

At this point, snow needs to stay where it belongs: on mountaintops, the North Pole, and in Bing Crosby songs.

*bows* Thank you.
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As I've said in a couple of prior entries, there's never really a dull moment in RA-dom. The events of last night-through-this morning are a prime example. Let me stell you the tory...

On breaks, there's always an RA on duty. I've got the first two days of this break--which means I get to go home tomorrow afternoon. Yayness! But anyway, so I've got the duty phone and a short list of stuff that needs to get done. We sometimes call it 'babysitting the building.'

Well, last night I did my rounds like usual--we just turn off lights, check bathrooms, check fire extinguishers...you get the idea. Well, Fridays are party nights, so rounds happen at ten, midnight, and two AM. One of my friends has been on a trip in Egypt for the last couple weeks, and she stopped by at one-thirty to say hi. It was great to see her again, and she had tons of stories.

Hung with her for half an hour, then did rounds. Crawled into bed and put my headphones on for about twenty mintes--that's my ritual. When I'm getting ready to go to bed, the headphones go on and I listen to music for a while. It just helps me unwind and relax. I finally dozed off at about two-thirty, three-ish in the morning.

Imagine my surprise when I wake up to a knock on my door. I was really kind of confused, because I knew we weren't meeting until eleven for brunch and room checks, but it was still totally dark outside. The sun usually starts coming up around seven, seven-thirty-ish at this time of year. So I crawl out of bed and stumble to the door, wondering if somebody got locked out of their room or something. Imagine my surprise when it's my supervisor, Gretchen. She's the RD here. I'm even more surprised to see that she's holding a candle--a direct policy violation (Gods, did that sound as nerdy as I thought it did? Probably...).

She then informs me that the power is out. I glance over at my microwave clock, and sure enough, it's totally off. So she asks me if I have my flashlight (part of our 'RA kit' of sorts), because we needed to do rounds through the building. With the power out, the fire alarms are off, so we have to act as the fire alarms by continually walking through the very dark, very quiet, very creepy building to make sure everything's as it should be.

We had some massively strong winds overnight--they started last night. There were gusts that reached sixty miles per hour. Welcome to Iowa winters. Anyway, that's what did it--something got blown over.

So let's recap: I was up 'till two-thirty AM doing rounds and RA stuff. I then was woken up at SIX AM to wander the building in search of fires. I know it was six AM because I grabbed the duty phone on the way out, and it has the time on the display screen. Also, I am not a morning person. So we walked around the building about five times, then sat in the main lounge and watched the sun start to rise. Then we went down and checked the boiler room (I'd like to take this opportunity to say how much I really don't like the dark and stuff...)

But finally, Gretch sent me back to my room, saying that she'd get one of the other RAs to do rounds every hour (since the sun had come up, we only needed them once an hour). So I crawled back into bed at about a quarter past seven...and was awakened again at ten by my alarm. We were meeting at eleven for brunch.

I rolled over and went back to sleep. Woke up at five to eleven because someone knocked on my door. Didn't bother getting dressed or anything--just pulled on a trusty sweatshirt and wandered down for food. All four of us RA's still in the building, plus Gretchen, had ended up getting woken up to do a stint on fire-watch, so we were all fairly tired.

Room checks went blessedly fast, and now it's naptime for me! So yeah, that was my night. I swear, one time we had to do closing stuff, we had a fire alarm go off. It was about ten degrees outside, and I wasn't wearing shoes. That was soooooooooo [NOT] fun. This time, the power goes out for five hours.

Never a dull moment...

~ Candy-chan ^_^

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