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...and no, [ profile] ashleymouse and I totally didn't just count down the last five minutes to midnight. Of course not. We'd never do something so nerdy. And my fingers totally weren't tingling...all righty! Here's to having no life for the next month!

*goes to start writing*

PS. I sat down to watch the Ghost Hunters Halloween special--a live broadcast of an investigation. Guess I didn't realize that they were going to be broadcasting the entire investigation. All six hours worth. Bless Steve for letting me borrow a tape!!
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Anyone else doing NaNoWriMo want to be friends? I'm on there as Candyland, because I am woefully uncreative like that *laugh* Pleez to be making friends, yes? *luvs on everyone*

We should do a support group for it--I'd host it right here. That'd be fun--see how far along everyone is, how frustrated, what plot-hole has just been discovered, the great idea that just bit, and how many keyboards have been destroyed by repeated headdesking again them. Although if someone has actually smashed their head into their keyboard enough to break it, we're going to need a different type of support group ^^;;

But anyway, I have my initial idea for my novel. I just have to develop it into a full, comprehensive plot. So this month's project is to get ahead on fics and get some sort of an outline together--fortunately, I have fall break duty, so I'll have a few days with absolutely NOTHING to do, sitting around on campus ^_______^ Here's hoping for the best!

Oh, and I preordered the dub release of the first Conan movie, right? Well, when I checked it on Monday, it said I was on backorder *sigh* Then I checked it again yesterday, and it said it was "Reserved for my order." @_@ I just want it to get here soon!! *flails*
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*points to self* See this? This is what an idiot looks like.

Do you all want to know why?

I'll tell you why.

Because on top of everything else I'm doing, writing-wise, and my goal of finishing [ profile] 30_nights and [ profile] 30_hugs by Christmas...and my recent tackling of [ profile] fanfic100...

I just signed up for NaNoWriMo.

50,000 words in one month.


Go ahead. Smite me. Yell at me. I know some of you probably will.

I am such a moron...

...anyone else wanna do it with me? *is shot*

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