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The outdoor movie last night was AWESOME!

First off, Over the Hedge is just a cute movie to begin with. Add in the fact that it was cooling off pretty well by the time the movie started (as opposed to our hundred and one degree heat index from earlier), and [ profile] kaitodoushi brought us these incredible bug repellent wipes--if there were mosquitoes out there, they didn't bite me--and we had ourselves a grand ol' evening.

I work today, two to close. Last few times at work have been interesting. And for the love of god, I really wish He-Cook would just LET THINGS GO. Seriously, if it was only marginally funny the first time, repeating it six hundred times in five hours is not going to make it moreso *headwall*

Buuuuuuuut I'm liking how that Satou/Takagi story is coming out so far :3 Poor Shiratori...that's what he gets for underestimating a certain someone. Moo ha ha >:D

Okey dokers, time to go take a shower and sort of put myself together for the day. There will be more drive-by glompings at a later time...when you least expect it!! *sneakysneaky*

Oh, before I go--the soundtrack for Curtains = lots and lots of love ~♥ Any soundtrack that has a line on it about dangling participles appeals to my deeply rooted grammar whore ^_________^
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And they did "Totally F**ked" on the awards show. Only they sort of censored themselves.

Also, did anyone else noticed that whenever the show won an award, the background song the orchestra played was "Totally F**ked"? I thought that was funny and ironic, and I was trying to sing along :D

And Curtains looks kind of awesome.


♫Yeah, you're fucked, all right
And all for spite
You can kiss your sorry ass goodbye
Totally fucked, will they mess you up
Well you know they're gonna try...♪
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So I just discovered the opening theme to DNAngel. And I'm hopelessly in love with it. And it's making me think that I need some new tunes with which to amuse myself as I putter about the interwebs. And I'm a total nerd for anime/J-pop, especially ballads and uber-pretty slow songs (but fun, upbeat ones are good too!). I also have a soft spot for piano and instrumental works ♥

Sooooo, my dear f-list, I was wondering if anyone could recommend some awesome anime/J-pop tunes for lil' ol' me. Much appreciated and loved! :D

I was tagged by Alena... )
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I feel like I'm running around like a chicken whose head has recently been separated from the rest of me x_x I'm worn out, I feel like I'm not getting much done, and to top it all off, I somehow managed to pull a muscle in my neck this morning. Don't ask me how--I was fine until I reached up to rub the back of my neck and then WAAAAAAAAHHURTIEHURTIEHURTIE!!! So now I can barely move my head, and I definitely can't turn to look from side to side.

If you've never heard the song "Canada is Really Big," you need to. Also, does anyone perhaps have an mp3 of "Old McDonald Had a Dysfunctional Farm"? Because that song is also win.

And now I'm going to go lie on a heating pad for a while *huuuuuurt*

[/a really whiny entry]
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I heard this at jazz show, and thought it was hilarious. So...without further ado...

A soprano died and went to the gates of Heaven. St. Peter was waiting, and when she arrived, he asked her a question: "How many notes did you miss throughout your life?"

The soprano thought about it, and replied, "Three."

St. Peter nodded and snapped his fingers, and suddenly an angel ran out of nowhere and jabbed the soprano three times with a needle before running off.

Naturally, the soprano was very surprised. "OUCH! That hurt! What was that about?"

"It's the Law of Heaven," St. Peter replied. "God loves beautiful music. So when musicians arrive here, we stick them with a needle once for every note they missed in their life before we let them enter." He opened the gates and led the soprano in.

As she was passing through the gates, she heard a horrible screaming sound from behind a nearby wall. She stopped and listened--it sounded like a person in horrible pain. She turned around and asked, "What is that??"

St. Peter replied, "Oh, that's a tenor. He's been here for quite some time. I think he's just getting started on his third week on the sewing machine."

And just for [ profile] gomath02...

What's the difference between a Porsche and a soprano?

Most musicians have never been inside a Porsche.

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The interview went all right, I think! :D The superintendent told me I did very well, given that this was my first interview ^___^ Now all we can do is wait and see what happens.

AND remember when I got an email from a superintendent wanting more information? She emailed me a couple of days ago (of course, right after I last checked that email account >.>) to ask if we could schedule an interview for next week!! So I just emailed her back--here's hoping! :D :D :D

In recent fic news, I'm really flying along as of late. The thirty-ninth fic for [ profile] 30_nights is very close to completion, and the last one is already partially written--I started that one a while ago, then decided that I would make it the last one because I liked the theme and the idea so much. I also think I've finally got my last one for [ profile] 30_hugs figured out, and I am currently 1250 words into it ^___^ So hopefully we will soon wrap up two challenges.

Which will leave me with four. Including [ profile] fanfic100. Yey? :D

Eighteen days until graduation...I can't believe it...which reminds me! [ profile] jewelsybear1017!! Did you still want/need to hang with us for a few days around graduation? I couldn't remember what dates you had mentioned because I suck like that ^^;; Let me know, and I'll clear it with the parents :)

And finally, as promised to [ profile] axtar...

  • Kingdom Hearts OST Disc I (Part 1)
  • Kingdom Hearts OST Disc I (Part 2)
  • Kingdom Hearts OST Disc II

    Enjoy them well! :D
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    Ganked lovingly from [ profile] defnight...

    ABC Meme! )

    And now, for [ profile] axtar...MUSIC!! :D :D :D The only one I've got uploaded right now is Blue Eyes Blue, by Eric Clapton because the other ones are going to take a while. I'll do them later :3 Enjoy it well!
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    I meant to post this yesterday, but I kinda got side-tracked, what with going to meet my other coop and then Kingdom Hearts night--SQUEE!!

    Kingdom Hearts: WE FINALLY FREAKIN' BEAT URSULA!!! I swear to God, we must have tried at least thirty times, possibly more, over the last two weeks! But when those little levely-up boxes appeared on the screen, we all started SCREAMING. Literally. [ profile] msbbt and I were screaming and jumping up and down and running around my downstairs family room. Meanwhile, [ profile] bishonen_girl (who had been fighting Ursula for all this time) stood up, took two steps forward, and just flopped down, face-down, on the floor. We later realized she was crying because she was so happy :D

    Then we went and finished up Winnie the Pooh. TOTAL. FANGIRLGASM! It made for a few very happy girls :D [ profile] msbbt was actually getting teary about that, too--I wasn't teary, but I did have lots and lots of these warm, fuzzy, happy feelings :D After they left, I promptly went and washed the good cheer off my hands. Then we went and duked it out with Captain Hook--that only took a few tries, I think, and we beat him and finished up Neverland. Which means that we're ready to go tackle the ending battles!

    ...and then [ profile] msbbt was trying to find out if there were any Dalmation puppies that we hadn't gotten yet, so she looked ahead in the guidebook...and got a massive, massive spoiler for the end of the game. I already knew it because I read the manga, and [ profile] bishonen_girl has already beat the game. But yeah...way to go, hon ^^;; *luffs*

    All in all, not bad for a night's play :D Hopefully, we'll finish it up really really soon (and I've been told we'll need tissues for the ending), and then we can get back on Kingdom Hearts II!

    And now...the program stuff :)

    ♫ Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah... ♫ )

    I'll post the pictures later, after I get them uploaded. I need to email them to my coop, too :3 But that was the program. What a wonderful evening it was... :)
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    I got tagged over here by [ profile] axtar. I've done this once before, but it's still fun. Here's the meme...

    Reply and I'll give you a letter. Find five ten songs that start with that letter and post them to your journal. (It's actually five songs, but I couldn't pick, so I did ten :3)

    ...and here are my answers!

    Hampster Dance
    Happy Happy Joy Joy
    Harlem Nocturne
    Heaven on Their Minds
    Here Beside Me
    Holding Out for a Hero
    Holy Water
    Hot Hot Hot
    Human Again
    Hymn to the Lost and the Living.

    The commentary! )

    If you take any music, feel free to comment so I know who I'm supplying to. 'Nother shipment, five dolla. Or just poke me and I will give you a letter ^___^ Have fun!
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    As promised, I have uploaded you musica! :D These are zips of the complete albums.

    - Jersey Boys
    - Thoroughly Modern Millie
    - Phantom of the Opera, Movie Disc I
    - Phantom of the Opera, Movie Disc II

    Sorry it's taking me a couple of days--I found out my CD burner has all but gone kaput *pets new jump-drive* Plus, they're taking FOREVER to upload, so I'll just try and get 'em posted a couple at a time for your listening enjoyment. Hope that's all right :3

    Anyone else who wants to take a listen, go ahead--commenting and letting me know you're doing so is nice, too ^_~ If you didn't know, Jersey Boys is the music of the Four Seasons, one of the best-selling groups of all time (I think they're in fifth place on that list...) Y'all know the song "Sherry"? That's them.
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    First off--[ profile] ashleymouse? Spring Awakening is officially my new favorite CD. The song I'm currently listening to religiously is actually "The Song of Purple Summer." Total love ♥

    And now, because I am A) bored, B) narcissistic, and C) not working on drabble requests and plunnies which would probably change the numbers here, I have decided to do a quick tally of where I stand on certain things. Let's take a look-see...

    [ profile] 30_nights for Kaito and Aoko: 33/40 completed

    [ profile] 30_hugs for Heiji and Kazuha: 23/30 completed

    [ profile] 30_ways for Shinichi and Ran: 7/30 completed

    [ profile] 30_friends for Shinichi and Heiji: 6/30 completed

    [ profile] 30_evil_deeds for Gin: 3/30 completed

    [ profile] fanfic100 for Detective Conan, general series: 6/100 completed

    Total themes: 230
    Total completed: 78
    Remaining themes: 152


    Number of times Candy-chan is banging her head against a convenient wall for being such a theme comm whore: TOO MANY TO COUNT. For everything else, there's Mastercard. *shot*
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    Dear beautiful people of LJ,

    I am looking for two songs, and I was wondering if anyone might have the tracks lying around that they'd be willing to share. If no one does, I'll buy the CDs...but anyway, the two songs.

    1) "I Loved Her First" by Heartland
    2) "Mountains" by Lonestar

    So if anyone would maybe share, I would luff on you lots! If, it's not the end of my world :D
    THANK YOU, [ profile] strawberrychan!!!

    Also, to those who've been reading my series for [ profile] 30_nights--I'm wanting to bring Aya-chan (Kaito and Aoko's four-year-old daughter) back for another fic, but I'm a bit stymied, so I'm reaching out to you with this uber-important question...

    If Aya-chan were to meet Uncle Hakuba, what kind of prank could she pull on him? I mean, she's already going to kick his ass in poker, I'm sure, but...a good solid Kaito-ish prank. I welcome any and all suggestions. Winner gets...well, a fic about it. Most likely dedicated to them :D

    ~ Me ^_^
    candyland: (smile) anybody out there? *words echo into the void* Yeah, haven't posted on here in a while, I know! Been uber-busy lately.

    Thanks to all who left me presents in my Christmas stocking! Those are some smurfy presents, guys, and I treasure them all! Also, another reminder for anyone who wanted a Christmas card to leave me ze screened comment here! MWAH!

    And now, since I'm on a break from studying for my last final (which is Visual Basic, which I don't think I'll do well on anyway, but I'll try), onto the events of the weekend--this past weekend I had my last band concert, and my last Madrigal.

    Saturday: Masters in this hall...go Scootin' on Hardrock! )

    Sunday: Wassail, wassail aaaaaaall day long... )

    I'll leave you with that INSANELY LONG NARRATIVE for now. I might post about the rest of my week later--and hopefully, I shall have Madrigal pictures shortly. I have two right now: a "queenly portrait," and a senior picture. But this past weekend was beautiful and wonderful and...well, that's the way a senior Madrigal should feel when you're done with it, I think ♥

    ...and I just found out that Peter Boyle died of heart disease. He played Frank Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond for ten years--one of the greatest characters on TV, in my humblest of opinions ;-; He was seventy-one years old.
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    Been putting this off for a bit, so here we go...cut for your pleasure. (Interpret THAT how you will, ha!)

    The recital article... )

    The IMEA conference )

    The choir concert... )

    So there's the nice, long-winded explanation of most of my weekend. Just a couple other things...

    Since PK printed it in the concert program, I'm thinking that means I got the student teaching placements I wanted =)

    Grandma didn't have the surgery. They got up there, talked to the doctor, and decided that they would try to control it with medication, diet, and exercise. Which is a good thing--I hope >.> But yeah, all that worrying and crying over nothing... *feels slightly silly for being so emotional*

    I'm writing again. And the plunnies are biting like crazy. And while I'm at it, [ profile] magic_truth seems to have fallen off the face of the planet again. How many times did I tell her not to go walking near that damned black hole? ^^;; Actually, I know she's uber-busy with school =)

    Aaaaaaaaand found out that as of January first, my father will be unemployed.

    That's all, folks. *goes back to homework*
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    I LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!! *does a happy jig*

    I survived the recital. It went really, really well! Cory is a truly awesome bass trombone player, and the music he played was really fun to listen to. And I 'membered all my Italian words, and I only messed up my words once, but other words came out of my mouth instead, and it was in German so nobody knew =DD And most of it came out sounding pretty good *cheers*

    My parents came and brought my great-aunt with them, and then my aunt and uncle and one of my cousins came--she's in sixth grade. And my sister and a LOT of my friends came, too! I felt bad for Cory, 'cause most of his friends left to go see the Iowa basketball game. Cory's a really mature guy, and if it were my friends, I would have told them to go to the game too...but still...oh well, not my place. At least we had a pretty decent-sized audience.

    And I got lotsa flowers!! *heart heart heart* Seriously--I didn't have a free hand to hug people! *looks at all the pretties around the room* It makes me so happy! =DDD Afterwards, Mommy and Daddy and Aunt Aggie took me out to Taco John's for dinner ('cause I hadn't eaten yet), and...well, I'm a regular at the TJ's here in town. Like, a couple of the people there know my face and know my order by heart. So I walked in, and the lady walked to the counter and said, "Okay, a number three with chicken, medium-sized..." My parents just cracked up. I was slightly embarrassed...but it was all good =D

    Then I came back to my room, pulled on my PJs, crawled into bed...and wound up zonking sometime between midnight and one AM, not exactly sure when. Woke up, it was almost noon, and my room was cold, but I was nice and warm under Cuddles, my beloved 'lectric blankie (yay for naming inanimate objects!!).

    I'm also in a very good mood because I went to the Buddhist temple again...and there was actually a service going on. So I've got what I need for my paper...but it was also very interesting to see the service in progress. I was asked to leave at a certain part because that's only for people of the faith, but she invited me to come back on Monday--she said she was so pleased that I was taking an interest in learning about other faiths. I commented on the beauty of the temple (the altar to the Buddha is gorgeous), and she told me to bring a camera if I wanted to take pictures. And it's right during my free hour on Monday, too ♥

    The rest of's just been uber-boring, not gonna lie. So many people are gone this weekend--the Iowa game, there's a retreat going on, and I think a few other organizations have things happening this weekend. So it's very quiet, and uber-boring. Yeah, really bored.

    *puppy dog eyes at everyone* Pleeeeeeeease somebody get online and talk to meeeeeeeee...don't know if I'll have anything really interesting to talk about, but gaaaaah the boredom is eating me!! I'm almost bored enough to...start on my homework *hangs head* It's so horrible...
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    Well, T minus an hour-fifteen 'till warm-ups, and two hours 'till showtime. I'm currently sitting on my bed, with my hair done and my jewelry on, wearing a black tank top and my black skirt and a pair of light blue PJ pants with M&M's on them. Still gotta do my makeup (yes, I'm wearing make-up for once) and get my cardigan and shoes and crap together...

    Gah, I'm nervous. My stomach's starting to do that twisty thing...even though we did our runthrough earlier, and it went beautifully...and I don't want to eat anything, just in case I feel sick or something were to clog up my voice. That would be uber-disastrous. I'm probably freaking out over nothing, and it'll be totally fine--you'll all know how it went as soon as I get back to my laptop. But until then...waaaaaah... *clings to anyone within reach*

    Oh yes, and before I forget...

    No birthday wishes under here...I swear it... )
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    I feel like I've been doing a lot of whining lately, but [ profile] jeva_chan insists that I'm not whining, and...I just need to get this out. Hopefully, I won't start crying again, because I already did that. Twice.

    I am a complete mental wreck... )
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    In spite of the fact that I got zero sleep last night, I'm actually having a really good day today!

    So I tossed and turned until about six this morning, at which point I got up and got dressed and packed up my stuff for class...and then crawled back into bed, trying to take a quick nap-type sleep. Still didn't work. So at about eight, I finally got up and headed down to the servery to grab some breakfast--I rarely eat breakfast, preferring to stay in bed as long as humanly possible instead.

    I had a nice breakfast. I also had coffee. Both were very tasty ♥ Then I grabbed a cup of hot cocoa (with a little French Vanilla cappucino in it for flavor) and headed to Art History. It was boring, as usual ^^;; Hey, can't win 'em all!

    Then I went to Religions of Asia, in which everyone was as out of it as I was. She paired us up and asked us to read a specific section and explain it to the class. I tried to read it, and the letters started dancing in front of my eyes. The other two girls just kind of stared. So yeah, everyone was really zoned out. But on a happy note, she pushed back our portfolio due date from Friday to Monday AND cut back the amount of stuff we had to have in it. SCORE!!

    Went down to lunch, but wasn't really hungry. Enjoyed good company of friends. Got a backrub from Matt ♥

    And then I went to Madrigal rehearsal at noon, in which the seniors had to take a vote on something major. It hit me that I hadn't actually explained what a Madrigal is. Here's a brief explanation...

    Masters in this hall, hear ye all the news today... )

    Anyway, so we voted on King and Queen. And guess who got Queen.


    That's right, me.

    I'm still floating! I know, it's really dumb to get worked up over something like this...but I'm still really excited! *happy happy backflip* I'm going to call my parents tonight to tell them the good news--I bet they'll be thrilled! And John is my king, which totally rocks! I'm also uber-stoked because PK said I could do the solo I wanted. I don't know how many of you know Amy Grant, but my Madrigal solo this year, may I do it justice, is "Breath of Heaven." *is uber-squeeful* I promise there will be pictures ^__^

    And I found the cable for my camera, so I'll upload some random piccies tonight as promised a while back =)

    Methods was a cinch--I taught my lesson, and more or less nailed it. We have no homework in that class for Friday!! Then I had voice practice, and realized that I'm coming along a lot further in my memorization than I thought I was! SCORE! Considering my voice recital is about two and a half weeks away...yeah. *panic panic panic*

    Choir...yeah, pretty sure I fell asleep ^^;; We're in band right now. Another half-hour of this, and I'm sprung for the evening *cheers!* I intend to eat dinner, go back to my room, call my mommy, curl up and watch Ghost Hunters at eight, and then sleep like the dead in-between rounds. Yay for no homework! *is bricked*

    Some other stuff going on, more personal and internal stuff...might write about that later. Right now, I just want to focus on the good mood. Cheers!
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    So...yeah. My body betrayed me last night by deciding that it did not want to sleep.

    AT ALL.

    I tossed and turned all night, and didn't sleep a wink. GRAAAAAAAAAR... *flips body the finger* I STAB YOU IN THE FACE, INSOMNIA!!! *does so--with a spork* God...I'm so tired...and I have to make it through the end of band rehearsal at 5:30, and then I intend to eat dinner, curl up, watch Ghost Hunters at eight, and then not move again until tomorrow morning...with the exception of rounds. I can't seem to get away from duty ;-;

    Plus, PK just emailed out to the Madrigal group and said that the seniors are going to decide on the King and Queen today. Glad to have some warning @_@ Yeah, I'm pretty sure I can guess who the King will be...but I'm not sure about Queen. I'm not gonna lie--I want it. I want it bad. Plus, I'm a senior, and I'm student teaching next semester. I don't have the option of doing jazz show. This Madrigal is it for me, and I'd kinda like to go out with a bang. So...yeah. I think a lot of it will also depend on the other seniors and how badly they want it. Ugh...well, the minute I know, you all will hear about it.

    But PK did say I could sing "Breath of Heaven" for my solo, so it's just a matter of finding out if it's a senior solo or a Queen's solo. Wish me luck, everybody. I might need it...
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    [ profile] ashleymouse and I are watching Clue. I made the comment that according to IMDB, it's the only movie made based off a board game. After a beat, Ash said that we should make Monopoly: The Musical! My response was to start singing.

    I'm sitting on Baltic selling crack
    Selling crack, selling crack...

    ...I love my friends. I really, really do ♥ Seriously, people say that musicals are unrealistic because nobody just randomly bursts into song? Sit at one meal with my friends and I (the Legion of Music Nerds), and I guarantee that we'll start singing at least once.

    To [ profile] fyliwionvilyaer and [ profile] jeva_chan: I'M WORKING ON IT! YOU SHALL HOPEFULLY HAVE THE SMEXY SOON! *takes Ari and goes into hiding to finish Nights fic*

    EDIT: Ash just asked how bad I thought Monopoly: The Musical! would crash *giggle*

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