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Whew...okay, busy couple of days in my little world! Thanks to everyone for their congrats on the piano test. I'm still in a good mood from yesterday! :D

Yesterday's festivities... )

Today I did have to work a six-hour-shift. I set my alarm for nine AM. Hit the snooze repeatedly until it was around ten. Got up, and spent my day relaxing before I had to go in. At work, I found myself training a new kid--I hope we keep him. Good worker (if still a little green), good attitude, pleasant to make conversation with :D The downside to training is that closing takes forever. We close at eight--I got home at a quarter after nine x_x Didn't help any that we got slammed with a rush at seven-fifteen, so I didn't get to take my twenty-minute break at seven-thirty...and so I got back at ten to close. Whoo XP

Also--this morning, I got a phone call from the floral shop in the grocery store where I work, saying that there was an arrangement there that someone had said I'd come pick up. I picked it up--it was from PK, with a card that said, "Congratulations--I knew you could do it." It was for piano--it's a lovely arrangement, all pink and orange and yellow in this adorable pink vase ♥ For all that she can drive me nuts sometimes, she really can be awesome :D

Then [ profile] writergurl came over to pick up a disc with some pictures, and we wound up chatting for a while =P And now I'm hanging out online, drabbling like a good little fanfic-addict ^_^

For the drabble request, I have three more done:

For [ profile] hagane_no_heiji: Two of a Kind. (Be warned, for it is the crackiest piece of cracktastic crack I have ever written.)

For [ profile] strawberrychan: Playing in the Rain (THERE! YOU GET YOUR HEIJI/KAZUHA SMUT! NOW STOP POKING ME WITH THAT STICK!!)

For [ profile] ran_mouri82: Telltale Stain You have Eri/Kogoro. Rejoice and be glad :D

For the record, "Playing in the Rain" and "Telltale Stain" will probably wind up in [ profile] 30_hugs and [ profile] fanfic100, respectively. I don't have a clue what to do with Two of a Kind ^^;; Next up: fics for [ profile] alena_s_anigor, [ profile] fyliwionvilyaer, and [ profile] ytak. Because I have the ideas. Yay for more smut! *waves flag*

Oh yeah, and [ profile] writergurl posted some piccies of me on her DA account. YAY!! :D

Also, my icon pwns your collective bases. That is all.
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Heard at work tonight. And lord, I wish I was kidding...

Manager:'re going into education, right?
Me: Yes... *figures he will ask a question about something school-related*
Manager: Want to teach someone how to make pizzas, calzones, lasagna, alfredo, etc...
Me: *figuring that we're getting a new employee and I'm being asked to train them on making all the Italian stuff, opens mouth to say yes*
Manager: ...on TV?

It took me a good ten seconds to realize that he was serious. Apparently, one of the local TV channels comes around and does stuff like this once in a while, and they asked me to do it for our Italian. So yeah, I'm gonna be on TV! *puts on sunglasses and autographs everyone's boobs notebooks* I just have to be there at five AM for it >.>;; Then I will go home and go back to sleep, oh yes I will ^___^

Also, we have snow. Lots of it. And it froze my battery...the bastard... *shakes fist at the sky* CURSE J00!!!

I am also knitting like mad. Soon, I will have finished a scarf, and then I shall make more things! *looks at certain people for whom I shall make washcloths and scarves, yesh*

To those who left me drabble requests, I am working on them slowly but surely. Got about three of them halfway done, and will hopefully get them posted in short order. Sorry it's taking so long--I apparently do not grasp the concept of 'drabble' as being a SHORT FIC.

...I might go watch a movie and knit for a while.

EDIT: Behold, part of a chat between [ profile] fyliwionvilyaer and myself that was just too amusing to not post...may she not spork me for this ^^;;

Warning: Disturbing drabble discussion within! )

Meme time!

Jan. 13th, 2007 08:35 pm
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First, because [ profile] ran_mouri82 asked me so nicely...

Behold my...washcloths ^^;; )

...well, I did make them myself ^__^ Also, let it be known that knitting with uber-fuzzy yarn is rather difficult >.>;;

And now, a meme...which I will probably regret doing, but oh well!

I'll do a drabble request only for the people who friended me! Just post a pairing (one I know!), genre, rating, and prompt.

...and let it be known that I reserve my right as the Almighty Authoress to take any Conan drabbles that might turn out uber-smurfy and somehow wrangle them into my challenge for [ profile] fanfic100. Or any other theme comm I am doing. Because I am insane. And a theme comm whore. That is all.
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The first three for the drabble meme are done. I was going to go in order of request, but these three plunnies bit down hard and refused to let go. To keep track, the Handy Dandy List o' Requests can be found here. I'll be crossing things off as I get them finished and posted. So here we go!

Title: Smoothie Criminal
Fandom: Detective Conan
Rating: G
Word Count: 248
For: [ profile] thekellylynn
Request: A cameo fic, discussed in person ^_~

Smoothie Criminal )

Title: A Night at the Theatre
Fandom: Detective Conan
Rating: PG
Word Count: 195
For: [ profile] mint_eclair
Request: Shinichi/Ran and a wayward puppet

A Night at the Theatre )

Title: Spring Cleaning
Fandom: Matantei Loki Ragnarok
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
For: [ profile] msbbt
Request: A Yamino fic, maybe involving a mop and a box named Stan

Spring Cleaning )

This concludes my assault on your f-lists. G'night, folks. Catch y'all tomorrow!

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