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In my last entry, I was all yay because I'd gotten an email that said my Phantom Hourglass stylus was on its way to my hot little hands, right? Well...guess what was in my mailbox when I stopped by the post office today :D *is a happy girl now, yes*

Anyway, the real reason I'm making this post is that I just put my nice little tax refund in the bank, and I'm in the mood to buy something-- *pauses to dodge thrown things* But I don't want to buy anything TOO expensive. So, dear f-list, I ask you all...

What are your thoughts on the PSP and/or the XBox 360? Do you have any game recommendations?

I should point out that I really don't care much for shooters or war games *pokes fingers together* Which is why I'm hesitating on the XBox, because it seems like the only games I see for it are *gasp* shooters and war games. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on that, I just calls 'em like I sees 'em.

Not saying for sure I'm going to get one or the other or anything at all, but I've been thinking about it. Even if it does feel like I'm cheating on my Nintendo DS by considering a PSP. *hugs DS* I love you, baby--for realz~ *looks around* ...what?

*Candy is hereby shunned by the collective population*

ETA: Feel free to discuss here, if you like, but keep it civil. No fights.


Dec. 2nd, 2007 12:25 pm
candyland: (piggy) the heck is it Sunday already? Wasn't yesterday Friday? Oh well...

I just got out of the shower, and then I'm running to Target. Need to pick up a few things, including some stuff for my Secret Santa at work. And then...I dunno what I'm going to do with the rest of my day. Yesterday I was just lethargic--didn't want to do ANYTHING ~_~;; Today I feel a little more productive, so let's see what I can get done \o/

When I was home over Thanksgiving break, [ profile] kaitodoushi and I wound up having a rather in-depth conversation about the Legend of Zelda games, sparked because she had just finished playing Phantom Hourglass and I was just starting. And it made me feel nostalgic, so I went and dug out some of the older games. I'm currently replaying Oracle of Seasons. I started it yesterday morning...and I was to the third dungeon in almost no time at all. Was the game always this easy? O_O Oh well--it's still fun :D

I'm sort of in the mood to watch some Avatar today. Maybe I should start my rewatch from the beginning ^_^ Or Invader Zim. Or Stormhawks. Or Teen Titans. Actually, maybe I'm just in the mood for cartoons O_O

And now...a poll. There is actually a reason I'm asking this, but I can't tell you what that reason is just yet ^^;;

[Poll #1099068]

Okay, I'm going to go run my errand. Later, all!

Good news!

Jun. 12th, 2007 04:31 pm
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...I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance! *bricked*

The new ND game is love and I'm really speeding through it--YAYS!

New fic up on [ profile] candyfics! Which means I'm almost done writing those first kiss requests! [ profile] magic_truth can put the stick down now!

I have another interview on Thursday! Watch--I'll go back to work tomorrow and find out that I'm scheduled... *cues internal pessimist*

*goes back to game*


Jun. 11th, 2007 06:19 pm
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Ummm...I'll try to remember to post that fic I wrote for [ profile] magic_truth later tonight. Key word is "try" because...well...I got the new Nancy Drew game and I'm going to start now.

Interview went all right, I think :)

But yeah--I'll get that one posted at some point, and then no fics until I finish my game!!! Which means that it might be a few before I get that Heiji/Kazuha typed up. *rushes to go install it and start playing and win FOR GREAT JUSTICE*

Also...who sent me cookies? I loves you :D Even though you called me sane ^.~
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Four and a half hours spent on Kingdom Hearts tonight :D We actually started KH2, but then Rachie found/retrieved her/a copy of the first game, so we're starting back on that one first and then playing through.

My best lines of the evening that I can remember off the top of my head--[ profile] msbbt and [ profile] bishonen_girl can feel free to add more!

Me: *watching Sora and Kairi in an animation segment* ...I am so OTP-ing right now.

Me: *rolling off the couch* It's official--me plus couch equals OTP. And let it be known that I totally top in that relationship.

Kat: Well, I know [ profile] lucindathemaid has Riku/Sora for [ profile] 30_kisses...and I've seen Sora/Kairi and Roxas/Axel...
Me: I think I actually saw a Sora/Roxas one somewhere.
Kat: O_O How would that work? Wouldn't that be a onesome? *laughs* I love me! *kisses own hand*
Me: Or better yet, draw a face on your hand and name it the other person. *pause* if you drew a face on your hand, would that be masturbation or a blowjob?

...never did come to a conclusion on that last one. Thoughts? ^____^
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Last night--Kingdom Hearts night ♥

I always feel so bad, the time we get to the game and stuff on Friday night, I'm so wiped out from my week that I wind up having to call it early because I just can't stay awake any longer ;o; Waaaaaaaah...but I did have fun teaching [ profile] bishonen_girl how to knit :3 Keep practicing, hon! I promise it'll get easier!

Student teaching continues to go well--can you believe that I'm done with my second week already? O.O Next week I have my first inservice, and my first supervisor visit. PK is going to come watch me teach the fourth graders choreography to "Splish Splash" ^___^

More later--right now, I am off to take a quick shower, get dressed, and go meet and old friend for lunch. Barring weirdness, parental interference, and/or self-implosion, I'll be online tonight *huggles* Ciao for now!
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I think we have started a new weekly tradition: Kingdom Hearts night :D

Teaching yesterday went fine, BTW :3 And [ profile] msbbt and [ profile] bishonen_girl and I had made plans to do dinner and movies. So we headed out around six-ish to hit one of our favorite buffets. Our record is three hours, sitting and talking and eating and generally having a good time. Last night, we were there for two and a half hours :D And lo, a good time was had by all. We're all talking about fandom stuff and things happening in our lives, and this one guy at a nearby table kept laughing at/with us ^_^;;

Well, we'd intended to watch movies...but then Rachie brought her PS2 over, along with Kingdom Hearts 2. That pretty much nixed the movies. So we went in the back room and hooked it up to the TV there--made for some interesting sitting, but we managed. I watched and knitted (very happily, I might add) while Rachie and Kat played. See, Kat wants to be a voice actress, so she had a good time making up voices that sometimes changed each time a character appeared on screen but we love her anyway and reading the captions and stuff out-loud.

Oh, and at the beginning? Where *blank* has vanished? We wound up reading every one of those boxes out loud and where there was a blank, we inserted the word "virginity." I think it was Kat's idea.

We also have decided that Hayner and Olette (who we affectionately have dubbed Omelet because that's how we all read her name when it first appeared) are the Kingdom Hearts equivalent of Scooby Doo's Freddie and Daphne. I swear, EVERYTHING they say about each other could be taken COMPLETELY out of context to mean some really dirty stuff. So of course we took it out of context!

Every time the controller shook, Kat would declare that Roxas was peeing his pants. She also went ballistic every time Vivi appeared on screen--I, however, declared Vivi to be the megadorable incarnation of Black Mage from 8-Bit Theatre.

During the Struggle, it belated occurred to me that all those guys were trying to grab each others balls--they call them orbs in the game, but we all know what they really mean *nods sagely*

Oh, and during one of the video sequences, a guy yells out "KINGDOM HEARTS!" and I turned to Kat and Rachie and said, "Kingdom, that would be an awesome name for a video game!" We is very speshul, yes we are.

At about midnight, my five-thirty wake-up call caught up with me. Got the girls home and went to bed. Did not sleep well. But we decided that since Rachie doesn't work on Fridays, we're going to make it a tradition: we will gather and play Kingdom Hearts until we have beaten the game! Next week, girls? I vote frozen pizzas or something like that. Quick, easy, cheap, can be stowed for midnight snacking...and can be made at my house so we can start playing earlier! *victory pose* The sooner we start playing, the sooner we can start fangirling over Christopher Lee's voice!

Yes, we did that too.

And tonight at the Orpheum, there's this silent movie thing that's going to feature the Mighty Wurlitzer organ--that thing is freakin' incredible. But joy of joys, [ profile] msbbt and her parents are going as well! So we're plotting to sit together, which will be nice because if the thing is good, we'll have someone to talk to about it, and if it's boring...we'll be able to keep each other entertained.

Bliss ♥
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Ummm...ehehe...I really hope nobody will kill me for this, but...

I'm working on a slightly belated Christmas present for [ profile] ammchan.

As soon as I have a list from [ profile] magic_truth, I'll be working on hers, too.

Because they are fun to make.

I'm knitting like a maniac--you wouldn't believe how fun it is!

And I'm already on the second world of Super Mario Brothers for Nintendo DS, having gotten the game today.


*kicks various fanfics under bed* What stories? :D

*is shot, bricked, and possibly set on fire by various people*
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Well, I finished my game...after forgetting to take it to camp with me. So I had to pull up a walkthrough online and help my sister beat the game via telephone *sigh* Got home, and beat it.

Basic premise: go to Paris to find out why Minette (a fashion designer) is acting so strangely. She's wearing a white mask all the time, throwing tantrums, firing people left and right. So the assignment is to go undercover and find out why this is happening. Sounds relatively straight-forward, right?

Review Beneath )

Official game website can be found here, for any who are interested.

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