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I don't know how, but I think I somehow managed to blow my hip out or something this weekend. Because I am having trouble just walking, it hurts so bad. And standing back up after I sit down is turning into a REAL adventure. >_< Ouch. WTF did I do to myself? And I'm supposed to be teaching choreography for "The Twist" today to the third graders...but eh, it's my job, ne? Gotta keep on truckin' *puts on Big Girl face*

Also, I stand by my previous statement that this "losing an hour" thing needs to be stabbed in the face with a large serrated knife. Last night was not a good night's sleep. When my alarm went off, I was still sort of half-conscious, and in my glassy-eyed state of quasi-hypnosis, I was thinking, "...why is that beeping at me? Do I need to go somewhere? What's going on?" And then I hit snooze five times...and was late to school *fails at life*


On a brighter note, tomorrow is a jazz competition for the high schoolers, and I get to go along to see the jazz choir/band. It's gonna be pretty awesome, I think--and depending on how long it takes me to get there, I might even get a few extra minutes of sleep. YAYS!! :D

Aaaaaaaaaaand I finished a fic this morning during our prep time while I was running some photocopies for High School Teacher. And yes, [ profile] strawberrychan, it's a Heiji/Kazuha fic, you nerd 8D *luffs on you until you turn flowered* It'll be up later tonight, when I get home from school. Four...themes...left...

Oh, and before I forget, I have a question for all the Avatar fans out there. Okay, so it's been fairly well established that in the Water Tribes, women do not learn offensive water-bending. This is an ancient tradition, blah blah blah, although it's loosened up a lot in the Southern Tribe since they got nailed by the Fire Nation. But the Northern Water Tribe is still very strict about this.

It's also been established that the Avatar can be male or female--we've seen that Avatar Kyoshi could kick some serious ass.

So we've gotta figure that at some point in the thousands and thousands of reincarnations of the Avatar, there had to be a female Avatar born into the Water Tribes at some point or another.

So my question would they handle it? Would they train a female Avatar in offensive waterbending? I mean, you'd think they would have to--it's the freakin' Avatar--but given their history of tradition...

It was either [ profile] msbbt or [ profile] socchan who suggested that perhaps they will apply a more "neuter" aspect to it: you are neither male nor female. You are the Avatar, and we will train you as such. But I was just kind of wondering about that. Any thoughts would be mucho appreciated :D
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Okay, just a couple of things uber-quick...

First of all: [ profile] socchan? I SHAKE MY FIST AT YOU!! *cuddles Avatar books and glares* You just haaaaaaaaaad to alert me to the existance of these things, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?? *glaaaaaaaaare*

Secondly, note to self: post about the adventures of the last couple of days. Whooooo...

And finally...

Oooooh, birthday sparklies!! )

Your present will up in a little bit :D

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