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Anyone else doing NaNoWriMo want to be friends? I'm on there as Candyland, because I am woefully uncreative like that *laugh* Pleez to be making friends, yes? *luvs on everyone*

We should do a support group for it--I'd host it right here. That'd be fun--see how far along everyone is, how frustrated, what plot-hole has just been discovered, the great idea that just bit, and how many keyboards have been destroyed by repeated headdesking again them. Although if someone has actually smashed their head into their keyboard enough to break it, we're going to need a different type of support group ^^;;

But anyway, I have my initial idea for my novel. I just have to develop it into a full, comprehensive plot. So this month's project is to get ahead on fics and get some sort of an outline together--fortunately, I have fall break duty, so I'll have a few days with absolutely NOTHING to do, sitting around on campus ^_______^ Here's hoping for the best!

Oh, and I preordered the dub release of the first Conan movie, right? Well, when I checked it on Monday, it said I was on backorder *sigh* Then I checked it again yesterday, and it said it was "Reserved for my order." @_@ I just want it to get here soon!! *flails*
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*points to self* See this? This is what an idiot looks like.

Do you all want to know why?

I'll tell you why.

Because on top of everything else I'm doing, writing-wise, and my goal of finishing [ profile] 30_nights and [ profile] 30_hugs by Christmas...and my recent tackling of [ profile] fanfic100...

I just signed up for NaNoWriMo.

50,000 words in one month.


Go ahead. Smite me. Yell at me. I know some of you probably will.

I am such a moron...

...anyone else wanna do it with me? *is shot*
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Our Cleaner
Who invented Stain Stik
Hallowed be thy name
When slathered on
Thy stain be gone
From my favorite pair of khakis
Give us this day our fabric softener
And forgive us our spillage
As we forgive others for bumping our trays
And lead us not to wash reds with whites
But deliver us from lint filters
For thine is the washer and the dryer
And the laundry basket now and forever.


EDIT: BTW, yes I did write this m'self ^_^
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Had this one lying around for a few days. Just haven't quite gotten around to it until now.

(Read that as "I'm in class and I'm very, very bored.")

Writing meme )
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This is dedicated to my dear friend Cassie, aka [ profile] writergurl. This is the story about Jim Bob the Smart Sorceror the character I wound up naming Kamar. Just because I can.

This was a Creative Writing assignment--I've got a few more that I might toss up here at some point, too. Our task was to pick a fairy tale, and play with it. We could rewrite it, we could tackle a certain aspect of it, we could do pretty much whatever wanted with it. Here's my piece of work...

Eternal Knowledge )


Apr. 9th, 2006 04:17 am
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Well, I'm officially piecing together all the little bits I've written of Detective Conan: The Musical from last week's [ profile] manycases1truth swap. It's taking a while, but it's getting there. Revelation: there is a reason why I don't do song parodies very often ^^;; They are, in fact, not easy.

So [ profile] articulation, I'm working on it!! It's just taking a little while =P Will hopefully have it up within the next few days *crosses fingers* The new challenge I've got there is for [ profile] ytak: a bittersweet fic, featuring Satou and either Takagi or Shiratori. I actually already have an idea, if you can believe it ^_^ Yay for plunnies!!

*points to icon* See the new icon? Finally have one for my namesake! *glomples [ profile] msbbt for making it*

Anyhoo, I've been meaning to post this for a while. I wrote this for my Creative Writing class. The assignment was a surreal poem. Not quite sure if this qualifies as "surreal" or not, but it's the most symbolism I've ever indulged in. The thesaurus is my friend!

Over Coffee )
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Our first actual writing assignment in class. Most everyone has heard of haiku and the whole five-seven-five thing. But actually, senryu is the same basic thing, except haiku deals with nature and seasons and such, and senryu talks more about people, and are often humorous. Mine are more along the lines of senryu. Most poems like this don't have titles, but I named mine anyway ^_^

Haiku and Senryu )


Feb. 7th, 2006 01:59 pm
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Today's in-class free-write. I need to do my "on my own" journaling things for last week...they'll be posted when I actually stop being lazy and write them =P I was going somewhere else with this (in accordance with a fic image in my mind--hence, the use of Shinichi's name), but it ended up here. In the meantime, enjoy. This is kind of morbid...

The Last Sunset )


Feb. 2nd, 2006 01:42 pm
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Today's adventure in free writing. The topic is the LJ cut text...

The Grand Master’s Final Game )


Jan. 31st, 2006 10:35 pm
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Today's exercise in Creative Writing was that we were given a phrase and had to write for five minutes on it. Here's the phrase, and here's what I came up with. It really doesn't make a lot of sense, but that's okay, it's free-writing...

Pay the Ghost )


Jan. 26th, 2006 02:55 pm
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So I had my first Creative Writing class today. That class is pure love! The prof is most awesome, and I'm really looking forward to the actual work of the class. It's basically journalling, free-writing, poetry, and short stories. That's right down my street. I mean, think of all the fanfic challenges I do where you get a word and write on it. I'm really looking forward to this!

Anyway, we did a journaling-type thing, and she basically plopped a bunch of items down in front of us and said, "Pick one and write about it." Well, one of the objects was this glass doorknob that looked sort of crystally, and my anime-trained mind went to work. I bet that most of you will be able to tell what this reminds you of...

Crystal )

Written in seven minutes. Hence, the slight crappiness. An idea I've had bumbling around in my head for quite some time now, and just needed a boost to get it going. This will be a full-blown, better-written fanfic sooner or later. I've been wanting to write something for Kaito anyway.

But yeah, expect to see more of my random creative writing exercises tossed up here. See if I can write something other than fanfics!! Might have to create a Memories entry for these...yeah, I think I will ^_^

Much love,
~ Candy-chan ^_^

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