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Mar. 10th, 2008 10:31 pm
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Double post, but it's worth it. So I got into a chat with [ profile] clover_magic, and we wound up going off on a tangent about the dub-names in DC/MK. And the results...well, it's long, but they were just too much fun to NOT share.

Momo isn't allowed to make puns anymore. )

And for those who find this all teal-deer, here's our condensed list of Bad Dub Names.

And the Razzie goes to... )

Why yes, we did have a very long discussion about this. WE ARE COMMITTED TO TALKING ABOUT THESE THINGS SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO! \o/ Or something...
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In chat on MSN...

HEY SEPH says:
I just got finished writing thy letter/card~

HEY SEPH says:

HEY SEPH says:

Candyland--You know what they say! When you assume, you make an ass out of Uma Thurman! ...or something... says:

HEY SEPH says:

Candyland--You know what they say! When you assume, you make an ass out of Uma Thurman! ...or something... says:

HEY SEPH says:
S-So I gave Heiji boobs

Candyland--You know what they say! When you assume, you make an ass out of Uma Thurman! ...or something... says:

HEY SEPH says:
And now he looks like sort of like Ran.

HEY SEPH says:
)8 It worked out in my head, I swear.

HEY SEPH says:
*short hair!Ran

Candyland--You know what they say! When you assume, you make an ass out of Uma Thurman! ...or something... says:
...I'm currently debating as to whether or not I should post this segment of chat on LJ.

HEY SEPH says:

HEY SEPH says:
Viewer's discretion is advised.

Candyland--You know what they say! When you assume, you make an ass out of Uma Thurman! ...or something... says:

HEY SEPH says:

Candyland--You know what they say! When you assume, you make an ass out of Uma Thurman! ...or something... says:

HEY SEPH says:

HEY SEPH says:
But damn, Heiji has some big knockers-*killed*

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This was just too awesome to NOT post here!

In which we create the second-most disturbing mental image of Akai ever... )

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

ETA: Two seconds after I post it, I have to add this...

Gin's going to murder you in your sleep, Candy. )
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I can't access my f-list from my school computer at the moment--says it's pornographic text. WOULD YOU GUYS STOP POSTING PR0N ALREADY?? *sigh* Sheesh...

From the chat files...

*talking with [ profile] kaitodoushi while watching the Moon Ghost case, which she has not seen*
Her: o_O
Her: ...I must see his voice?
Me: ...well, it's subbed.

I'm sort of proud of me for that come-back. I'm not usually that quick on the uptake! *victory pose*

We had the storm of the century here yet again last night. It's been storming a LOT lately, and last night was really bad. I had a flashlight at my elbow the entire night because I was so worried the power was going to go out. It didn't...but when I went to bed, I wound up getting treated to one hell of a light show outside my window. At one point, I was laying there, staring at the ceiling...and my entire room lit up. I sat up like a shot and watched as this long, thin streak of lightning just ran from the sky straight to the ground. It was visible for almost a full second, and it had this weird aura-like glow around it before it vanished.

I sat there for about five seconds with my mouth hanging open. It was beautiful...but I live alone, and if the power goes out in the middle of the night, it's going to freak me out like you would not believe >_< Dun wanna be in the dark...

Just making with the random post before I go try and find out who I need to talk to about my school computer...because I do not seem to have a My Documents folder anymore, and I have no printer access. Which is bad, because I really do need my middle school choir roster @_@ So I'm going to toodle down to the main office and see what they tell me. And also, I might grab a pop in the teacher's lounge--it's way too early for Mountain Dew, I know, but I'm so thiiiiiirsty...

Expect another post later tonight regarding my actual day ^_^ I have almost finished my first day of school! WHOO! Still got a lot to do, but I gotta say that it feels like it's been a LOT more than just three days...especially given that two of those days were early outs ^^;; Ja ne!
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A thought that nailed me one night whilst chatting with [ profile] jeva_chan and [ profile] fyliwionvilyaer:

Vampires + blowjobs = ZOMG FANGS IN BAD PLACES

*bows* That is all.

And please to not be telling me that vampires can suck their fangs back up into their gums or that it somehow enhances things (O.O), because I will stick my fingers in my ears and go "LALALANOTLISTENING!" Because I'm very mature like that.
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Me: *discussing playing hide-and-seek in a shopping mall (don't ask)*, if this were somehow me, I'd manage to hide in Cymbals 'R' Us, or the Large Noisy Object Store.

I gots an eye appointment very shortly to get my new contacts checked out, but I just had to post this because it made me laugh liek whoa ^_____^ THIS IS WHY I SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED ON CHAT AFTER A CERTAIN TIME, THAT TIME PROBABLY BEING AROUND MIDNIGHT OR SO. WEIRD THINGS BEGIN TO COME OUT OF MY FINGERS.

And I don't mean sweet-and-sour sauce. At work, whenever I would pour the S&S sauce into its little containers, I would spend the rest of the night with fingers that felt very very sticky (*insert your choice of joke here*), so our very dumb running gag was that I love Chinese food so much that I have sweet and sour sauce instead of blood!

...which led to the interesting mental image of me standing there, sticking my finger into the little cup and spraying sweet and sour sauce out of the tip of my finger to fill it up. Thanks for that picture, Jason ^^;;


They's building our new deck. Right outside my bedroom window. The saw made me go wakey *mopes* Hope they finish soon, 'cause I wanted to sleep pillow and I had a good cuddling thing going on...


Dec. 6th, 2006 02:49 pm
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And lo, the Great Choreographer came down from On High, and He spake, and he sayeth, "Let there be spirit fingers." And there were spirit fingers, and lo, it was peppy.

...ASHLEY I AM NOT ALLOWED TO TALK TO YOU ANYMORE BECAUSE YOU MAKE ME THINK WEIRD THINGS THAT MAY OR MAY NOT INVOLVE YOUR BOOBS SO STOP INSINUATING THAT!! So how much longer do you think our "List O' Things We're Not Allowed to Discuss in Public" will get before the end of the semester?
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[ profile] jewelsybear1017: *head hits keyboard...
[ profile] jewelsybear1017: alkdjfaoieaponfvap;ovinap;ovna;.vnal;oiefaoiengpa;oengaone
[ profile] candy__chan: o.O
[ profile] candy__chan: IS THE KEYBOARD ALL RIGHT??
[ profile] jewelsybear1017: "j" key suffered a slight sprain, while "t" and "q" were twisted
[ profile] candy__chan: I shall apply first aid!
[ profile] candy__chan: *rushes to the keyboard* it's all right. my name is Candyland, and I'm certified to help you.
[ profile] jewelsybear1017: lol...that's a sure sign that we need sleep...
[ profile] candy__chan: yes...yes, it is...

Occurred at ten after two AM =D

Also, my nine o'clock class is not meeting on Friday--YAYS!!


*Candy-chan gets sat down and talked to about her abuse of capital letters. She is then disciplined with a brick.*
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Okay, I decided to make a separate entry for all the funny stuff said tonight because there was just so much of it.

TAKE ONE! [ profile] ashleymouse and I are watching The Little Mermaid.

*Ursula appears on screen*
Ash: She's an alto. You can tell because she's evil.
Me: ...I was going to make a crack about the tentacles, but that works too.

TAKE TWO! Ash and I went down to the Cent Room for a snack with [ profile] jewelsybear1017 and Kali. Enter weird discussion the first...

*discussing great actors*
Jewels: Johnny Depp is in my happy place
Ash: He can’t be in your happy place, he’s in my happy place
Kali: It’s fine as long as he isn’t in your happy places at the same time
Ash: Then it gets kinky!

Later, as we're discussing color personalities...

Jewels: I'm blue and orange.
Ash: Like the Chicago Bears!

TAKE THREE! As we're leaving the Cent Room and heading back to the dorms, Jewels mentions a recent news story...

Jewels: Did you hear about this guy? He got arrested for having sex with a deer carcass.
All: EWWWW!!
Kali: That's bestiality!
Ash: And necrophilia!
Jewels: But there's no law against having sex with a dead animal.
All: ...
Kali: Okay, so get him on the other charge?
Ash: How desperate does a person have to be??
Me: Yeah, really! There's this wonderful thing called masturbation, honestly!
Jewels: It's a masturbatory aide!
Kali: JEWELS!!
Ash: Good god, get a blow-up doll!
Me: ROBOSEX!! (This is a running joke in our group.)
All: *crack up*
Ash: I think the world would be a better place if people that desperate could have Robosex instead of turning to a deer carcass. In fact, if a friend of mine was that desperate, I think I'd buy them Robosex!
Me: Agreed! Or just make friends with your hand. *pause* Masturbatory aide...good grief, Jewels.

Later, as Ash and I walked back into the dorm...

Me: *singing to the tune of Mickey Mouse Club* Robosex--vibrator! Robosex--vibrator!

...we're perverts. But we're fun!!
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I love [ profile] ashleymouse to death but only because she's sitting next to me right now. She's one of my kindred spirits. There has, however, been a tiny little disagreement between us for a while: she has been claiming to have a dirtier mind than I do. Now upon hearing this claim, most of our friends smiled, laughed, and patted her on the head, but still she persisted. And she does have a dirty mind...just not as dirty as mine =)

The following discussion occurred at dinner tonight, ending the argument:

[ profile] candy__chan: *attempting to eat chicken* You know, this would be so much easier to eat if I didn’t have to peel the skin off.
[ profile] ashleymouse: That would be really funny if you were a zombie!
*laughter and merriment*
[ profile] candy__chan: You know what popped into my head when I said that?
[ profile] ashleymouse: What?
[ profile] candy__chan: Circumcision *grin*
*both of us die*

[ profile] ashleymouse: *offers me a handshake* Congratulations. I give you the dirty crown.
*several minutes spent in uproarious laughter*
[ profile] ashleymouse: I didn’t think anyone could be dirtier than me…MY LIFE IS A LIE!

We were laughing hard enough that people were STARING AT US. Not that I care, though ♥

Anyway, discussion progressed as we're waiting for LJ to pop back up. We're also talking with [ profile] jeva_chan, who claims that her dirty-mindedness pwns ours. Jeva, we sayeth unto is SO on! And we concluded that we can put our dirty minds together and create a whole new superpower, which led to our brilliant idea...

PERVERT TWIN POWERS, ACTIVATE!! *press knuckles together*

I'm going to go get us a couple of pipe cleaners from the supply room in the GSLC and make us each a ring. When Ash asked what the decals on them would be, I said, "P and V." One will have a long bit that juts out, and the other will have a loop, so when we put our powers together...yeah. BY YOUR POWERS COMBINED, I AM CAPTAIN PENIS PERVERT PLANET!!

And we now have a new favorite word: HOBOSEX. It was a typo, though. Ash totally meant to type ROBOsex.

...don't ask. Just don't.

[ profile] ashleymouse: This is my 'come hither' look. *sexy facial expression*
[ profile] candy__chan: *pretends to stand up to jump over the table at her*
[ profile] ashleymouse: *holds up hands* GO THITHER! GO THITHER!

I have awesome friends. I truly do.

Plan for tonight: do my take-home test for Methods and get it done. NaNoWriMo for a while and get several scenes on paper and out of my head (isn't it awesome how NaNoWriMo-ing is almost a verb?). Would love to get at least 3K written. Have a wine cooler, because I'm twenty-one now and I totally can! *does the cabbage patch*

EDIT: And Little Sister just got back to campus--she went shopping with a friend in a nearby city. She MSN's me with a grr smilie that's shaking its fist at the sky, and says, "I almost killed Bambi." Oh my GOD... In your face, Ash ;D
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There's a long running joke between [ profile] writergurl and myself that she has enough room in her ample cleavage to house a good-sized lounge, complete with a pool table, a swimming pool, and a handsome blonde Italian bartender named Giovanni--he's apparently very good at what he does.

This joke pops up every once in a while--a friend asked about a certain type of drink, and I said I'd ask--and then we have this vision of her boobs ringing and her reaching into her cleavage, pulling out a telephone receiver (god only knows where that cord leads!) and answering.

But anyway, we were chatting tonight about a guy who's really being an ass and sending her some uber-mixed signals, and the following exchange occurred...

[ profile] writergurl: see where I'm getting mixed signals?!?!
[ profile] writergurl: UGH. DUMB BOY!
[ profile] candy__chan: RAR!!! *bonks him with a mallet for you*
[ profile] writergurl: lol, maybe when he's home, I'll just come on to him like a cheap hooker, and see how things go, lol
[ profile] writergurl: or at least flirt shamlessly with him
[ profile] candy__chan: flash him some cleavage and hope Giovanni doesn't stick his head out to offer everyone a drink?
[ profile] candy__chan: ...i just gave myself the weirdest mental picture in history, not gonna lie o.o
[ profile] writergurl: hahahahahaha!
[ profile] writergurl: I thinkI had the same picture!
[ profile] candy__chan: i'm laughing out loud right now for real.
[ profile] writergurl: *giggles*
[ profile] candy__chan:, what the hell *goes to immortalize on LJ*
[ profile] writergurl: lol!

Anyone walking by my door probably wondered what the 'ell was so funny, 'cause I was laughing quite loudly ^___^ And does anyone else think the mood icon thing for giggly looks like it's having a seizure? o.O

Anyway, today has been quite productive. Got my room cleaned--no, Cassie, you do NOT need to alert the freakin' media! I also did laundry--PUT THE PHONE DOWN, CASS!! DON'T MAKE ME COME OVER THERE!! My bulletin board is all done, and for that I am extremely thankful =D

I watched half a dozen of my favorite episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and then Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (I love that show so very, very much), and then The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast just finished, and I'm thinking about watching The Lion King. I'm just in a Disney mood tonight! *winks at [ profile] articulation*

...and I must ask this, because recent conversations with people have left me incredibly disheartened. Am I the only person out there who likes pineapple in my cottage cheese?? *puppy dog eyes at everyone*
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I pose this philosophical question to my fellow Conan fans, and I'm looking forward to the responses. So here is my thought: Conan is seven years old in body, but seventeen years old in mind, right? how do age of consent laws apply in this situation?

Because my understanding of such laws (and I could be wrong) is that they are to protect those who are not emotionally ready to have sex. But if he's mentally and emotionally seventeen, then by law he's technically old enough. As I asked [ profile] jeva_chan, wouldn't you just love to be the judge in that particular trial? "It's not child molestation, your honor! He's of age!" *headdesks*

I asked two people this question on AIM. The responses were delightful!

From Jeva... )

For the record, Jeva, your response cracked me up =D And then I decided to ask the exact same thing again...

From Amm... )

Note the stealthy way in which she changed the topic ;D And as I said--yes, I've been wondering about this for quite some time. These are the thoughts that occupy me when I can't sleep at night =D Ready, set, go!
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Random AIM chatty between [ profile] articulation and moi...

I want to be a stealthy crack!ninja! )

Posted because it cracked me up. Bless you, [ profile] articulation, for letting me post this =D

Oh, and my writing mood has kicked back in. I'm hard at work on the plunnie for [ profile] 30_nights, and may, in fact, finish it tonight. Maybe. If I don't fall asleep first *innocent face*
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Oh my god, another one! Been a while since I've posted one of these, huh? Yessiree, it's one of those weird chats between myself and [ profile] magic_truth. This was actually from the end of the school year, but I'd forgotten about it, and post the weirdness now with her blessing.

Without further ado...

Kudo Shinichi versus the Black Organization: The Musical/Play/Tabloid Report! )

...and that's where it stopped.

Oh oh oh--everyone behold the awesome new user-pic. My dear friend [ profile] writergurl made it, and I had to steal it for obvious reasons ♥

In other news: JEVA!! I FOUND IT!! Go here pretty please! This is where we approached the scenario that Yuusaku was the Black Org boss =D

And Rachie and I had pretty much the best exchange on the planet over the phone a little while ago. She called to ask if I wanted to go do something tomorrow. Here it is, verbatim:

Rachie: Do you wanna hang out tomorrow or something?
Me: Sure! Wanna do lunch and/or hit the mall for a while? I need to stop at Barnes and Noble.
Rachie: That'd be awesome! I'm really craving Chinese...because I'm pregnant with your baby!
Me: I told you to wear a condom, dammit!

...I love my friends. Dearly.

Oh yeah--would you believe I now have everything that I'd initially planned on posting for the fic-dump ready to rock? I'm kinda proud of myself. The scary thing is that the [ profile] 30_evil_deeds story was almost easier to write than the [ profile] 30_ways one. WHY WAS GIN EASIER TO WRITE THAN RAN AND SHINICHI? WHYYYYYYY????

EDIT: It just hit me that I still need to write/post my thing for the fic swap on [ profile] manycases1truth, and I have like ZERO ideas for it. A Hakuba/Haibara sibling take...hope [ profile] alchemy101 isn't too mad if the fic kinda stinks ~.~;;
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Yes, another one. [ profile] magic_truth and I had this conversation a while back. The question: What would happen if Kaito was stuck alone with Aoko's mom for a while? We never actually finished it, but it was just too much fun to not post. Beware of weirdness within ^__^ Enjoy!

Kaito vs. Aoko's Mom! )
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It's been quite some time since I've posted one of these--yes, all you lovely people, another one of those joyous convos between yours truly and [ profile] magic_truth. This one isn't quite as pervy as previous ones, but we had a good time. It's also nice and long. Enjoy!

In which there is Beauty and the Beast, popcorn, a burnt microwave, Shinichi and Ran, and a discussion about blue jeans, bras, and the difference between them )

It just hit me: [ profile] magic_truth, where did the popsicle go? *has visions of Shinichi hugging Ran, her turning around, and him realizing that he's just planted a bright red popsicle on the back of Ran's shirt* Oh lordy...

And for those who are going into withdrawal from our wacky hijinks in the wonderful world of AIM, I realized I have several random convos sitting in a folder on my hard-drive, just waiting to be shared with the world. So keep your eyes peeled--I'm going to try and get caught up and make a memories category for these in the near future.

Went out for chicken with [ profile] jewelsybear1017 and [ profile] thekellylynn, where we sat and just gabbed for probably two hours. Later, went on an hour and a half-long walk with Jeff and Joy. I'm exhausted, but this is the most relaxed I've been in the last couple of weeks.

Heard Today/Tonight:

Kelly: If I ever decide to have kids, I'm going to have a test-tube baby. I'll keep it in the living room for everyone to see.
Me: That's going on your quote list, right under your comment about aliens stealing the submasters...
(The submasters are the keys to the different halls in our building--if someone gets locked out, any RA can go down, get the appropriate key, and let them in. This keyring disappeared for the entire month of January. Kelly was quoted as saying, "I don't care if aliens took the keys! They need to finish their experiments and bring them back RIGHT NOW!" Kelly is my hero.)

Me: Why is it that in country songs, they always refer to their mother as Mama?
Joy: It's a regional thing.
Me: Sometimes I call my mom "Mommy." Can you imagine Queen singing that? *sings Bohemian Rhapsody* Mommy...oooooh...I didn't mean to make you cry...
Joy: *channels ABBA* I go again...

Joy and Me: *scream*
Everyone: *fall over laughing*
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For our third Conducting test, we have to pick a choral piece, teach it to the choir, and then direct it at the last concert, which is the outdoor one. So it's quote-unquote "fun music." Mrs. K is directing everyone in "Somewhere," from West Side Story. This is the one they did for All-State my senior year. *pokes* Hey, [ profile] msbbt, remember that one? I despise the musical, but the arrangement is beautiful ♥

Why do I hate West Side Story, you may ask? Simple--I'm sick of it. Freshman year of high school, it was the marching band show. Sophomore year, it was the musical. Senior year, "Somewhere" was part of the All-State set (though it was partially redeemed by virtue of being a gorgeous arrangement). HATE.

Anyway, so we're doing that with large amounts of lurv. Then each of the Conducting Kids gets to do one. Sarah chose "Rockin' Jerusalem." Rev (aka Cory) picked "On the Street Where You Live." Rage picked "Come Sail Away." I picked the Moses Hogan arrangement of "The Battle of Jericho."

*pokes again* [ profile] msbbt, remember that one, too? I get to conduct it now, yay!!

The run-through went a lot better than I thought it would. I remembered I had a recording of it, too, so I pulled that out and played it for everyone, and then we sight-read. We made it to the last part before the train derailed. So talked through it, ran it again, people caught on by about the second measure of it. It's really not a hard song, note-wise, but there are a lot of fast rhythms, which can make it tricky. The men's part has a little more to it than the women's, but from what I heard today, the low basses are feeling some ♥ towards the part ^__^

In other, non-choir-related news, I posted icons for this week's theme at [ profile] tantei_stills. First time entry. I'm still a baby when it comes to Photoshop and making icons, so I'm not sure how they measure up to the others entered there, but oh well. Guess I'll find out =P If I place, awesome. If not, oh well, I tried.

Looking forward to break *checks another day off on the calender* Even more looking forward to spending quality time with Kat-chan, involving food and most likely discussion of anime/fics. It's just so much nicer when we can fangirl face-to-face!!

Oh, and [ profile] mint_eclair pointed out in response to the Conan musical (*huggles all the lovely people who left comments*) that I have unintentionally created the Conan crack-pairing to end all Conan crack-pairings. And now the plunnies are chewing on my head and demanding I write it as OTP O_O Kat--HELP!!

Note to self: While perusing random files on my compuer, found several relatively LJ-worthy convos with [ profile] magic_truth. Must post for reading enjoyment of fandom...
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Random conversation of Evil--except *gasp* this one was NOT with [ profile] magic_truth. This was with my friend Matt, who is a dork. Big time. You'll see what I mean. Enjoy the short, random weirdness.

In which Matt is a LOSER!!! )

Note: It ended because Lindsey went too far (yes, I am capable of it). And Matt is a doodoo head. A big one.

Thank you.

PS. I'm in a community called [ profile] grammar_whores, and if you've got some time to spare, go check out this post. In regards to the person who started this post in the first place: I would like to mourn the death of a universal friend, Common Sense...
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Have had this one for a few days, but am only now getting around to posting it. Yup, [ profile] magic_truth and I were at it again *hides face* You know you've got a running joke going when you make a separate LJ tag just for these posts: pervy. This time, our victims weren't any of your normal couples.

Warning for any interested persons: discussion of sex parties, vibrators, and bizarre yaoi within. Possibly involving Gin and Vodka and/or Akai and Black Hats of Evil (not that such things generally seem to bother most of this fandom, just thought I'd tack it on there...)

Passions Parties and Handguns )

...shit, now I have to write that fic *headdesks* Sending the girls to a passion party, I mean. Not the Gin/Vodka thing. *pause* HAS anyone done a Gin/Vodka story before? Perhaps I should, if only to be the first!

*dot dot dot* And to think, 'twas only recently that I was able to start reading yaoi/slash without sponatenously combusting. This fandom has warped my braaaaaaaaaain ^_^
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I apologize for the whiny-ness of the last post. I feel better now ^_^

I promised another of the lurvly conversations between myself and [ profile] magic_truth (who needs to start on [ profile] 30_kisses ASAP!!!), and lo, there is pervy-ness. This time, we gave Shinichi and Ran a rest, and I'm sure they are greatful to get a decent night's sleep for once. Now we attack sapphirestar's newest project, and give Satou and Takagi a run-around.

Hooray for Double Meanings!! ) up, Heiji and Kazuha? Theme songs? Vacation destinations?

If this does not appear in a 30 Kisses story, I will be mighty disappointed. Fortunately, I think it's assured that it will, in fact, be incorporated into one, as the Hawaii discussion is shaping up to be a Kiss for Shinichi/Ran =P Satou and Takagi are ♥♥&hearts in copious amounts!

Expect post-age later tonight. I was recently asked why I "hate" Valentine's Day so much. I know it's a week after the fact, but I'm going to lay it all out once and for all. Ciao!

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