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It's April. We are in the midst of spring. Therefore, weather, I must admit a certain concern over the fact that we do not have sunlight.

...okay, seriously, why the FEK is it raining? *agrees with Sokka icon*

Sad part is that I usually love the rain, I really do. It's just that...well, we had enough stuff falling out of the sky this winter (though there were no toilet seats, for which I am grateful). We want SUNSHINE! And the worst part of all is that if the temperature drops much more, we're going to have ice, and possibly snow.

Unless that gets me a late start or a day off from school, NO THANK YOU.

In other news, I know I haven't updated here for a couple of days (though I've been flying along on getting the fic-blog set up--not too much longer before it is open for business!) The reason for my absence? Well...I was sort of emo-ing over some stuff. But I'm okay now. Mostly ^^;;

The last couple of days at my student teaching placement have been getting better, though I'm still not quite feeling the vibe like I felt it at my elementary placement. But it's improving, slowly but surely. I'm surprised to find how much I'm enjoying working with the middle schoolers on their honor choir music--those boys are so sweet! Easily distracted, but very sweet :)

And finally, as promised...PICTURES!! I realized that I have this gallery space on LJ, so I might as well use it! So there are two galleries set up at present. The Program Pics for the fifties and sixties program from my elementary placement (a full description of the program can be found here). And Room Renovations has pics of my new room!

Oh, and one more thing. [ profile] writergurl told me about this. Go to Google Maps and choose Get Directions. Type in New York, New York to Paris, France. Read Step #23. Laugh your head off ^___^

I think that's about it for now. I think I'm going to go knit for a while and just relaaaaax.


Mar. 1st, 2007 11:35 am
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First of all, does anyone know who makes these Eddie Izzard icons? Because I now have three of them and I'd like to A) see if there are more, and B) credit appropriately instead of simply saying [namewillgoherewhenIfindit]. I love the icons, I just feel bad because I don't know who to credit ;o;

And now...PICS!

Walking in a winter wonderland! Except I'm staying inside... )

Pic dump!

Oct. 26th, 2006 07:57 pm
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Okay, I promised these a while back...and am only now getting around to actually uploading them *hangs head* I know, I know...but anyway, pics and accompanying commentary are under the cuts to spare your f-lists. Luvs!

Fun with Balloons! )

God bless Homecoming! And later that week, we had...

Pie Your RA! )

AND I GET TO GO HOME TOMORROW ZOMG SO EXCITED!!! *ahem* I haven't been home for a full weekend since mid-August. So yeah, I'm pretty stoked =D So I'm gonna go do my homework really fast and then pack my stuff so I can get the hell out of here right after class tomorrow *happy happy backflip*

Birthday countdown: 3 days 4 hours 'till twenty-one years.

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