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So...apparently a lot of ff-dot-net wasn't sure what to make of a Conan/Shinichi fic. Ah, the reviews of the confused and bewildered...bliss :D

Tomorrow is the big TV thingie day, wheeeeee!! We'll pretend I have a clue what I'm getting myself into, yes? Yes, that sounds good. Pretending is good. I like pretending :3 Actually, I assume the guy will tell me what I need to do once I get a quarter to five AM... >.>;; Basically, I'm just checking the ol' email and LJ and then tossing my work clothes in the dryer and then crawling into bed. This might be the earliest I have gone to bed in ages...possibly since the day of the IMEA conference in Ames, when I was up at six AM and driving on three hours of sleep.

On the bright side, I will have the rest of the day off :D

Also, I would like everyone to look at my icon. Go on, look at it. ARE YOU LOOKING AT IT?? That icon was custom-made FOR MOI by the lovely [ profile] msbbt. I finally got to see that episode of Avatar--where Toph is introduced--and for whatever reason, that exchange just made me laugh and click back to watch it again.


...yeah, that's about it. See y'all tomorrow. I gotta sleep.
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Well, back at school. Homework...still not really a happening thing ^^;; I'm working on my rough draft for my Creative Writing fairy tale assignment. If this turns out half as good as I hope it will, I'll probably post it up here, because I really like my idea. The fic muses might be kinda tempermental as of late, but my CW muse just bit me, and bit hard!

In other news, OHMIGOD I PLACED!! I entered for the first time at [ profile] tantei_stills, and I got the special award for Best Text!! Which means that I'll soon have a pretty banner to post! And kudos to [ profile] msbbt, who got Mod's Choice! *glomples* Love ya, babe! God bless psychotic!Kaito...

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"The voices...they're back."

On a whim, picked up the Death Note manga at Barnes and Noble this weekend. Am officially hooked. More on that later, though. I gotta write this thing, and then I'm gonna crash for about six hours. Talk to all you loverly people later!!

~ Me ^_^

Heard this weekend:
Rachie: I'm so full...I can't move or speak.
Kat: You just talked!
Me: You just kicked me!
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Hello, all! I am safely back on campus after a most enjoyable week at home. Ah, spring break. I am rested, and ready to tackle school once again! This will last for approximately ten minutes worth of classes, I promise ^^;; Long entry ahead, with pics cut for your f-lists.

First things first: mucho congrats to Bratty One, who went to a huge show choir competition in Chicago this past weekend. There were eighteen groups competing, and they were third after prelims, which had them securely in the finals. They brought home not only first runner-up, but the caption award for Best Male Sound. Not to mention that she's having an absolute BLAST. So congratulations, Little Sister! Big Sis is proud of you! And Big Sis (aka the strange person hugging you at that one competition) wants all the details about Wicked, okay?

Secondly, the plunnies continue to bite. Ideally, ficcage will follow. This is what happens when I get together with [ profile] msbbt and we start analyzing characters. We were discussing the brotherly relationship between Heiji and Shinichi/Conan, and the question was posed as to how the dynamic there might change after Shinichi gets back to normal. Kat's response?

Shinichi: Hattori, I can reach the shelf by myself now. Put me down!

*shakes head* We were laughing hard enough over lunch that other people in the restaurant were looking at us. I think most were kinda chuckling at the fact that something had us that amused. A few looked annoyed. I ignored them.

Thirdly, Mommy is wonderful and bought me clothes this weekend! I officially love the store Deb, because they have clothes in me-people sizes ^^;; I got some cute shirts, and a denim jacket, something I've wanted since I was a kid. Of course, now I get one and it's shiny white =P Any bets on how long it'll take me to spill something on it?

Fourthly, [ profile] magic_truth and I had a couple more AIM conversations over break, some slightly more odd than others. Expect post-age sometime in the future.

Fifthly, happy spring, everyone! Here's how we celebrated spring--with a blizzard!! Yup, yup, yup! That's how we celebrate the season in Iowa! But it worked out all right: [ profile] writergurl came over, and suggested we build a snowman. Well, we started piling snow, and long story short...well, look at the pics.

Spring Break Pics--but sadly, no one went wild )

Lastly, Kat has blessed me with Photoshop! So I started playing with making icons. There's nothing really spectacular yet--I'm still figuring out how the program works and what everything on it does--but I figured I would toss my attempts thus far up here.

My First Icons! )

Thus ends my rant. Ciao for now, all! Much love!

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