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I'm going to reply to comments soon, guys. I promise. But since I got home I've been battling a heat-induced headache that actually had me flat on my back for about half an hour. Most assuredly not cool--sort of been alternatingly here and wandering away from my computer.

Anyway, it's been a while since I spammed you guys with a random, pointless poll. The deal this time? I somehow got it into my head that I want to try writing a reeeeeeeeeally hot though probably totally unrealistic make-out scene! The thing is that the plunnies will not tell me who it is that's doing the making out. So...I leave it to any of you who care!

[Poll #1043685]

[ profile] candyfics: Scene from a Rooftop, featuring a really silly conversation between Kaitou Kid and Hakuba...who I never seen to write about, really ^^;;

ETA: I saw this on [ profile] djtifalbal's LJ, and I thought it was really sweet, so...if anybody wants...

Pay It Forward: I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment here on my blog. I don’t know what that gift will be yet, but you will receive it within 365 days. The only thing you have to do in return is "pay it forward" by making a similar agreement on your blog.

I like making things :3
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A thought that nailed me one night whilst chatting with [ profile] jeva_chan and [ profile] fyliwionvilyaer:

Vampires + blowjobs = ZOMG FANGS IN BAD PLACES

*bows* That is all.

And please to not be telling me that vampires can suck their fangs back up into their gums or that it somehow enhances things (O.O), because I will stick my fingers in my ears and go "LALALANOTLISTENING!" Because I'm very mature like that.


Jun. 27th, 2007 09:32 am
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[ profile] jeva_chan!! IM IN UR BASE, STEELING UR ICONZ!! :D :D :D And I'm also actually flying through that first part of that THING, so hopefully I will send it to you soon :D

Another very long day at work today...blech ~.~ See, there was a girl hired to work back there who did not feel that calling in or showing up were part of her duties as an employee. So as of a week ago, she no longer works back there. Executive decision by Chong. So I picked up the extra shifts; I work from eleven AM to close, which is at nine. So I should get out of there maybe around nine-thirty or so? Loooooong day...

(And I just used a semi-colon in an LJ post. ZOMG I AM TEH NEEEEEERD!!!)

In other news, I really need to stop going to Best Buy. It makes me want to shop, and shopping at this present time is probably not a good thing to do >_>;; However, I did make a list if things that I will slowly allow myself to buy as I have the money to do so :D

Looks like we'll be making another roadtrip on Saturday, this time to actually LOOK at some apartments. I think we've got two viewings lined up, and Dad said he would call about a third one today for me, so here's hoping we find something! *victory pose*

I feel like there was something else I was going to post in here, but I can't remember what it was. So I'ma gonna go take a quick shower and get myself to work. Whoo. Later, all!
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I just got home from my first day back at work. It was actually a pretty nice six-hour shift, surprisingly. Especially the last hour--which is usually the worst. I had just come back from my break and I had nothing to do, and I had worked pretty hard for the first four and a half hours, so Chong just let me kinda stand over by her and Huy while they were chopping stuff and we just chatted :D

While I was on break, I checked and found I had a voice mail from another girl who works there asking me to cover her shift for tonight, from five to close. I'm pretending I didn't see it. Because I am a horrible person like that. And because I have an interview tomorrow and I want to make sure I am rested before I go driving all over the state. And being on my feet for twelve hours isn't the way to do that. This concludes my public service announcement.

AND ZOMG TORIE'S PREGNANT!!! :D :D :D It sounds like it's going to be a girl, and she'll be due in October...and I'm totally not secretly hoping that the little one decides to appear on October thirtieth, nuh-uh, no way. So congrats, Torbo! LOVE YOU!!!

Vixie's wedding invite came in the mail. Note to self: RSVP @_@

Did anyone else notice ff-dot-net's new alert--you get alerted when someone adds you to their Fave Lists? I'm trying to decide if I like it or not...although my ego is sort of enjoying it ^____^

New Ghost Hunters episode on tonight--massive amounts of happiness there :D Last week's was pretty uber-creepy, so I'm hoping tonight's will be much the same. I intend to sit downstairs and scribble more ficcies in my notebook and be on AIM on my cell phone whilst I watch.

...I'm in a very good mood right now, can you tell? :D Might've been the seven episodes of Princess Tutu that I watched last night. I think I'm officially in love with that show--just need to finish watching it ♥♥♥♥♥
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I feel like I'm running around like a chicken whose head has recently been separated from the rest of me x_x I'm worn out, I feel like I'm not getting much done, and to top it all off, I somehow managed to pull a muscle in my neck this morning. Don't ask me how--I was fine until I reached up to rub the back of my neck and then WAAAAAAAAHHURTIEHURTIEHURTIE!!! So now I can barely move my head, and I definitely can't turn to look from side to side.

If you've never heard the song "Canada is Really Big," you need to. Also, does anyone perhaps have an mp3 of "Old McDonald Had a Dysfunctional Farm"? Because that song is also win.

And now I'm going to go lie on a heating pad for a while *huuuuuurt*

[/a really whiny entry]
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So, remember how I was sort of bemoaning the fact that my last fic for [ profile] 30_hugs was mutating liek whoa? Well...I finally beat it into submission.

Read that as "I finished the damn fic." All fourteen pages and 11,095 words of it!

So my claim for [ profile] 30_hugs is done. The last fic can be found over here on [ profile] candyfics.

Oh, and while I'm at it, did everyone get to see the video version of the Fandom Squee Heard 'Round the World? If not, there it is. Subbed and everything. I still think Toichi looks like a pirate. Or Zorro. It's the moustache that does it, really. Or maybe he's a Zorro-pirate.

Which brings up the question of who would win in combat: a Zorro-pirate or a ninja-pirate?

Also, [ profile] msbbt and I had a philosophical discussion today. We live in Iowa, and we were trying to figure out if the towns are between the cornfields, or the cornfields are between the towns. For some reason, I found this to be hilarious.

Enjoy! :D *falls over sideways*
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I heard this at jazz show, and thought it was hilarious. So...without further ado...

A soprano died and went to the gates of Heaven. St. Peter was waiting, and when she arrived, he asked her a question: "How many notes did you miss throughout your life?"

The soprano thought about it, and replied, "Three."

St. Peter nodded and snapped his fingers, and suddenly an angel ran out of nowhere and jabbed the soprano three times with a needle before running off.

Naturally, the soprano was very surprised. "OUCH! That hurt! What was that about?"

"It's the Law of Heaven," St. Peter replied. "God loves beautiful music. So when musicians arrive here, we stick them with a needle once for every note they missed in their life before we let them enter." He opened the gates and led the soprano in.

As she was passing through the gates, she heard a horrible screaming sound from behind a nearby wall. She stopped and listened--it sounded like a person in horrible pain. She turned around and asked, "What is that??"

St. Peter replied, "Oh, that's a tenor. He's been here for quite some time. I think he's just getting started on his third week on the sewing machine."

And just for [ profile] gomath02...

What's the difference between a Porsche and a soprano?

Most musicians have never been inside a Porsche.

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Me: *discussing playing hide-and-seek in a shopping mall (don't ask)*, if this were somehow me, I'd manage to hide in Cymbals 'R' Us, or the Large Noisy Object Store.

I gots an eye appointment very shortly to get my new contacts checked out, but I just had to post this because it made me laugh liek whoa ^_____^ THIS IS WHY I SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED ON CHAT AFTER A CERTAIN TIME, THAT TIME PROBABLY BEING AROUND MIDNIGHT OR SO. WEIRD THINGS BEGIN TO COME OUT OF MY FINGERS.

And I don't mean sweet-and-sour sauce. At work, whenever I would pour the S&S sauce into its little containers, I would spend the rest of the night with fingers that felt very very sticky (*insert your choice of joke here*), so our very dumb running gag was that I love Chinese food so much that I have sweet and sour sauce instead of blood!

...which led to the interesting mental image of me standing there, sticking my finger into the little cup and spraying sweet and sour sauce out of the tip of my finger to fill it up. Thanks for that picture, Jason ^^;;


They's building our new deck. Right outside my bedroom window. The saw made me go wakey *mopes* Hope they finish soon, 'cause I wanted to sleep pillow and I had a good cuddling thing going on...
candyland: (money) cooperating teacher isn't here today. He's off judging in Norfolk. Nice of him to tell CS and I >.>;; So yeah. We're flying solo today. I'm directing choir (she's playing), and then I've got junior high study hall...and then WEEKEND, W00T!!

Yesterday, PK was coming to observe me teaching the whole choir period. So I got my lesson plan all pretty and shiny and then sat back to get increasingly nervous as we drew closer and closer to classtime and she wasn't there yet. The bell rang--she hadn't gotten there. Long story short, she had misjudged the time it took to drive here from campus and walked in ten minutes late. Oh well *shrug* And then my pretty shiny lesson plan didn't fill up the whole class period. Whoops. So I had to improvise a bit. All in all, could've gone a bit better, but could have been about a gazillion times worse.

Part of my problem is that when I'm in front of a hearing goes out the window. I can't hear problems as well as I can when I step back and just listen. I've been told that training the ear to hear and differentiate problems can be the toughest thing to do, but...GAAAAAAAAAH it's making it hard to run effective rehearsals here.

I also officially met the junior high choir yesterday. I introduced myself and had them sing through the piece I'm going to work with them on. We sang through it, and then I started to have a little fun...

This monster kicked your puppy! )

I'm thinking about doing something different with my hair. Like...taking a couple inches off (not too much, though!) and maybe doing side-swept bangs...and maybe highlights? I don't know. It's so blah right now D: Half the problem is that I can attempt to style it, and sometimes even manage to twist it into some sort of an aesthetically pleasing configuration. BUT I CAN'T GET IT TO STAY IN PLACE ALL DAY!! ;o; So...I might try and go in tomorrow morning. Need to talk to my mom about it first.

And everyone needs to go worship [ profile] strawberrychan because she is a being of so much awesome and win because she made me the most awesome banner/layout for my fic-journal (which is really really really close to actually opening). SO EVERYONE GO MOLEST WORSHIP HER AND HEAP HER WITH DRUGS LOVE AND PR0N!! My repayment for this lovely piece o' work will be a fic, of course. A Heiji/Kazuha smut-fic.

I've been on a writing kick the last couple of days, though. I finished the next chapter of my MKR story (and it hasn't been a year--le gasp!), and I'm partway through four other things. Fic-dump ahoy, me hearties! :D I might actually go whip out my notebook and scribble for a bit now before lunch, since I really don't have much else to do >.> *is bored*

In the meantime, I really can't wait until three-thirty. I'm more worn out at this placement than I ever was at my elementary one x_x Oh well...que sera, sera!
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I went to a show choir competition today. The group I'm student teaching with got first place in the prelims in their division, and second place in finals :D I just got home...and decided to make this quick post after my mad dash to the bathroom ~.~ THAT RIDE HOME WAS THE LONGEST HOUR I HAVE EVER SPENT.

Here is what I learned/noticed today:

  • Rebels? Y'all kick ass! *thumbs up, yo*

  • If I get going on my knitting, I can quite literally knit all day.

  • On a totally unrelated note, I finished the knitting part of that purse I'm making.

  • Parents are fun and crazy people.

  • I need to either make a T-shirt or staple a sign to my chest that reads STUDENT TEACHER.

  • Riding in a truck with a trailer attached + Iowa highways = bouncy. Bouncy + C-cups = OUCH >.>

  • ...I'm still invisible in a lot of ways, but I think it's starting to change.

    And now I'm going to go eat my Crunchwrap (bless Taco Bell's drive-through!) and go to bed and not move again for at least eight hours. See y'all in the morning.

    *falls over and goes snoooooore*
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    Will reply to LJ comments later--tonight I'm planning to spend some quality time with my laptop and my much-neglected fanfics. But first, I saw this on [ profile] kyteaura's LJ, and thought it might be fun to try.

    How smart are you?

    ... *koff*
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    It's April. We are in the midst of spring. Therefore, weather, I must admit a certain concern over the fact that we do not have sunlight.

    ...okay, seriously, why the FEK is it raining? *agrees with Sokka icon*

    Sad part is that I usually love the rain, I really do. It's just that...well, we had enough stuff falling out of the sky this winter (though there were no toilet seats, for which I am grateful). We want SUNSHINE! And the worst part of all is that if the temperature drops much more, we're going to have ice, and possibly snow.

    Unless that gets me a late start or a day off from school, NO THANK YOU.

    In other news, I know I haven't updated here for a couple of days (though I've been flying along on getting the fic-blog set up--not too much longer before it is open for business!) The reason for my absence? Well...I was sort of emo-ing over some stuff. But I'm okay now. Mostly ^^;;

    The last couple of days at my student teaching placement have been getting better, though I'm still not quite feeling the vibe like I felt it at my elementary placement. But it's improving, slowly but surely. I'm surprised to find how much I'm enjoying working with the middle schoolers on their honor choir music--those boys are so sweet! Easily distracted, but very sweet :)

    And finally, as promised...PICTURES!! I realized that I have this gallery space on LJ, so I might as well use it! So there are two galleries set up at present. The Program Pics for the fifties and sixties program from my elementary placement (a full description of the program can be found here). And Room Renovations has pics of my new room!

    Oh, and one more thing. [ profile] writergurl told me about this. Go to Google Maps and choose Get Directions. Type in New York, New York to Paris, France. Read Step #23. Laugh your head off ^___^

    I think that's about it for now. I think I'm going to go knit for a while and just relaaaaax.


    Apr. 5th, 2007 12:32 pm
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    How to have a heart attack in six simple steps:

    1) Make yourself some lunch. Put it in a bowl.

    2) Decide to check your email while you eat. Start walking back towards the computer. The path you will have to take goes from the kitchen to the dining room and through the large open doorway that leads to the living room and the hallway that goes back to the guest room, where the computer is.

    3) As you're walking through the doorway, glance up from your bowl to see something large and black dangling from the ceiling about an inch away from your face.

    4) Realize that said large black thing hanging from the ceiling is a GINORMOUS SPIDER.

    5) Scream, swear, almost drop your bowl, and nearly jump backwards over the dining room table in surprise.

    6) Duck around it and sprint to the computer, cursing yourself for being so dumb.

    I'm not really a fan of spiders, but that one wouldn't have bothered me much. It was more the fact that I nearly walked into it WITH MY FACE that freaked me out *shudder*

    Okay...time to go back to getting stuff shoveled out of my room.
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    Started my second placement for student teaching yesterday.

    ...thus far, I am really NOT enjoying myself. But I've only been there two days, should give it a little more time. And besides, that elementary school program is really a hard act to follow. Which reminds me, I need to get those pictures posted...but yeah. So far, not very happy :(

    Gaaah, all I really want to do right now is fall asleep x_x But gotta get a couple other things done first. Then I intend to knit another four or eight rows (this thing goes in a pattern of four, and it's a pain to try and find your place if you lose it) and then crash. And I will crash HARD.

    And why is it so cold? WTF, weather? *siiiiigh* At least it's not snowing.
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    [ profile] jeva_chan!!!!! Do not let me forget that I owe you a sneak-peek of the next fic for [ profile] 30_nights. It's angsty and dark and not-happy and all those things that make our tar-blackened little hearts sing emo Linkin Park songs for joy. And Evil.

    It's my last day in Student Teaching Placement #1. Tomorrow is the elementary school program...I WILL TOTALLY REMEMBER TO BRING MY CAMERA AND TAKE ZE PICTURES, YES!! :D :D :D *fails at life* Today's rehearsal might be a wee bit on the chaotic side, because it's the first/only rehearsal with costumes. And ZOMG wait until you guys see the Purple People Eater mask ♥

    Starting next week, my commute will be about twenty minutes, instead of an hour. Now Candy-chan will put on her Happy Face :DDDDD And watch, I'll have to be there at 7:30 AM or something T_T Guess I'll find out when I go meet him on Friday.

    I'm sort of sad to be leaving the elementary school...overall it's been a really good experience (eight weeks, and only one total mental meltdown!). The program has been a delight to work on...and while I was driving home yesterday, I had an idea for another program you could do with kids: the months of the year! This led me to remember a favorite book of mine from childhood.

    Please tell me someone else remembers reading Chicken Soup with Rice. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeez?

    Actually, I did a lot of reconnecting myself with my childhood yesterday. I was trying to remember the poems from Chicken Soup with Rice on my drive home, and then last night I sat down and did some hard-core knitting and watched my newly-acquired DVDs of one of my favorite animated shows, in all its cheesy glory.

    ... *sings really loudly* TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES! HEROES IN A HALF-SHELL--TURTLE POWER!!! *windows break, fire hydrants turn into geysers, and adorable little puppies explode*

    This is so weird...I updated my MKR epic after a year's hiatus due to my computer eating my outline, which I have not yet totally reconstructed due to waning inspiration...but now that I've updated it again, the ideas are just flowing like crazy O.O Maybe I'll be able to get that outline pieced back together soon after all :D And finish the fic...without waiting another year to update... *hangs head in shame*

    Well, we've got some kids coming in to finesse their program parts a little bit in a very shot time. So I will stop my pointless assault on your f-list now :3
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    Our mission, which we have chosen to accept, will occur tonight.

    The people? Me, Kat, and Rach.

    The place? The mall.

    The time? Nine-thirty PM.

    Our objective? To see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and find out what they have done to our childhoods.

    The promise? To tell you what I think.






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    Okay, really quick before I go to bed: I finally updated Song of the Wind. Promised I would do it by the end of this week...after not updating for a YEAR *hangs head in shame* Ya know, I'm glad people care enough to nudge me about it, but...some of the emails I got were rather scary.

    So I decided to poke a little fun at myself and at people, with the encouragement of [ profile] msbbt.

    I'm gonna get hate-mail for this too, I just know it... )

    And now I am going to bed. Will reply to remaining comments tomorrow. Right now, sleepy n_n
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    Student teaching meeting on campus tonight. I sooooooo did not want to go... D: I won't go into my earlier spaz much...but I was freaking out about a lot of things to the point that when the School of Ed secretary started heckling me about not replying to the email she sent (which I swear I did) I burst into tears. They were all laughing...until they realized I was actually bawling. To her credit, Dr. K did apologize--she said that she figured I would laugh. And that's true--I'm normally pretty good about being able to laugh at things like that and laugh at myself, but...yeah. Bad day D:

    And while I was driving home...why did all the little buggies decide to commit suicide by throwing themselves against my windshield? Honestly, shouldn't they have tried therapy first? I mourn you, oh victims of insect seppuku!! Seriously, though--there were a TON of them!

    Tomorrow I have junior high honor choir! :D

    I'm sure a lot of you have heard about the shooting at Virginia Tech. It's so sad...thirty-three people who didn't do anything are dead. My thoughts (and the thoughts and prayers of many others) are with the victims and their families :(
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    Daylight Savings Time...blech...I needed that hour, gosh darnit!! *clings to lost hour*

    Iowa weather is hilarious--we went from forty degree weather a couple weeks ago to the rampaging blizzards that shut down the northwestern part of the state for pretty much a four-day weekend last week, and then this week, temperatures were in the fifties.

    MAKE UP YOUR MIND, O EVIL WEATHERNESS OF EVIL!! Can I pack my winter coat away or not already??

    According to the UPS thingie...[ profile] fyliwionvilyaer? You should be getting something tomorrow that totally isn't your Christmas present because I fail at life like that and can't send things on time for some reason waaaaaaah... I really hope you like eet!! Got a few other things to send out soon, too. Speaking of...

    *pokes [ profile] girlquinn* I'm supposed to inform you that Kaitou Kid has something for you. It is long and pretty and fuzzy and knitty and red and FINISHED. I'll be sending it on his behalf--please to be letting me know where to send it? My email addy is on my bio page, yes, or AIM or MSN. Whatever rolls your socks :D

    ...that's really about it for now. I am teh sleepy... ~.~
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    Today rocked pretty hard-core. Hanging out with [ profile] msbbt and meeting [ profile] socchan was awesome :D Also made my first voice post (see previous entry), and lo, it was fun.

    Last night was pretty cool, too--Kingdom Hearts, bay-bee. Took us...about half a million tries to beat that last boss on Monstro, but when [ profile] msbbt finally beat him, we all screamed, and there was much dancing. And screaming. Plus, [ profile] bishonen_girl brought her cousin over--that kid's a hoot and a half.

    I also changed my LJ name for the first time in the four years I've had it. It had been "Me, Myself, and I" since its conception way back when. The new title was formerly my subtitle, and the subtitle is something Rachie's cousin said yesterday that made us all crack up.

    It ranked right up there with her petting my fuzzy socks and saying, "Your feet are warm...LIKE KITTY!" Which will be my new MSN name once I sign on there and change it :D

    And finally, since I can now do voice posts and all that fun stuff, I am going to bow before popular demand and as this question...

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