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Quick update for the last week~

ITEM NUMBER ONE: bachelorette parties are freakin' awesome, and I may or may not have gone bar-hopping for the first time in my life at such a party on Saturday night. Was actually having fun until the last one, where I couldn't hear the person next to me and was in constant danger of being groped by strangers. Did not get drunk, though I did wobble. Once.

ITEM NUMBER TWO: Sunday night I fell down the stairs and sprained my foot. We've lived in this house since I was in third grade, and I have walked up and down those stairs probably thousands of times. For whatever reason, Sunday night I thought I was at the bottom, went to take a long step, aaaaaaaaaand next thing I know I'm on my hands and knees on the floor, going, "Huh...I was up there a second ago." Went to the doctor - nothing broken. Just hurty \o/

ITEM NUMBER THREE: [ profile] kaitodoushi, [ profile] ammchan, and I have started a joint Skype-aided playthrough of 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. So far it's pretty awesome and is providing us all with lots and lots of shiny entertainment in the form of commentary and references. WE ARE SO FUNNY! (And by we, I mean Amm and Kat, I usually just say dumb stuff in the hope of getting a giggle.) We've been Plurking our thoughts ^^


ITEM NUMBER FOUR: We can has blu-ray player \o/ Not hooked up yet, but we has one.

ITEM NUMBER FIVE: PLUNNIES. I HAVE THEM. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN EVER. (Note to self: yes, Shinichi does need to get dropped into that place, and yes, I need to both traumatize Luke AND get him drunk. But not in the same story.)

...okay. Time to knit ~_~ Soooooo tired of knitting this thing, but I gotta get it done by the twenty-sixth, since it's a wedding gift. I'M DOOOOOOOOOOMED.

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