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We're in the process of gutting our entire upstairs, and our internet modem is going to be one of the casualties. So it is with a heavy heart that I say I'm going to be offline for probably a couple of days. I will have my phone for texting and IM-ing. Hopefully it'll only be a couple of days, and I'll be back!

*waves a sad bye-bye and grabs the painter's tape*
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*crickets chirp*

Sorry, guys, I've been a bit distracted lately by cute German boys (snogging each other), finishing up classes (will get to that story in a sec), visits from out-of-state friends (SAAAAAGE!) and preparations for a massive renovation project that will overhaul most of the upstairs of our house. Oh yeah, and I did some quilting, too. And developed an obsession with fanfic for a show that I have actually only seen one episode of.

...don't judge me.

So the class thing - I finished Intermediate Algebra and Biology. Took my last exam, and got a 95% on it, wewt. My Bio group and I aced our group project, high-fives all around. Got solid middle-to-high A's in both classes.

Last week, I signed onto the class website to check my grades. Imagine my shock when I couldn't click on either class, and it had the word "WITHDRAWN" after it. As in, withdrawn from the class. After staring at my computer screen for about thirty seconds in shock, I grabbed my phone and made a quick call. They said I was still showing as registered there, which was reassuring, but I left a message for the guy in charge of distance education.

He called me back a few hours later - turned out there was a big computer glitch or something, and so a lot of people had been locked out as I was. He apologized for the scare and reassured me that everything was fine, they were working on it, etc. I thanked him for calling me back, and within a couple hours I signed on and was able to find out my final grades.

So yes, Operation "Go back to school and make something of myself, dammit!" continues at a 4.0 GPA. Chemistry starts on August 22, and College Algebra starts on August 29 (I'm taking them at separate places). As a present for this achievement, Mommy and Daddy got me two fabric jelly-rolls. I already have the quilt cut out and partially pieced :D

[ profile] spirit_sage_333 visited. We spent a day together. He got me started on playing Bioshock. It's my first FPS, unless you count Portal. That game is effed up and I kind of like it :D I MUST BEAT MORE THINGS WITH WRENCHES!

Otherwise...yeah. Have found myself reading a crap-ton of Hawaii 5-0 fic. Bearing in mind I have seen one episode - the pilot. Which I loved. And now I'm loving the fic. At some point I will watch the episodes online or something. Maybe.

Okay, time to go help rip out cabinets. There is going to be a point in the next couple of weeks where we will A) be eating only cold meals, as we will not have a kitchen, and B) have all three of us living out of the downstairs family room while they texture our walls.

BTW, [ profile] ammchan? I mentioned the internet thing to Mom - she said the modem will be the last thing we unplug when we get the walls done in that room, and the first thing we plug back in *laugh* So I'm not the only person in this family going "LAKD;FJ;ASKDJFKAJSD" over lack of interwebs!
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Operation "GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND MAKE SOMETHING OF MYSELF" has passed phase two.

Which is the summer term - Biology and Intermediate Algebra. I ultimately need to take Survey of Calculus, but when I started, it had been a solid decade since I was in a math class, so I decided to start with the basics and work my way up.

But anyway, I finished my classes on Monday. I've already got my final grade for Biology - got a solid middle-range A, which is good enough for me. The last two parts of my Algebra grade haven't been posted yet, but considering I got a solid A on the last test AND I know I aced the homework portion, I have no doubts that I got an A there as well.

So yes! Operation "GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND MAKE SOMETHING OF MYSELF" is still standing at a 4.0 GPA. Hopefully, this will carry through the coming year, in which I will be taking Chemistry I and II, and hopefully that Calculus class in the spring.

After that, I will have one more year before I'm ready to go for it.


...and also please to be praying for me ^^;;
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I got a 94% on my second Algebra test \o/ Just gotta do my homework and do well on the next test, and not botch the rest of my Biology course, and my back-to-school attempt will remain at a 4.0 GPA!

My sister texted me earlier with a challenge - she wants me to run a 5K with her next year. That's 3.1 miles, for those of you playing the home game. I'm debating on whether or not that's something feasible, considering that I am RIDICULOUSLY out of shape.


...maybe it's time to bust out the 30 Day Shred again...
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OMG REGISTERING FOR A CLASS SHOULD NOT BE THIS DAMN DIFFICULT. This is a long entry, but this story will probably be hilarious when I tell it at work tomorrow. At the time, I really wanted a drink.

So here's what happened - I found out that a community college across the bridge into the next town/state had a Chemistry I class offered at 5:45 PM on Mondays and Wednesdays, which is something I can make fit with my work schedule. A small bit of checking told me that this class would also transfer appropriately for when I ultimately apply back to school. Thus cheered, I went online and filled out the application. Shortly thereafter, I received a pamphlet in the mail about their chemistry stuff. I was pretty excited, which is a phrase I never thought I'd use in relation to chem.

On Monday, I called to inquire about registering for classes. She asks my name and birthday and whatnot, and says, "Oh yes, you've been accepted. I'll mark you down for the orientation on Wednesday at 5:30." I'm all like, "Yay!"

Today after work I hop in my car and head over to the appointed place. When I get there, first off my name is not on the list, but neither was the girl ahead of me, so they just had me make up a nametag and asked me a couple of questions. And here's where it gets interesting...

She asks me if I've taken some test.

I say "What test?" In the online registration, my couple of trips down there to inquire about classes, and my phone call on Monday, in which I explicitly stated that I was a new student, no one said anything to me about a test. So they passed me down to another lady, to whom I said the exact same thing: this is the first thing I've heard of a placement test.

I am then informed that all new students have to take a placement test for reading and writing so they can "decide where to put me." At which point I said, "Wait. So you're telling me that as a non-traditional student with a bachelor's degree who is not registering for a program, I have to take a placement test to take Chemistry I?"

...yes, short-haired woman says. She asks if I have a transcript with me - no, I didn't think I'd need it. Then she asks if I have my ACT information - I took the damn test probably a decade ago, forgive me for not carrying it around in my purse with me. Oh well, she'll take my number and call me tomorrow. Well, that's great, dear, but I work.

So I cry all the way home (this week has just SUCKED), talked to my mom, found my transcript, and went back over because let's face it, this is just STUPID. I want one class, not a program, and I already have a damn bachelor's degree. Chances are that I can read. Mom decided to go with me, partially for support and partially so as not to strangle my sister, which is a story for another entry.

We go in. We're asked if we're here for orientation. We say, "Actually, we have an issue." And we are intercepted by a lady in a striped sweater who seems to know exactly why I'm there and has no problem with getting me registered for this Chemistry class. (Wonder if she saw us coming...) I even offered up my transcript, and was told that she didn't need them. Huh. Fancy that.

And here's where it gets even more interesting: THEY COULDN'T FIND MY DAMN REGISTRATION. I sat down at the computer and did it a few weeks ago. I got something from the school (I think that's what convinced my mother that I was telling the truth - they mailed me area of study-specific information). When I called on Monday, she said she found my name.

...seems someone else has the same name as me? I have no idea.

Luckily, striped-sweater lady is far quicker than the first woman I talked to. She pulls out a laptop and sits me down to have me fill it out right then and there, after talking to someone who says she'll be waiting to accept me immediately. So I sit down and fill out my information lickety-split.

Long story short, after short-haired lady (the one who told me I couldn't register) called and got my ID number, I couldn't log in. We tried and tried, so she called again...and this time, my mother overhears the name "Christie Cavanaugh" come out of this woman's mouth. I did not hear this, so Mom speaks up and asks who that is because that ISN'T MY NAME.

This woman called that office probably four times, and was apparently telling them the wrong goddamn name. And at some point while on the phone, she says something about "No, she doesn't have her test scores," and then, with a distinct edge to her voice, "No, she does NOT have her transcripts." Au contraire, madam - this time I came prepared for your crap. She had barely finished that sentence before I whipped the envelope out of my purse and handed it to her. And then suddenly it's all giggles, and oh yes, she has a bachelor's degree from [my university] and you just need a copy of her transcript from the school, all right.

So finally, after all this, I got registered for my class. I need to send a transcript request to my university and have them send a transcript to the main office for this community college. I'm taking Chemistry I this fall, it fits in with my work schedule, and I am seriously hoping that Chem II will be offered in the same time slot in the spring so I can knock that out as well.

Victory is mine! o9


Jul. 8th, 2011 11:10 pm
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Nothing has gone right today.

Absolutely NOTHING.

And I spent probably a good half-hour bawling because of it.


Fuck everything, I'm going to bed.
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I finished Soul Eater today. Plowed through...something like twenty episodes of it today~ And I've realized how much I miss watching anime. And also sewing, because I think I did more sewing today than I had in the last month and a half *kicks schoolwork*

Soul Eater...NEEDS MOAR CRONA and also I think my brain has melted from awesome and I do need to read this manga now. I tried reading the manga a while back, and didn't even make it past the first chapter ^^;;

ANYWAY! So now I need help deciding...


I fail at making decisions oh yes I do~
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Accomplished Candy is accomplished! I have been busy like a busy thing today!

First, I ran about six errands this morning. Paid bills, always a sad thing >>

After I got home, I did the following:

~ did a Biology assignment
~ did a Biology lab
~ took a Biology quiz
~ wrote a short genetics paper
~ did three sections of Algebra

...translation, I have ALL my assignments done for the week, and I don't work tomorrow. I shall be relaxing and enjoying myself and maybe doing some sewing and watching Soul Eater and hopefully playing 999 with [ profile] ammchan and [ profile] kaitodoushi tomorrow evening!

But now I am le tired~ Okay, I shall have a nap and THEN FIRE LE MISSLES! *shot*
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I went to a Mary Kay makeover party with my mom last night!

I put on make-up! All by myself!


...seriously, me plus blush tends to equal Bozo the Clown. There's a reason I almost never wear makeup. So me putting on makeup and looking good is a pretty rare occurrence. We had a good time, and if I had the money, I probably would have purchased pretty everything I put on my face last night.

In other news, phrases I never thought I would say out loud: "Wow, genetics is really interesting!"

That is all~ *goes back to Biology*
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Okay, wow, sucking at updating this. But the fact is that I haven't really had time to do much of anything these last few weeks. I haven't touched the sewing machine or my knitting needles since...probably the end of May. Been too busy. The only viewing I've done in recent weeks is watching my backlog of DVR'd Mythbusters episodes while I do my labs.


School babble here~ )

This is awesome, and I'm loving it. As odd as this sounds, I can't wait for the fall semester to start. I'll be diving into the wonderful world of Chemistry. Hopefully that will go as well as this seems to be!

In other news, the flooding saga continues. We went up to a landmark overlooking the river, and it's pretty crazy to look out over the river and see roofs poking up through the water. It's not on my side of the river, thank goodness, but there's been plenty of damage done. It's possible that those affected in my area won't be able to go home until well into the autumn, possibly even later than that. And that's not even accounting for the clean-up.

I know there was other stuff, but meh. I'm going to finish this lab report now so I can go take a shower and relax for the rest of my three-day weekend.

And hopefully play some 999 with [ profile] ammchan and [ profile] kaitodoushi. FINISH ANOTHER ENDING, GAIZ, Y/Y? :D
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Yesterday I had the day off. Do you know how I spent my day off?

...worked almost six hours XD

I got called in. Two people out getting their houses packed up, since they live in the flood-zone, which left only three people to work all morning. We're a busy pharmacy - having only three people on a weekday does not work. So yeah, I got called in. Clocked in at two, left at a quarter to seven. The person who was supposed to be out at 4:20 didn't leave until after 5:30.

Monday night, we grilled out at my aunt and uncle's house. A bunch of my cousins were there - finally got to meet my one-year-old cousin :D But alas, that was not actually the highlight of the evening. What was the highlight of the evening, you may ask?

Watching my dad break into my aunt and uncle's bedroom.

When we opened one door, I guess it created a vacuum effect or something, and fwoosh, the bedroom door slammed shut! (And yes, [ profile] kaitodoushi, I just used the word "fwoosh" in a non-Persona 4 related context ^^) And then it jammed. So after taking the doorknob off and trying to get the door open that way, and having no luck, Dad went down the street to our house, got his ladder, and used said ladder to climb up to my aunt and uncle's balcony. He then went in through the door up there, and in a few minutes he had the door open.

Meanwhile, all my little cousins are standing in the backyard going, "My turn next?"

Important life lessons. We are teaching them :D

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I have slept a TON this weekend. Seriously. Crashed at maybe eleven on Friday night, woke up at nine AM on Saturday. Took a two-hour nap on Saturday. Out at about midnight on Saturday night, woke up at nine AM on Sunday. Only got about six and a half hours of sleep Sunday night into Monday morning...but then I scored an hour and a half long nap today.

That's a solid...what, twenty-eight hours of sleep in three days? THIS MUST HAPPEN MORE OFTEN.

Newest YouTube discovery: Legend of Zelda Abridged. I'm watching it slowly. Ya know, between naps. Best line so far: "They have magic doors! Just like in the supermarket!"

Classes start tomorrow. Biology and Intermediate Algebra. Wish me luck!

I also have to work tomorrow. The day after a three-day weekend. Oh god this is going to HURT. Come home, have a couple of shots, and start studying. I work tomorrow, then I'm off for two days, then word Friday, off Saturday, work Sunday, and then WEEK OF VACATION GET! [ profile] ehrenyu, we need to touch base about next week :D SO EXCITED DESU!

Lastly, serious business time.

There's going to be flooding in my area. )
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So I'm playing 999: 9 Persons, 9 Hours, 9 Doors (or whatever order those words go in) via Skype voice-chat with [ profile] kaitodoushi and [ profile] ammchan. It's actually surprisingly easy to do a playthrough like this, so long as the game is more dialogue-based than action-oriented.

Don't know if any of you have played it, but for those not in the know, this game has six separate endings. We got the Coffin Ending on the first try. And screamed at where it stopped. That was just cruel, game. We'll be coming back to that later, oh yes we will. But anyway, we just finished the Submarine Ending.


LKJDA;LJDFKAJDFJAKLSJD WELL THAT WAS FRIGGIN' CHEERFUL AND UPLIFTING AND WHAT THE FECK JUST HAPPENED? @_@ Each of us uttered the phrase, "I DON'T WANNA DO THIS ANYMORE!" at least twice before we reached the end of the game. Seriously, if I wasn't playing this game with two other people, I probably would have stopped by now.

Also, funny story from the work files:

ME: Hey, [coworker], do you have a sec?
CW: Sure, [Candy], I have lots of secs.

If you're confused, say it out loud. Lulz will ensue.

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Still have not watched episode three of Sherlock (SHUT UP I'M SLOW)

I have, however, watched the first two episodes of Soul Eater. I was waiting until I got the one DVD set that was on backorder, and it FINALLY got her today, so I started watching while I was working on finishing a quilt, which is almost done! \o/

...I think I'm in love ~♥ Will watch more tomorrow night after work~ I think this will be one of those shows I wind up marathoning whenever I have time ^^;; Shinigami-sama is my current favorite character because he makes me laugh, but Death the Kid appears in the next episode. (Oh god now there will be two Kids that I adore, whatever shall I dooooooooo?)

I bought my books for summer classes yesterday. My wallet is crying sadly. [ profile] ammchan comforted it via AIM. My wallet likes Amm. They are now friends :D OH GOD I NEED TO SLEEP NOW GOODNIGHT


May. 6th, 2011 10:01 pm
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First class done.

I got an A :D :D :D

Summer classes start in about three and a half weeks.

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Osama bin Laden is dead o.o
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Benedict Cumberbatch wins the award for the Best Name in the History of EVER. And if he is ever short of work, I will pay him to read to me. He can bunk with Gareth David-Lloyd, which makes for a very a pretty image in my head. Shush, now, I'm off to my happy place :3

Oh yeah, and the other tech called in sick today at work, so it was just me and my pharmacist. We did not do much for resting, and I clocked out half an hour late, but we got everything done. We rule, yo!

S'pose I should do boring grown-up things now, huh?

[ profile] ehrenyu, is it June yet? ;_;
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Want to know how to kill your writing muse in a hurry?

Sign onto your fic-blog and find that once again you've been swamped with spam comments...and then while updating some things, discover that a post seems to have outright VANISHED from your journal.

I know I posted it because it was an Invader Zim fic for [ profile] 100fandomhell. There is a post on 100FH that would have linked back to that story. That link now goes nowhere. The fandom tag is gone, and the memories category is gone.

So anonymous commenting has been temporarily disabled on [ profile] candyfics because I just can't keep up with the spam right now. And while I was really excited about posting a new Layton fic for my [ profile] fanfic100 claim because I wrote three fics for it tonight, now...I really just don't want to. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow.

Yeah. I'm kind of at a loss here. I know I'm probably overreacting, but I'm really bummed out right now.

On a brighter note, I got my Cowboy Bebop and Trigun DVDs today.
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In the last week, I ordered volumes 1-4 of Soul Eater, and have received three of those. Volume 2 is on backorder, and won't be coming out for probably another couple of weeks.

I also found both Trigun and Cowboy Bebop online, complete series for fairly cheap. So I got them too.

When everything is here, I will watch ALL THE THINGS.

While I wait, I'm enjoying Sherlock, the BBC's three-episode miniseries. SLASH-GOGGLES ARE GO.

...why is my stack o' stuff to watch not getting any smaller?
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Watched episode one of Sherlock.

I called the nature of the perp before the great detective got there ^_^ *is proud*

It was pretty funny, though - [ profile] magic_truth and [ profile] ammchan have been throwing things at me STRONGLY ENCOURAGING ME to watch this show. I texted Magic and said I was starting. She sent me a reply text. Within five seconds, I swear she was online going, "SHERLOCK?" It's like, "...blimey, that was fast."

Will watch other two episodes tomorrow, right now I think I need to sleep. I'll post full thoughts tomorrow after I watch the other two episodes. But I will say that my slash goggles are in full-force action right now. Ya know. Just sayin'.

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